Chapter 819: The Basilisk That Loves To Boast

The basilisk naturally didn’t know that Li Qiye cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique. Moreover, it came from the Physique Scripture itself, so even though his tribe’s petrification ability was heaven-defying, it was simply useless before Li Qiye’s physique.

The basilisk was very afraid. First, his mesmerization was useless and now his petrification lost its effect. These were already his strongest cards.

He knew that he had kicked a steel door. He immediately changed his mind and decide to run. However, right when he turned around, Li Qiye had already appeared in front of him. Before he could counterattack, Li Qiye grabbed him by the neck and held him up in the air.

“Boss, Boss, I was only playing with you, it was just a little joke.” After being subdued, the basilisk immediately put on his most brilliant and dazzling smile, at least in his own opinion.

Li Qiye casually threw him to the ground and smiled: “Four-eyed basilisk, right? I heard that a basilisk with four eyes can see through time itself and spy on Yin and Yang. Very well, look into my eyes and see what is truly considered eternality!”

With that, he held the basilisk’s chin so that their eyes could meet. Li Qiye opened his eyes wide as they became quite profound. Piercing through Li Qiye’s eyes seemed to be taking the two of them all the way to the past, reversing the river of time from one generation to another.

This was an endless sea of blood with countless bones. Miserable screams echoed in the sky. Countless gods were massacred in the firmament. On the ground, many existences that had swept through their generation were being harvested…”

“Mommy…” The basilisk was scared out of his wits after looking into Li Qiye’s eyes. This was an unending war filled with a cruelty that painted the nine worlds red. All of this would shock any existence.

“Boss, please spare me…” The paled basilisk was drenched in cold sweat. He dropped to the ground and almost soiled his pants.

Li Qiye let go of him and leisurely said: “Your Basilisk Tribe actually dared to maneuver against me? Have you all forgotten how the Divine Beast Realm was destroyed in the past?”

“Boss, I have eyes but might as well be blind. I didn’t know that you are the invincible existence across the eons.” The four-eyed basilisk quickly flattered Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye: “Spare the flattery. I can spare your life, but what do you have to trade for it?”

The basilisk quickly replied: “Boss, I can tell you a secret. Hehehe, I’m sure Boss will definitely want to hear this news.”

“Is that so? What kind of news?” Li Qiye leisurely looked at the basilisk. In fact, this reptile would have been dead if Li Qiye wanted to kill him.

“Boss, you should know very well that our Basilisk Tribe rarely comes out since we love to stay in our nests. With this being the case, why did I run to this desolate location?” The basilisk hastily tried to explain his circumstances.

Li Qiye glanced at him: “Okay, let it out, don’t go in circles with me.”

“That whatever Bird King sent me a message.” The basilisk was truly scared out of his mind earlier, so he immediately revealed everything: “He came to me saying that there was a treasure at the Tie Clan, so I rushed here. I didn’t expect to see Boss here.”

“Oh? Since when was your tribe impoverished to the point of having to rush over for a treasure? If I remember correctly, your tribe’s treasury is not that bad.” Li Qiye slowly spoke.

The basilisk rubbed his palms together and laughed: “Boss is so wise. Of course I wouldn’t come running here for an ordinary treasure. It’s just that that Bird King told me the Tie Clan’s treasure is quite extraordinary and has something to do with the old Divine Beast Realm.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes. This Sheng Fei was indeed a little bit capable. However, the secret of this matter was not something he should have known. If someone like him could find out, then others would have been able to as well; they would have seized the item long ago.

Li Qiye stared at the basilisk: “Sheng Fei really said that to you? He isn’t someone who can know the stories behind the Tie Clan.”

The basilisk quickly replied: “I thought so as well. I was afraid that he was tricking me, so I questioned him extensively. He said that this one guy named the Cloud Soaring Venerable told him. Moreover, this venerable found out from Ye Qingcheng’s calculations!”

“Ye Qingcheng…” Li Qiye became serious. He understood now that the true mastermind was not the Tombskull Sect or Sheng Fei, it was Ye Qingcheng.

The former two were nothing more than cannon fodder! Li Qiye couldn’t help but smirk at this point. This Ye Qingcheng was really trying to push him to the brink of death.

“Haha, Boss, I know many things regarding this Ye Qingcheng.” The basilisk noticed that Li Qiye didn’t want to kill him, so he grew courageous and wanted to curry favor.

Li Qiye leered at him: “Oh? Have you seen Ye Qingcheng before?”

“It doesn’t really matter because our tribe has known his real identity for a long time now.” The basilisk laughed: “Everyone knows that this Ye Qingcheng is the Stony Edge Kingdom’s ultimate stone, but very few know that he has great ties with the old Bi’an Beastworld.”

“There is no need for you to tell me something I already know.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively.

The basilisk laughed and rubbed his palms together awkwardly before asking: “Boss, can I leave now?”

Li Qiye gave him one more look that made him quiver inside. Li Qiye then said: “Do you know why the Divine Beast Realm was destroyed that year?”

“Hehe, I know a thing or two about it.” The basilisk smugly replied: “That year, the beast realm was bullish and thought that it was invincible in this world. Unfortunately, they offended someone they couldn’t afford to offend. In the end, they were completely annihilated with a loud bang. Their entire sky dome was dragged down from the sky. I heard that that scene was truly spectacular!” He licked his dry lips at this moment. Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes, the seniors back in his tribe said that the battle of that year was extremely cruel.

“Did you know that a very long time ago, your basilisk tribe was also part of the Divine Beast Realm?” Li Qiye leisurely said.

The basilisk’s expression quickly changed after hearing this. He awkwardly smiled: “Boss, you are just messing with me. Our Basilisk Tribe is only a small tribe who know our place. We have nothing to do with the beast realm, nothing at all!” Even the seniors in their tribe didn’t want to speak of this, which was why the basilisk was shocked after this matter was brought up.

Li Qiye ignored the basilisk and continued on: “Why was the beast realm destroyed while your Basilisk Tribe escaped the disaster unscathed? Do you know why? It is because your ancestors were smart and had a sense of propriety. They left the fight early on which is why your tribe continues to exist until now.”

“Boss, please stop messing with me.” The basilisk felt that this subject was taboo and no longer wished to go on.

“You should understand what I am trying to say.” Li Qiye looked at him then threw him a rope and said: “Tie yourself up.”

The basilisk did not say another word and immediately tied himself up tight without fault. People would find it difficult to believe that someone could tie themself up so well.

Li Qiye looked at the basilisk that had tied himself up into a fried dough twist. Meanwhile, the basilisk was afraid that Li Qiye was still angry and immediately swore: “Boss, please don’t worry, this handsome one, no, this lowly one will not take a step out of the Tie Clan.”

“It seems that being smart is something that is still passed down at the Basilisk Tribe.” Li Qiye gently nodded.

The basilisk was not unhappy at the sarcastic remark at all. In fact, he even took it as a compliment.

When Tie Lan and the old turtle woke up, they saw the basilisk that was tied up like a piece of bread and were quite surprised. Tie Lan didn’t know what happened. She was only a mortal, so she couldn’t remember anything after being hypnotized.

“A basilisk!” The old turtle was startled after seeing its figure. He had heard of this tribe before so he understood how he was hypnotized.

“What are you looking at!” The fried-dough reptile shouted at the old turtle with an imposing appearance: “Look at me one more time and see if I will turn you into a stew or not!”

The turtle had always been a coward, so after being yelled at by the basilisk, he immediately crawled back into his shell and didn’t dare to say anything else.

Li Qiye slapped the basilisk’s head and smilingly scolded: “Don’t try to act cool. What is so amazing in trying to scare a vagabond cultivator?”

The basilisk immediately smiled back in response: “Boss, I am not exaggerating, but I am a mighty and brave genius. I absolutely do not bully the weak, but I do casually pick on geniuses and deities alike. I remember back then when I traveled around the world, my feet would trample the three realms and my fists would punch myriad races…”

The basilisk continued to brag incessantly with no end in sight. Li Qiye leisurely added: “If you are as capable as you make yourself sound, then bring Ye Qingcheng’s head back for me.”

“Uhh…” The basilisk immediately turned quiet. His expression was flushed as he quickly responded: “Haha, Boss, a celebrity like Ye Qingcheng should be left for you. Only when you trample on him to reach the top would your fame become even more renowned! As for the little guys like that Bird King, just leave it to me. I’ll go bring his head here right away.”