Chapter 796: Parting

“Drystone Courtyard?!” The madam gasped as her expression quickly changed: “Young Master, do you really want to go there?”

“Yes, I plan on having a look.” Li Qiye nodded: “I have a speculation that needs to be confirmed at the courtyard. Of course, I will quickly return.”

“Young Master, we are talking about the Drystone Courtyard here!” The madam’s mind became heavy because she was worried that her Young Master was taking it too lightly.

“I know about the courtyard and also that it is one of the twelve burial grounds. It’s the most dangerous place in the Stone Medicine World.” Li Qiye smiled.

How could he not know about the courtyard? One would be hard pressed to find others more knowledgeable than him in present times.

The madam wryly smiled and said: “Young Master, ‘dangerous’ is not enough to describe it. It is simply a land of no return. Even legendary Godkings would not be able to come out alive! Another rumor states that there had been Immortal Emperors trapped there; they even nearly lost their lives.”

The Drystone Courtyard was a very dangerous location in the Stone Medicine World. Throughout the ages, countless people had died there, but curiosity still got the best of the future explorers.

Many had gauged the twelve burial grounds before, and they believed that if there was a list that ranked the level of danger for each of them, then the Drystone Courtyard could be considered among the top three.

Some invincible existences had attempted this as well. Although a place like the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground was full of the dead and corpses, many inhabitants there had voluntarily buried themselves.

There were not as many corpses at the Drystone Courtyard, but people believed even more cultivators had died there compared to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. Moreover, many among them were Virtuous Paragons or unbeatable existences!

Of course, the courtyard’s secret was why people wanted to go there. Even Immortal Emperors wanted to solve the mystery, but it had remained unsolved for millions of years!

Li Qiye only smiled after seeing the worried madam: “Zi Yan, there is no need to worry about me. I am very confident about this trip to the courtyard. Plus, the portal of the kingdom is one of the few shortcuts in present times, but this shortcut’s success rate is very low. Whether I can go inside or not is still hard to say.”

The madam knew that she couldn’t convince her Young Master to change his mind. The only thing she could do now was to pray for his safe return.

“Regardless of whether I can make it inside or not, I will take a trip to the Beast Realm afterward.” Li Qiye told her: “We will meet again at the Beast Realm. When the time is ripe, I will take you to the Bi’an Beastworld.”

“The Bi’an Beastworld?” The madam was startled and murmured: “One of the legendary six ancient immortal earths?”

Li Qiye nodded slightly: “Yes, the beastworld is not a bad location at all and is absolutely worth your time.”

The madam found this difficult to believe: “But Young Master, I heard that the beastworld has disappeared for a very long time now. People say that it never showed up again after the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm. Many lineages — including imperial heritages — had tried to find it to no avail.”

“Yes, I know.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled: “But this generation is different from others. The beastworld will inevitably appear in this one.”

The madam was slightly stunned by her Young Master’s confidence. At this moment, she realized that he could find the beastworld’s location. Or in other words, he already knew where it was.

One should know that ever since its disappearance, people in each of the following generations had tried to find it, including Immortal Emperors. However, all of this was for naught. It seemed to have disappeared into thin air; its location was a complete mystery!

However, the world knew that it was one of the six ancient immortal earths. Even if many lineages and great powers moldered over the years, it would continue to exist in an indestructible and everlasting manner!

Because of this, great masters from future generations all wanted to find the crux of the problem. They wanted to know what the reason was for its disappearance!

Li Qiye chuckled at the madam’s silly state: “After we get there, I will take you around and see what kind of fortune you will be able to obtain.”

“A fortune at the beastworld?” The madam was astonished, but she was not very confident. The legend of the beastworld was unreachable, and many came back empty-handed. She couldn’t help but say: “Is it possible for me?”

“Have trust in yourself, you can definitely do it. Plus, I will be there as well, so there is no need to worry.” Li Qiye smiled: “Leave the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar back at the Giant Bamboo Country. This is the country’s defining treasure, so after you come with me, you should return it to them. I will find you a different treasure.”

“I understand.” The madam nodded. After leaving the country, she would surely return an important treasure like the jar. She was its disciple, after all, and hoped for the country to have a long lasting future.

Li Qiye eventually told the madam: “Go, deal with the matters there, then we can leave with no hesitation.”

The madam bowed to Li Qiye before setting off towards the Giant Bamboo Country on the second day. She had many things to transfer over. For example, the successor to the throne and the dao lineage…

She grew up in the country so she still felt some sadness about leaving it. In the end, she steeled her resolve. Although she would no longer be its ruler or even an official at the country, she would always be its disciple. This was with Li Qiye’s permission. He only needed her by his side to work for him. Whether she was a disciple of Giant Bamboo or not didn’t matter.

At the same time, the Alchemy Kingdom had embedded the required refined jades, and the portal had stabilized. Li Qiye could begin his trip to the Drystone Courtyard.

However, he was interrupted by a challenger.

“Jian Wushuang is here. The girl wants to challenge you.” Ming Yexue sent the news to Li Qiye. She didn’t think much of Jian Wushuang’s sudden challenge because this wasn’t the first time it happened.

“That girl is really courageous to try again.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle after hearing this.

Anyone else, even those who were adored by the heavens, would be absolutely appalled with fear in their mind after dying once. But in just a short time, Jian Wushuang dared to come challenge him again. This showed that she was sufficiently prepared and was ready for death as well!

“You didn’t kill her last time?” Ming Yexue was curious. She couldn’t watch the fight last time, but she knew that Li Qiye won for sure. Otherwise, she wouldn’t come challenge him again.

“No, she really died last time.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “The girl is too proud and stubborn — this will be her undoing.”

“The Jian Clan is indeed amazing. They really do have a method to revive someone just like the legend states!” Ming Yexue had to praise: “No wonder why Jian Wushuang can be so arrogant. She died but can come back for another shot in just a short period of time. This shows that she didn’t only recover, she will come with an even more powerful approach.”

“The girl indeed has the ability to be so proud. Unfortunately for her, she chose the wrong opponent.” Li Qiye smiled. Although he didn’t like Jian Wushuang in the past, he still appreciated her skill.

“Will you accept the challenge?” Ming Yexue asked: “The ancestor said that the portal is completely stable now so you can leave anytime.”

Despite receiving the challenge, Ming Yexue felt that there was no need for an actual fight. She knew who the victor would be. Jian Wushuang indeed had frightening talents and was qualified to fight someone like Ye Qingcheng, but she couldn’t reach the apex when compared to Li Qiye.

“I’ll settle this matter before going.” Li Qiye stroked his chin: “Go tell the girl that I accept her challenge. I will choose the location, and she will come alone! If not, I won’t bother fighting her.”

Ming Yexue complied and went to answer Jian Wushuang.

For Li Qiye, having an expert like Jian Wushuang was non-essential. However, he still agreed to this fight. He wanted to settle this matter, and Jian Wushuang was a good sparring partner. It didn’t matter whether she was friend or foe. Her strength and offensive potential were very beneficial to his Death Seal. It could increase his death energy by a sizable amount. Plus, even if Jian Wushuang could kill him, she would not be able to harm his true foundation.

Her power was just right, so Li Qiye viewed her as the best source of death energy. Where else could he find a better opponent to gather death energy?