Chapter 802: The Journey Begins

Li Qiye became a bit melancholic at this point. Time continued to flow as people left him one by one. Glory and magnificence were dust in the wind. Very few people managed to live till the present.

Eternal life was something countless people continued to pursue. However, true eternal life carried a heavy burden and pain.

As loved ones left one by one, one would secretly start lamenting in pain. This pain turned into reluctance and regret before they became completely numb. Li Qiye didn’t want to linger in the past since there were more things that required his attention in the present.

The alchemy emperor became dejected as well after hearing this. Some sought eternal life and some chose to bury themselves underground instead of living life to its fullest.

“When will I see my lord again?” The alchemy emperor sighed emotionally. It could be said that on the path of alchemy or even the road of cultivation, Li Qiye was his guide. Although he ultimately joined the Alchemy Kingdom due to a variety of circumstances, he still respected Li Qiye as his mentor.

“Well, I don’t know either.” Li Qiye softly sighed: “If I find some success at the origin of the three veins, then I’m afraid I will need to go back to the Mortal Emperor World. There is still unfinished business there.”

“Is something troubling my lord there?” The emperor asked with concern: “Perhaps we can lend you a hand if necessary?”

“You are referring to the Immortal Demon Grotto, right?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but look towards the far horizon. His sight traveled for miles and miles before he slowly responded: “I will visit the Immortal Demon Grotto, but I can’t be certain of when right now. Perhaps it will be after shouldering the Heaven’s Will, or perhaps another time entirely. But ultimately, before leaving for that place, I will go to the grotto! I cannot let the blood of Lil’ Blackie’s group be spilled for nothing!”

“I remember my lord speaking about that place when I was younger.” The alchemy emperor lamented: “Unfortunately, I have given up. In this generation, I am too old; time waits for no one after all. I can’t go with my lord to that place to have a look.”

“The future is full of unknowns, who can accurately predict it?” Li Qiye chuckled. His mood suddenly took a turn for the better as he said: “Live on, there will be a chance in the future.”

The alchemy emperor smiled and shook his head: “My lord, there is no need to comfort me. I am an alchemy emperor so I know my condition quite well. If I could continue living, then I wouldn’t have come into being. Time has always been ruthless, even the best Blood Era Stone would not be able to prevent its erosion! Because I don’t have much time left, I will use what I have left wisely to rectify some problems. Otherwise, the kingdom will have no chance in the future.”

“I will surely die of old age in this generation.” The alchemy emperor emotionally smiled: “I have no regrets in this life. I have witnessed a grand era, saw the most brilliant Immortal Emperor, and also met an eternal existence like my lord!”

Li Qiye couldn’t say anything else in response. He eventually sighed: “All in all, just keep on living well. At the very least, before going to that place, I will personally come for Yexue. Perhaps we will meet again then.”

“Rest assured, my lord. I will not die so easily without giving the kingdom a brand new opportunity.” The alchemy emperor cheerfully smiled.

Li Qiye also grinned and said: “It’s time I leave. There is still a long way to go in the future.”

The alchemy emperor nodded solemnly. He stood on top of the platform and personally took control of the portal’s opening for Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” The platform lit up with all the refined jades emitting bright radiances. A powerful worldly energy empowered the platform and opened the portal that took the shape of a giant ring.

This portal was initially a mirror. However, at this moment, it was in a liquid state like sinking mercury. Clanking sounds could be heard from the intertwining laws.

“I’m going!” Li Qiye nodded towards the alchemy emperor before setting foot into the sunken portal. He instantly disappeared.

The very next moment, he emerged in a different space. There was an endless void with neither a beginning nor an end.

A series of laws paved the way beneath his feet. They moved together to form a bridge all the way to a distant location.

Li Qiye smiled and walked on this divine bridge. Each of his steps was like entering an entire world. One misstep would take him into the wrong world!

The concept of time did not exist in this void, and neither did anything tangible. Li Qiye walked for some time before finally seeing the Drystone Courtyard.

No one would be able to see the whole picture while staring at it from a distance. They would only be able to see an ancient gate. This gate was crafted from an unknown material. It looked archaic, as if it had weathered countless winds and storms. Time had left a unique mark on its surface.

As one of the twelve burial grounds, the courtyard was full of mysteries and surprises. Moreover, it was one of the most dangerous places in present times.

It was different from the other burial grounds. Unlike the Prime Ominous Grave or the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground where people knew of their locations and even undertook adventures inside, the courtyard was different. For many eras, no one knew of its location outside of being in the Stone Medicine World.

Even Immortal Emperors were unable to pinpoint its coordinates. In short, its location had always been a mystery.

There were only two methods of entry. The first was through a shortcut like the portal in the Alchemy Kingdom. There were only a few like this in the entire Stone Medicine World. At the same time, the chances of success through these shortcuts was quite meager. The second method was to use the real entryway of the courtyard.

Of course, what the real entryway was and its location were just as big of an enigma as the courtyard itself.

Due to these reasons, the courtyard was much more elusive compared to the other burial grounds.

Regardless, over the years, many people still tried to find it. There were also some who managed to enter. However, these were all real masters. Many of them were God-Monarchs or even Godkings!

Despite making it inside, very few of them could come out alive. Legend states that even Immortal Emperors had been trapped inside the courtyard before.

The laws below continued to intertwine all the way to the gate of the courtyard. However, before they could reach the destination, a strange sizzling noise appeared. All of these laws were suddenly petrified and stopped.

“Not good!” This sudden change took Li Qiye by surprise. Nevertheless, he instantly knew what had just transpired.

“Bang!” All the laws suddenly collapsed. No matter how strong they might have been, they all shattered after being petrified.

Even if Li Qiye had heaven-defying methods, he couldn’t alter this event and turn back the tide.

Without any support, Li Qiye fell down! No matter how powerful or amazing one might be, in this particular space, no one was able to fly.

Li Qiye kept on falling for some time before eventually landing in an unknown place. The scene before him was quite different. It was a vast, green expanse. Li Qiye knew that he had fallen from that space all the way back to the Stone Medicine World!

“Bang!” The moment his feet reached the ground, a severe blow landed on his chest, sending him flying. This blow was so powerful that it broke all the bones in his body and almost turned him into a pool of blood.

“Buzz!” The Death Seal appeared. It was as if time had been reversed. His scattered flesh returned to his body, allowing him to recover in a brief moment.

Li Qiye focused his gaze and saw a gigantic monster in the distance. This was a terrifying heavenly beast. Its head towered all the way to the sky while its body was similar to a mountain. A single stomp could crush the earth.

“3.5 million year old heavenly beast!” He became serious. He knew exactly where he had fallen; this was one of the three ancestral veins of the Stone Medicine World — the beast vein.

The three great veins all had their unique characteristics. The alchemy vein had spirit medicines everywhere while the beast vein was where heavenly beasts and longevity spirits gathered; this was their paradise. The deeper one went, the stronger the monsters would be. Because of this, there were some places that even God-Monarchs avoided.

“Roar!” This powerful heavenly beast that even God-Monarchs were wary of crazily howled. It crushed the earth as its gigantic foot fell down from the sky towards Li Qiye.

He was like a feeble ant before its foot that seemed capable of crushing him into a pulp.

“You want to die?” Li Qiye laughed and, in an instant, the Declivity-Mountain Bell was already in his hand. He ruthlessly threw it out.

“Bang—bang—bang!” The earth shattered. A terrifying aura swept through this vast land, dissuading any other existence from approaching.

Screams and roars resounded every day in this vast field of the beast vein. Blood flew everywhere along with non-stop carnage!