Chapter 803: Training

The beasts and spirits entrenched themselves in the beast vein. This was their kingdom!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A terrible disaster loomed over the area. A mighty heavenly aura deterred any beasts from coming closer.

A frightening tribulation swirled above Li Qiye. A door opened with endless attacking Godfiends, aiming to kill Li Qiye.

This was Li Qiye’s minor tribulation of the Void Imperfection Physique. Prior to this, it was on the verge of reaching minor completion. However, he kept on suppressing it and waited for when the tribulation would be the strongest before unleashing it. He wanted to destroy the tribulation in the most flawless fashion.

“Snap!” Something seemed to have broken inside Li Qiye’s body! It was as if he had torn asunder all the restraints in this world, as if no laws could bind him.

The myriad laws and rules of this world had been shattered by Li Qiye. He was as free as a Kun Peng in an open sea!

Myriad realms floated behind him as his momentum could tear apart all dao. Neither the mortal world nor the immortal one could chain him!

“So this is the feeling of an Era Sovereign slashing the dao!” Li Qiye grinned with great satisfaction. In this instant, his body seemed to have undergone a substantial change as if he was the fastest in this world. There was an indescribable spirituality and transcendence.

“I’m finally successful! If I can slash the dao as an Era Sovereign, then this minor tribulation is nothing!” Li Qiye lifted his head to smilingly look at the minor tribulation of the Void Imperfection Physique. He heaved a shout then soared into the sky. He swung his fists and parted the clouds to meet the descending Godfiends.

Anyone who saw this scene would be dumbfounded. Using bare hands to fight against the minor tribulation of an immortal physique? What kind of tyrannical approach was this?

In fact, this minor tribulation was nothing to Li Qiye; it was as easy as taking in a meal. Prior to this, he could have easily fought against these minor tribulations. Moreover, he was now an Era Sovereign that was capable of slashing the dao.

Many people had never heard of such a title! Era Sovereign was the final level of the Heavenly Sovereign realm. After this level was the Heavenly King realm. However, it wasn’t easy to break through from a sovereign to a king.

The world assumed that as long as one could reach the Era Sovereign level, then they would be at the peak of the sovereign realm. At this level, it would be easy to reach the king realm.

However, they did not know that there was another step beyond this level. This step was the apex beyond the peak! Once one was able to break through to this apex, they would be called a Dao Slashing Sovereign! 1

This type of sovereign was quite rare. There were many conditions and requirements such as a fortified foundation, eight celestials or more in the Enlightened Being realm, and nine or more palaces at the Ancient Saint realm.

Only after meeting these requirements could one become a Dao Slashing Sovereign! This particular dao test was quite arduous. However, once passed, the cultivator would no longer be the same as before for they would have obtained an unbelievable foundation for the future!

More importantly, legend states that there was a great effect for Dao Slashing Sovereigns who picked the path of the heavens in the future. As for the exact effect, very few contemporary cultivators were privy to this.

“Break!” Eventually, Li Qiye uttered a cry and broke through the sky dome. He used his unbelievably powerful body to grind the tribulation. The Hell Suppressing, Soaring, and Void Imperfection Physiques all at minor completion easily crushed the tribulation into little pieces after exerting their most powerful state.

After doing so, Li Qiye’s body became bright and exuded a holy aura. People would never believe that such a holy aura was radiating off of him!

He landed from the sky and sat in a meditative pose on the ground with a grin on his face after completing the minor physique. He didn’t immediately leave and began to chant the One Thought, Myriad Physiques incantation to begin the fourth immortal physique.

He chose the Sky Destroyer Physique. This choice was obviously backed by reason.

As he was creating his fourth inner physique, time became silent as if it didn’t want to disturb him.

Daring to cultivate in the beast vein was an astonishing matter, but Li Qiye didn’t seem to care that many powerful heavenly beasts and longevity spirits were watching him on the sidelines.

The sun sets in the west. This was a vast desolate land full of beasts and their roars. Their powerful auras filled the entire area. The beast vein, one of the three ancestral veins in the Stone Medicine World, the garden of power beasts and spirits! Their strengths were beyond imagination. Even God-Monarchs and Godkings would be wary here. Despite its notorious reputation and monsters, many cultivators still wanted to come here. Beast marrows and longevity blood were both great treasures. And they were in abundance here, so how could these cultivators not be tempted?

A large river quietly flowed right outside of the vein with a calm current under the setting sun. The scenery was especially beautiful.

The auras of the beasts lingered before night time, and roars still emanated from the depths of the vein. When the sun shone down, a shadow stretched quite far as a man slowly walked out from the vein.

He appeared to be a bit messy with bloodstains on his clothing. It was apparent at first glance that he had been through many tough battles.

He sat down by the river and eventually just lied down with his hands supporting his head to watch the clouds floating in the sky.

After a moment passed, this person closed his eyes to enjoy this rare moment of peace and quiet.

“It really does feel good to be alive sometimes.” Li Qiye chuckled and murmured as he was resting.

After staying in the beast vein for nearly half a year, he had paved a path of blood all the way from the deepest part of the vein to the outside. This period was unimaginable to others since the vein was full of monsters. They lived in packs, so killing one would ignite a hunt from the rest.

Even God-Monarchs wouldn’t want to stay in this dangerous place for long, but Li Qiye stayed around for half a year. He killed so many monsters that they came to fear him.

Leaving the beast vein was not difficult for him, but he took his time by using this as a form of training.

No one could imagine what Li Qiye encountered during his days here at the beast vein; legendary five million year old heavenly beasts and sacred longevity spirits or even ancient monsters with the bloodline of divine beasts…

Li Qiye remained undaunted during his journey in this dangerous place. Before leaving the vein, his actions could be described by the phrase see god, slay god; see devil, slay devil.

Despite the daily arduous battles in the past half a year, Li Qiye’s harvests were incredible. Not to mention the huge amount of longevity blood and beast marrows, there were three different gains that were especially noteworthy for him.

First, he was able to train himself and gain further mastery in his techniques. Second, after receiving countless injuries, his death energy increased substantially. His current level of paramount death energy could allow him to control many undead.

Prior to this, although the quantity was great, it wasn’t potent enough. For example, he needed to use longevity blood in order to support summoning the Phoenix and the deathfire.

But now, his ocean-like energy could easily summon and control an extremely powerful undead!

The final harvest was that Li Qiye had also died once. Since the start of his Death Scripture training, outside of purposely dying to Jian Wushuang the first time, this was his second time dying.

An appropriate death was a very good thing for Li Qiye because the Death Seal had certain requirements described by its phrase — one fate accumulated from three deaths, one item formed from six deaths, one life changed from nine deaths, and eighteen deaths to reach the high heavens! With his current level, death was not easy to come by!

As the sky darkened, Li Qiye got up and went towards the riverbank. He crouched and drank a handful of water.

“Crash!” A whirlpool abruptly emerged alongside violent waves. A huge jaw opened from the river, wanting to swallow the thirsty Li Qiye whole.

“Pop!” Before this basin-like mouth could bite Li Qiye, the hidden monster was already gripped by the neck. The next moment, Li Qiye heavily slammed it onto the ground, creating a large pit.

It all happened so quickly. The monster didn’t have the chance to resist before being smashed to the point of spattering blood. It was not because the monster was too weak, it was that Li Qiye was simply too strong. This monster had always been hiding at the bottom of the river in order to ambush cultivators. Countless masters had died in its jaws.

After slamming this monster back to its initial shape, it turned out to be a turtle bigger than a tabletop with blood dripping everywhere from its body.

“Great immortal, please forgive this little demon.” The turtle begged with its last breath.

Li Qiye took his foot off its back and gave it one more kick, causing it to roll as he dismissively said: “Stand up.”


  1. The raw is just Era Sovereign Slashing Dao, but I think I like Dao Slashing Sovereign more. Omitting the Era part just to make it less wordy.