Chapter 810: Bird King Sheng Fei

The Bird King eventually appeared before the waiting crowd. Sheng Fei was not a particularly eye-catching man. He wore plain clothing with coins hanging from his sleeves and robes. This made him appear to be more of a shrewd businessman than a cultivator.

However, no one would dare to look down on him after seeing his eyes. They were especially sharp, like the eyes of an eagle. Once people met his gaze, they would feel as if they were his prey.

He had a cold aura, a clear sign of ruthlessness. A halo that was being emitted from his body showed that he was not a character to mess with. Su Mingchen immediately went to greet him along with the other guests.

Only Li Qiye calmly sat there and threw him a quick glance without saying anything.

Sheng Fei was a bit proud of being received by so many leaders. He nodded his head to return the greeting. Among the leaders here, only Heavenly Kings like the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master were worthy of his respect!

These leaders were quite unhappy after seeing how Li Qiye remained seated without any reaction. However, they ignored him since they would rather talk to Sheng Fei instead.

“Young Noble Sheng has traveled so far to get here, did anything fun happen along the way?” A royal lord quickly scurried for his favor: “My country has a few ancient temples, would you be interested in taking a look?”

“Ancient temples? What kinds of temples?” Sheng Fei became interested after hearing this.

Sheng Fei was inferior compared to his first brother, the Golden Crow Prince, with regards to cultivation. However, he had his own specialty, he liked old relics. To be more exact, he had a passion for archaeology. One of his favorite things to do was to excavate old graves or ancient earths from declined sects to find treasures. Of course, such business often resulted in failure, but sometimes, one could obtain amazing stuff.

It was for this reason that Sheng Fei wanted to buy the Tie Clan to see if he could find any treasures within the ruins.

The royal lord noticed his interest and immediately added: “These temples have a great history, they were once occupied by ancient demons!”

“Ancient demons?” Sheng Fei’s interest grew as he immediately nodded: “I’ll definitely take a look if I have time.”

“My sect’s territory also has a particular grave. Strange phenomena occur quite often there.” The other leaders also tried to gain his attention after seeing the success of the first royal lord.

In their minds, Sheng Fei was still young, so this was the best time to please him. Later on, when Sheng Fei becomes an elder of the ravine, their tributary states would be able to obtain his help.

Among them, only the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master remained quiet. They were part of first-rate sects. Moreover, they were Heavenly Kings, so organizing a banquet for Sheng Fei was already quite sensible. There was no need to lower themselves to win his favor.

“You…” During the pleasantries and small talk, Sheng Fei’s followers became quite proud as well. However, one young man’s expression quickly soured after he saw Li Qiye.

This young man was none other than the Qilin Marquis that had suffered back at the Tie Clan. He came with Sheng Fei this time just to deal with Li Qiye, but he didn’t expect to see Li Qiye here!

His first reaction was to stagger backward after seeing Li Qiye. After all, Li Qiye’s strength made him quiver. However, after remembering that Sheng Fei was here as his backing, he became much more courageous.

He fortified his stance and pointed at Li Qiye then shouted: “Second brother, this is the little bastard that killed our brothers! He even declared that he could crush you to death with one hand and trample our ravine with one stomp!”

Brimming with energy from his backing, the marquis fanned the flames even further! He wanted to use his second brother to destroy Li Qiye so that he could wash away his past humiliation.

The marquis’ sudden outburst made many guests look over towards Li Qiye. A few of them began to have ideas; this could be a good opportunity to please Sheng Fei.

Su Mingchen, on the other hand, felt cold sweat dripping down his back. He was hoping that Li Qiye and Sheng Fei could sit down and have a nice chat. But now, with the Qilin Marquis escalating the situation, his hope was only a pipedream!

Li Qiye chuckled at the cocky marquis. He didn’t refute the exaggeration and smiled: “It seems that a dog like you actually has a good memory, you were able to remember me so well.”

The marquis turned livid with an unsightly expression. However, after remembering his second brother, he grew bolder and snorted: “Dumbass, to speak such disdainful words to my ravine, no one in this world can protect you!”

Some royal lords here also wanted to please Sheng Fei; one of them began to yell at Li Qiye: “Ignorant brat, to have the nerve! The ravine isn’t a place that a brat like you…”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively to interrupt him: “This is none of your business. Scram to the side, the person I want to find today is him!”

Having said that, his gaze fell upon Sheng Fei.

This royal lord was furious after being interrupted by Li Qiye. He was a distinguished figure, so how could this nobody dare to speak to him with such hubris?!

Even the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master frowned. They wondered who Li Qiye was to be able to act so arrogantly in front of Sheng Fei.

After being called out, Sheng Fei gazed at Li Qiye. He was suddenly startled after he saw Li Qiye’s face and slowly approached.

The marquis thought that his second brother was about to attack Li Qiye, so he grew even more audacious and cried out: “Second brother, kill this bastard for the glory of our Heavenhoof Ravine and let him know—”

“Pop!” But before he could finish speaking, Sheng Fei quickly slapped his face, leaving behind a burning palm print.

This sudden change shocked the marquis. Not even in his wildest dreams did he expect that his second brother was not going to take care of Li Qiye and would rather slap him instead.

Sheng Fei ignored the marquis and continued to walk forward. He cupped his hands together and asked with a serious demeanor: “May I know your name?”

Li Qiye glanced over him and answered: “Li Qiye.”

This name was like a hammer smashing into Sheng Fei’s chest, causing him to be breathless. For a disciple of an imperial lineage, the name Li Qiye was thunderous! How could he not know Li Qiye? This was the person who killed their genius alchemist, the Vinepill Monarch, and he even killed their Heavenhoof elder!

This was a great enmity. Their sect had a picture of him, and the elders had discussed this before. They swore to never let this go until they killed Li Qiye!

Who would have thought that Li Qiye would actually come to their door? He was now in the Beast Realm, and the territory of their sect at that!

Sheng Fei was a smart person. He took a deep breath and cupped his hands once more towards Li Qiye: “So it is the Alchemy Realm’s Deity of this generation, Brother Li. It is an honor to finally meet you.”

All of the people here, especially the Sacred Demon Leader and the Tombskull Master, quivered after hearing this name despite being famous Heavenly Kings and experts.

The deity of a generation! After hearing Li Qiye’s name, the leaders present all knew that this was just a compliment. In current times, who didn’t know that Li Qiye was a ruthless man?!

Killing Young Noble Pei Yu, destroying the Xian Clan, and even shaking the Alchemy Kingdom — any of these battle feats could shock the entire world! His title of Fierce was erected from blood and bones!

“An honor?” Li Qiye smirked after hearing such cordiality. He naturally understood the feud between him and the ravine.

However, he didn’t care for such things. He simply waved his sleeve and leisurely spoke: “Whether I am a deity or if it is your honor to meet me, I shall accept your compliments. Since you have been quite polite, very well, I will give you some face as well. I heard that you want the Tie Clan’s site.”

“The Tie Clan’s site?” Sheng Fei noticed Tie Lan standing to the side and immediately understood what was going on! He truly did want this particular location. As the lord of a country and the disciple of the ravine, he was very conscious of his own reputation. He didn’t want others to say that he forcefully seized land from a mortal. Plus, he also wanted to give the Ox King some consideration, so he said that he wanted to buy the land.

Unfortunately, despite his generous offer, Tie Lan was very stubborn. Even if he raised the offer, she would still refuse all the same!

“No, this is definitely not true!” Sheng Fei vehemently denied this claim by shaking his head.

“Really now?” Li Qiye grinned and touched his chin as if he was pondering something. He then looked at the marquis: “Then what was the deal with him? Your servant decided to act on his own? I saw it with my own eyes.”