Chapter 798: Bet

Such words made Jian Wushuang’s face become quite unsightly. She was proud to the point of being supercilious, so Li Qiye’s words were simply dampening her confidence and self-esteem.

“Li Qiye, you are too arrogant!” Jian Wushuang snapped: “One move to defeat me? And bare-handed at that? Who do you think you are? A God-Monarch, a Godking, an invincible existence across the eons?!”

One had to at least be of the Virtuous Paragon level to defeat her in one move with brute strength alone. She even came prepared this time. If she activated her powerful defense, then even a paragon couldn’t defeat her in such a manner. Even more astonishingly, a God-Monarch without an imperial true treasure wouldn’t be able to defeat her either!

When she had her full defenses up, she believed that very few in the world could defeat her bare-handed, let alone someone from the younger generation.

“No, but I have methods that Godkings and even Immortal Emperors cannot compete with.” Li Qiye smirked and leisurely spoke: “To be honest, do not look down on me. Although I am not as strong as Godkings or Immortal Emperors right now, my invincibility is not something you can imagine!”

Jian Wushuang quivered with rage after hearing this. She scowled: “Li Qiye, you are too arrogant to think that you can defeat me in one move without a weapon! Hmm, no one from the younger generation can do this, not even Ye Qingcheng!”

Her arrogance was neither without basis nor reason. Her power was definitely formidable. If Li Qiye didn’t use the Nine Words True Bow last time to kill her, she wouldn’t have lost so easily.

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Ye Qingcheng is nothing.” He was neither boasting nor exaggerating. He was simply stating a fact, but she didn’t think of it in that manner at all.

Jian Wushuang shouted: “Enough!” Li Qiye had to be the most arrogant person she had ever met!

Many would retreat before Ye Qingcheng, the current number one of the younger generation. Though she was confident enough to go challenge him as well, she couldn’t haughtily claim that “Ye Qingcheng was nothing.”

“Are you betting or not? If so, then I’ll only need one move to decide this. If not, then I’m going to go now. Feel free to try and stop me.”

Jian Wushuang grew hesitant. Even someone who was always confident like her felt unsure about this duel. She couldn’t believe this nonsense of defeating her in one move without a weapon. In her eyes, this kind of bet was simply a way to humiliate and insult her.

However, for some unknown reason, she felt sapped of her power as if there was an indescribable phenomenon occurring.

“If you are unsure, then I can give you a term to work for me. Once you lose, you just have to work for me for some years. After this period is over and you feel that you want to stay, then I would welcome it. Should you choose to leave afterward, then you can do so then.” Li Qiye smiled.

He certainly did not like her prior to this. Nevertheless, he appreciated her at this moment, appreciated her arrogance and confidence and her unceasing courage to walk forward. Cultivation required just this, a powerful heart that remained confident in the face of defeat, an inextinguishable will to rise again! She was able to overcome the looming shadow of defeat from the previous battle.

No matter what, she came again and was unaffected by the previous failure. This made Li Qiye aware of her potential.

Perhaps her talent was not the best, but she had the potential to become an Immortal Emperor! An unwavering dao heart! A heart without fear of death!

Li Qiye had seen many geniuses after so many millions of years. More often than not, the most brilliant geniuses failed to become Immortal Emperors in the end. Across the ages, there were quite a lot of geniuses with three saint talents. However, very few of them obtained the throne.

On the contrary, a few emperors with ordinary talents at a young age could persist to the end of the road and become emperors.

Although there were many reasons for this, one stood out among the rest — they had no fear of defeat or death! This was essential to reach the peak of the grand dao.

Jian Wushuang didn’t only lose, she actually died. Anyone would be haunted by this and become afraid of battle. Many geniuses had the talent to become an emperor, but after suffering a single defeat, all thoughts of treading that road were dispelled from their minds! Jian Wushuang, instead, was still as arrogant and confident as before. She still held no one in her eyes and had no fear of battle! In Li Qiye’s mind, this was completely admirable!

“Don’t tell me you will use another devilish art.” Jian Wushuang spoke after gazing at Li Qiye for a while. She had heard many things about Li Qiye’s strange arts.

Most recently, people said that Li Qiye was able to control a Phoenix which allowed for him to fight against the entire Alchemy Realm.

Li Qiye rejected this accusation: “You worry too much. If I actually use a devilish art to defeat you like you said, then you will definitely not be convinced. I hope that you will be my general, so I naturally will defeat you in a convincing fashion.”

Jian Wushuang took a deep breath and stared at Li Qiye before sneering: “Very well, since you dare to bet, why should I be afraid?! Remember well, if you lose, I will let you be my slave forever!”

“Don’t worry. If I lose, I will listen to everything you say. I will be whatever you want.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Let’s go!” Jian Wushuang glared at him and proclaimed: “I will obliterate you right now so that you will never come back to life!”

“I can satiate your fury.” Li Qiye smiled and spread out his arms to expose himself completely: “Come, do your best and annihilate me with all of your attacks! I’m waiting!”

“Hmph! I want to see just how you will revive this time!” Jian Wushuang snorted. She didn’t believe that he was unkillable since she had never heard of someone like that before.

Of course, this whole event was very frustrating to her. Li Qiye leaving her to attack freely was simply humiliating to someone as proud as her, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to try again to see if she could dispel his devilish art and kill him.

Li Qiye, with his guard down, leisurely said with a grin on his face: “Come, I’m sure it will feel very good.” It was as if this was not a battle but a type of pleasure to him.

“I’ll kill you!” The furious Jian Wushuang also understood that Li Qiye was using her for her attacks.

After the last battle, she knew that he was using the injuries inflicted by her and converting them into death energy. That was the reason why he let her kill him.

Despite knowing this full well, she still had to attack. Without trying to slay Li Qiye once more, she wouldn’t be able to give up. Ultimately, she was a stubborn person!

She slowly took out her longbow, a crescent bow that was pure white and emitted a sacred light. The moment she held it in her hands, it looked more like a sacred artifact than a weapon.

“This is a bit surprising.” Li Qiye looked at her longbow and said: “I thought you would use your forefather’s bow to kill me. After all, that bow is extremely powerful and is famous among the emperors’ weapons…

“In your Jian Clan, outside of your forefather’s true weapon, this bow is the second mightiest. However, you came challenging me without using those bows… I almost can’t believe it. How amazing and impressive! It seems that I have to look at you in a different light now.” These words were a sincere praise and not mere mockery.

That other bow of the Jian Clan was infamous for its destructive power. People once called it a brutal weapon for murder. However, Jian Wushuang didn’t use Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian’s bow. This was quite a strange matter. 1

Jian Wushuang simply scowled in response to Li Qiye’s praise and coldly countered: “I’m just afraid that if I used my clan’s bow, you would die without a doubt! It wouldn’t be skillful to use my forefather’s bow to kill you! Plus, you would remain unconvinced about my abilities as well!”

Her words were imperious and full of confidence. She could have used the other bow at any time to kill Li Qiye. However, she chose not to do so; it would fill her with regrets because killing him in this manner wouldn’t be using her real power! Thus, she must use her own strength to slay Li Qiye.

Li Qiye nodded his head approvingly in the face of her pride: “Not bad at all. Still so much confidence after dying once, truly worthy of admiration. Although you annoyed me before, it seems that I’m liking you more and more now.”

“Bah! Ivory can’t grow from the mouth of a dog.” Jian Wushuang scoffed: “This bow might not be as great as my ancestor’s, but I personally crafted it to deal with you. I will absolutely not let you revive this time!”


  1. Diyi Jian = Best Archer Immortal Emperor.