Chapter 801: Gifting Of The Bow

Li Qiye could have easily killed Jian Wushuang instead of sealing her with this one fist. However, he chose not to do so since he wanted a talent as proud and fierce as her.

He removed the seal and insipidly stated: “You have lost.”

She couldn’t calm down even after the seal was removed. Her mind had left her body as she was frozen for a long time. The earlier events were just too shocking for her.

“What do you have to say now?” Li Qiye smilingly asked after seeing her stunned appearance.

Her lost eyes finally regained their focus after a while. She stared at Li Qiye as if he was a monster; she had never seen someone like him before.

“I have nothing to say, I am utterly convinced of my defeat!” She responded with her head held high. Despite being proud, losing was losing and she would not renege on the bet.

Li Qiye stared at her: “It is the time for you to carry out the promise. You can decide the term. Of course, the benefits will correspond to how long you stay.”

She took a deep breath, not expecting for the impossible to happen. She spoke with a deep voice: “I have nothing to say except that I shall fulfill my promise!” She then swore with her true fate.

Her oath was without a duration — this truly showed that she was remarkably decisive. Although someone as proud as her was not easy to get along with, she stayed true to her words. She was able to handle defeat gracefully and would never renege on a deal or run away from it! Despair and self-pity were out of the question as well.

These were admirable traits and reasons why Li Qiye valued her. Li Qiye was a bit unwilling, but he still made up his mind in the end. He took out an item and handed it over to Jian Wushuang: “Since you have pledged loyalty to me, I shall give you a treasure.”

“This, isn’t this your bow?” Jian Wushuang was moved after seeing the item in his hand.

This bow was the Nine Words True Bow. As an archery genius, she had died once to this bow, so she naturally knew just how precious it was. In the future, this bow might even surpass their Jian Clan’s bow.

“Yes, this will the best bow in the world in the near future.” Li Qiye insipidly said: “I, of course, am the best master for it. However, if such a good bow isn’t used daily or in every battle, then it would be a bit of a waste. Today, I am gifting it to you in hopes that it will flourish in your hands and create an eternal legend!”

He ultimately chose to give this peerless bow to her. Although it was amazing, he rarely used it in battle. He had many different methods and treasures, and more often than not, there was no need to use it.

At the same time, Jian Wushuang had great archery talents. No one could compare to her among the younger generation! Thus, Li Qiye gave her the bow so that she would be able to use it to its full potential!

She was a bit startled at this moment. Such a peerless bow was handed over so easily. Even though she came from an imperial lineage, she couldn’t calm down in a short period of time. Such a generous master was hard to find.

She maintained her proud attitude and responded: “But I have yet to make any contributions!”

Li Qiye forcefully placed the bow in her hand. After making up his mind, there was no going back. He lightly said: “You have to work harder to become my best general. Only the strongest warrior is worthy of this bow! The best way to repay me is by massacring all four directions in the future battlefields!”

Li Qiye intended to groom her. Although he could have subordinate even strong existences like the treefather, these existences were old and might not be able to fight with him to the very end in the distant future.

Jian Wushuang, on the other hand, was still young and could follow him till the eventual end of the war. Moreover, she had untapped potential that was worth exploring as well as ample room for growth.

She accepted Li Qiye’s Nine Words True Bow and coldly said: “I will definitely reach the pinnacle of archery.”

Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian was praised as the best archer in the world. However, the truth was that he did not take that path to the very end. He ultimately abandoned the dao of archery and used another weapon to become an Immortal Emperor. In short, his dao was not proven using the bow.

Jian Wushuang, at this very moment, was determined to walk on the path untrod by her forefather all the way to the apex, to the very limit!

“Do a good job getting used to it.” Li Qiye commanded: “This bow is worth your effort to learn. In the future, it will accompany you to many great victories.”

“I understand.” The proud Jian Wushuang nodded.

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “When the time comes, go to the Beast Realm, I shall be waiting there to take you to the Bi’an Beastworld!”

“The Bi’an Beastworld!” She turned serious after hearing this name.

Li Qiye gently nodded: “Yes, the Bi’an Beastworld. Since you have pledged loyalty to me, it is time for you to broaden your horizons.”

Jian Wushuang didn’t inquire any further and only nodded before leaving with her new bow.

Li Qiye went back to the kingdom’s ancestral ground. Ming Yexue didn’t ask anything after his return. Even without asking, she naturally knew that Li Qiye won.

“We’ll set off tomorrow.” He commanded.

She didn’t say another word and informed the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor of Li Qiye’s decision.

On the next day, Li Qiye came before the dao platform. Outside of the alchemy emperor and Ming Yexue, there were also a few ancestors from the kingdom.

“It is time to depart.” Li Qiye spoke in a clear voice while staring at the portal.

The alchemy emperor spoke: “My lord, if you can’t enter the Drystone Courtyard, you will fall into any one of the three grand veins, so you need to be prepared.”

“I know that. If I am unsuccessful, then there is no need to reopen it. I will find a different method of entry.” Li Qiye nodded gently.

The alchemy emperor looked at Li Qiye then commanded the other ancestors: “All of you, leave.”

Once the ancestors and Ming Yexue had left, the alchemy emperor told Li Qiye: “My lord, while you were absent yesterday, the old man from the Jianlong Clan came.”

“Oh? What does the Jianlong Clan want?” Li Qiye smiled.

The Jianlong Clan was also a famous lineage alongside the Alchemy Kingdom in the contemporary times. It had three emperors as well!

The alchemy emperor smiled and said: “How could the Jianlong Clan have any ideas before my lord? They only wish that in this generation, if my lord needs them at all, then just send the command and they shall prove their allegiance!”

“They also want to dispel the suppression of the past?” Li Qiye chuckled: “This isn’t out of the question. I will let them know if I need them in the future.”

Having said that, Li Qiye glanced at the alchemy emperor: “The old geezers from that clan are much smarter than your kingdom’s crowd. They have kept their tails down while dealing with the world. That year, your Alchemy Kingdom believed the Divine Beast Realm’s invitation and chose to go first into battle. Meanwhile, the Jianlong Clan had lost as well, but they didn’t suffer nearly as much as your kingdom.”

“Why is it that I didn’t force an oath on them, yet they still obediently chose to give up their territory?” Li Qiye nodded: “Those old men knew that as long as I continue to exist, I will train more Immortal Emperors. They are smart enough to not block my path. Although they have been reclusive for a long time, the moment that they actually come out into this world again, they will be much stronger than your kingdom!”

“The ancestors back then all thought that an alliance with the Divine Beast Realm would allow them to defeat all foes.” The alchemy emperor bitterly smiled. Before the grand war, he strongly opposed competing with Empress Hong Tian for the Heaven’s Will. He knew no good could come from it.

Alas, the kingdom was very powerful back then. Moreover, there were many ancestors more distinguished than him in charge. His opposition was useless, so he couldn’t control the situation.

The last battle was very bloody. Blood stained the entire Stone Medicine World. The incomparable Divine Beast Realm was massacred overnight and ceased to exist!

“An alliance with the beast realm so they could defeat all foes?” Li Qiye snorted: “Compared to the Ancient Ming, your kingdom and beast realm were nothing. During the Ancient Ming Era, they ruled the entire nine worlds all by themselves. Outside of Bu Zhan and Xue Xi, who else managed to break the monopoly of Immortal Emperors during their reign? After I made my move, what happened to the Ancient Ming in the end?”

“The world did not know about my lord’s invincibility. It was all over for them when they tasted your methods of carnage.” The alchemy emperor gently sighed.

Though he did not see the bloodbath in that distant era, he had heard of the legends. It was a grisly period. The Ancient Ming once ruled over the nine worlds and eventually, the Dark Crow heralded a new dawn. From then on, the Ancient Ming Era was over and their race disappeared.

“Alright, there is no need to mention the past.” Li Qiye grew a bit sentimental and gently waved his sleeve: “Not too many of those who used to be on my side are still alive. Take good care of yourself. I hope that when I sweep through the myriad domains, you will still be alive to see it.”