Chapter 816: Exquisite Body

After some mixing, the physique paste cauldron was ready. The paste seemed akin to liquid fat and emitted a musky aroma, yet it wasn’t musk. People would become lost in this fragrance.

“Take off your clothes and get in.” Li Qiye commanded.

Jian Wushuang immediately stared at him with a gaze as sharp as an arrow. She aggressively shouted: “Don’t try to trick me, who says tempering requires one to strip!”

Li Qiye only smiled in response: “I do! If you don’t take them off, that’s fine, it’ll be your problem then.”

Jian Wushuang continued to look at him for a bit before taking off her clothes. A dazzling scene appeared right before Li Qiye eyes, a scene so beautiful that it was impossible to describe with mere words.

Trembling white peaks, full and round with a touch of red like two budding flowers… Skin as white as jade and as soft as satin… The lack of clothes revealed a beautifully tempting figure.

Not only were her features pretty, her figure was also impeccable. Slender shoulders and a thin waist, and a pair of long and healthy legs that only accentuated her peerless beauty…

Li Qiye looked up and down at this beautiful scene before him. He took his time appreciating it as if it was a unique piece of art in this world.

“Had your fill?” Jian Wushuang coldly quipped. Of course, Li Qiye was simply enjoying it without any dirty thoughts. This made Jian Wushuang a lot more comfortable than it could have been.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye gently nodded and turned his gaze away from the pretty scene. He leisurely smiled: “Your body can be called a masterpiece. However, out of all the beautiful figures I’ve seen, it would be a bit difficult for your body to be among the top ten.”

She was about to vomit blood from anger. She knew that Li Qiye didn’t have vulgar thoughts towards her, but this evaluation was still enraging!

Everyone liked beautiful things to an extent. Jian Wushuang was very confident with herself; whether it was her talents, face, or even her figure, she was sure that very few people in this world could compare to her.

But now, Li Qiye had seen all that she had to offer only to comment with “not bad” as if it was a common sight.

“Who is number one?! Ming Yexue?” Jian Wushuang arrogantly glared at Li Qiye and grew a bit competitive.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I haven’t seen Yexue, but thinking about it, I’m afraid Yexue would not be number one either.”

This was met with a scowl from Jian Wushuang.

“Okay, no need to be competitive about something like this.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I picked you not because of your bag of skin, so who cares about first place. Listen and go in for me. Delaying any further would decrease the effect of the paste.”

After giving another cold glare to Li Qiye, she stepped into the physique paste and let her entire body soak in the medicine.

Li Qiye controlled the cauldron with great concentration. He was grasping the slight changes in the flame to utilize the paste’s effect to the degree of perfection.

Li Qiye wanted something even better than perfect for this physique paste. It was not just because he used precious materials for this batch, he also wanted Jian Wushuang to be free of errors.

This went beyond her physique temperament. Her physique was also an experiment to him as he strived for perfection.

Time passed by quickly. Eventually, Jian Wushuang finally finished the tempering process. She stepped out from the cauldron with a foggy violet aura. Lotus flowers seemed to be blooming from her steps as an extraordinary aura permeated the atmosphere.

She appeared before Li Qiye, nude like before. Li Qiye meticulously looked over her again with a serious expression as if he was inspecting his flawless masterpiece.

Prior to this, Jian Wushuang’s jade-like figure was already very beautiful. However, after the tempering process, it was different from before. A magical light pulsed above her skin; her body seemed to be encompassed in an immortal energy. From inside came a faint yet clear aura. This made her body seem even more flawless.

“Seen enough yet?” She only looked at him without a hint of embarrassment or awkwardness.

In fact, she couldn’t become bashful. Li Qiye simply didn’t see her as a woman. She understood very well that in his eyes was a reflection of a piece of art, there was no lewdity.

After a careful observation, he was very pleased and nodded his head: “Hard and soft in co-existence, fire and water in harmony, this tempering will lay down a strong foundation that will make your future much easier.”

“What do you take me for!” Jian Wushuang had the urge to puke blood! She was the jewel of the Jian Clan, the pearl of an imperial lineage!

Her body had never been seen by an outsider before. Today, Li Qiye got a good look. If, say, Li Qiye praised her by saying that she had a pretty figure, she would feel much better. This kind of observation only made her angry.

Li Qiye looked at her and laughed: “I, of course, am praising myself for creating this physique for you. Why would I praise your figure as if it was pretty? Your figure is priceless; I am the only one who can create something like this. As for your bag of skin, there are many such ones in the nine worlds.”

“You!” She fiercely glared at him before angrily putting on her clothes.

“Okay, miss, no need to be mad.” Li Qiye smiled: “Be ready, I will change your true treasure tomorrow!”

She took in a deep breath and met his gaze: “Don’t worry, I will be ready at any time and won’t let you down!”

After all, she was the arrogant and confident Jian Wushuang! Someone that would never back down!

The next day, Jian Wushuang changed her true treasure with Li Qiye helping her by the side. This process required a lot of courage and was a big price to pay for any cultivator. However, no matter how difficult it might be, Jian Wushuang boldly faced it, for this was the path chosen by her.

Not everyone could withstand this painful process, but Jian Wushuang took it in stride. With Li Qiye’s help, the whole process was very smooth, and there were no mistakes. Li Qiye was very content with everything as a whole.

“Now, take the time to train and start the aggregation.” Li Qiye commanded after the swap: “You just need to refine this destiny stone so that it takes shape, then everything will be well. There is no need to be stringent during this process, just let it flow naturally.”

Jian Wushuang went into seclusive training after the swap in order to gestate her new destiny stone.

Li Qiye continued to stay at the Tie Clan. Outside of preaching was training; he had stepped into the Heavenly King realm. This was also a very important realm for cultivators.

They would have to face the most powerful and difficult calamity in one’s life… Life Reduction! This was the most difficult tribulation for many cultivators. Even extremely powerful kings couldn’t surpass it in the end and would miserably die to this test.

However, after defeating it, reaching the Virtuous Paragon realm would be quite simple. Li Qiye meditated inside his room as divine rings pulsed from his body. Each divine ring appeared to be opening an entirely new world with an eternal grand dao. Li Qiye resembled an ancient god at this point.

Four inner physiques emerged from his chest at this moment: Hell Suppressing, Soaring, Void Imperfection, and Sky Destroyer!

The Sky Destroyer Physique was from the same branch as the Hell Suppressing Physique. Both originated from the word “Taint” among the six words of the Physique Scripture.

Upon completion, this physique would allow for endless unyielding strength! This meant that the user became a very powerful weapon that was capable of breaking treasures and other weapons!

If the Hell Suppressing Physique was meant for suppression, then the Sky Destroyer Physique was meant for oppression.

Imagine this, the weight of the Hell Suppressing Physique, the speed of the Soaring Physique, the avoidance of the Void Imperfection Physique, and the destructive force of the Sky Destroyer Physique… The four physiques together were something beyond imagination.

Their combination meant that nothing was impregnable against its unstoppable might! This turned Li Qiye into a walking humanoid weapon with several times as much power as before!

What defense could withstand such destruction? Li Qiye chose the Sky Destroyer Physique in order to increase his body’s power by several orders of magnitude!

One day during his meditation inside his room, his eyes suddenly opened with a streak of lightning flashing across his pupils. At this time, he heard shouts outside of the premises with a scream from Tie Lan.

Although he couldn’t be bothered to teach her and he didn’t care about her matters, she was ultimately still the Heavenly Flame Goddess’ descendant. Li Qiye would absolutely not let anything happen to her.