Chapter 820: Miao Chan

Li Qiye ignored the boasting basilisk and went outside while the beast followed him like a tail.

Li Qiye sat before the monument and was getting ready to begin his daily chanting. The basilisk saw the monument as well and gave it a careful look. After a while, he praised: “Amazing, amazing, this stone tablet is definitely an amazing treasure. No wonder why that brat Sheng Fei said that there is something here in the Tie Clan.”

In terms of knowledge, the basilisk was much more informed than the old turtle and Tie Lan. Their tribe had brilliant talents, plus the four-eyed basilisk had an extra pair of eyes compared to his kin, so he had an even more remarkable aptitude for appraising treasures.

Li Qiye looked at the basilisk and asked: “Is your tribe’s treasury still there?”

The basilisk was startled after hearing this. He quickly calmed down and forced out a smile: “Boss, I am only a little guy, so I know nothing about that.”

“It is not good to lie in front of me.” Li Qiye dismissively said: “Plus, if I wanted your treasury, would I need to wait until now?”

“Well…” The basilisk tried to act the fool: “Boss, I have to go back inside now since you are busy.” Having said that, he turned around and left.

“If you have the opportunity to return alive, tell your elders to prepare those treasures.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Perhaps there will be a use for them in the future!”

The basilisk turned stiff after hearing this. Just a second later, he hurriedly entered the room as he didn’t dare to linger outside any longer.

At the same time, a meeting was taking place at the Heavenhoof Ravine. It was chaired by the ravine master, and all the elders were present.

The topic of discussion was Li Qiye.

“Killing our disciples and elders yet still daring to stroll around in our territory, this Li Qiye is too arrogant! Does he think our ravine is empty?” An elder spoke with indignation.

Another elder addressed the ravine master: “Master, please let us bring out the imperial weapons. We will bring his head back for you!”

“Li Qiye is not someone to be trifled with.” A pleasant voice appeared. Seated in the lowest seat in the room was a girl around the age of twenty. She had a noble and elegant air; it was apparent that she was an incredible lady.

All the elders couldn’t help but look at her. Although all of them here had great authority, they held great trust in this girl.

Her name was Miao Chan, the daughter of the ravine master. In present times, everyone in this world knew that the foremost genius and strongest young expert of the ravine was the Golden Crow Prince.

However, very few knew that there was an even more incredible genius in the ravine — Miao Chan! She was the true number one genius of the ravine. Her talents were much better than the prince, not to mention her great intelligence.

She and the prince were childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Miao Chan was older and started her cultivation earlier.

She took a liking to the prince from a young age. Because of this, when the ravine was choosing their main descendant and all of the elders held her in high regard, she forfeited the position so that the prince would be chosen instead.

Her love only grew with time. In order to help him become famous, she was willing to retreat to obscurity. Due to this, the world only knew about the Golden Crow Prince and not about Miao Chan, who was even more brilliant than the prince. Despite this, the ravine still treated her as a secret candidate for grooming.

Miao Chan calmly spoke: “Who is Li Qiye? It’s needless for me to say more since I’m sure the elders here all understand. He killed God-Monarchs from the kingdom, and what was the end result? The kingdom did not retaliate in the least! To be frank, our ravine is not as strong as the Alchemy Kingdom.”

“Miao Chan, Li Qiye is indeed a monster, but he isn’t invincible to that extent!” An elder responded. He was Sheng Fei’s master and wished to give him a chance to prove his worth.

He continued on: “He only dared to shake the kingdom back then because he had the Phoenix. An immortal bird is indeed unbeatable. However, without the bird, how powerful can he be? We have several imperial weapons, and two true ones at that. I don’t believe that the elders will fail to suppress Li Qiye with them! Is he stronger than Ye Qingcheng? Even Ye Qingcheng couldn’t fight all of us alone!”

Miao Chan retorted: “I do not know whether Li Qiye is stronger than Ye Qingcheng or not, but Li Qiye is not a fool. Do not be tricked by the arrogant and aggressive demeanor that he displays when he goes around causing trouble everywhere. I have read all the news about him! Every time he took action, he was always certain of victory! His arrogant self is only a ruse to bait others. Each of his steps were calculated.

“For example, why didn’t he attack the kingdom right away and instead laid low? He chose to split its ancestral ground and took the heavenly essence from the vein to strengthen his bird. This proved that he clearly had a plan from the start as opposed to acting on the spur of the moment! He was carefully making preparations for the next step!”

She then continued in a more serious tone: “Everyone only noticed his arrogance and murderous intent, no one paid attention to his quiet moments! In my eyes, those are when he is scheming his next moves!”

Her eyes swept through the audience: “Just how large is the Stone Medicine World? Why did Li Qiye appear at the Ox-Herder Country out of all the other places? This is a remote area. No matter the reason, he surely has a plan. Therefore, in my opinion, this is not the best time to attack Li Qiye.”

Sheng Fei’s master indignantly retorted: “Then do we just let it go? Li Qiye killed Elder Fu, are we just going to forgive him?”

Miao Chan stressed her stance: “Whether if it is for revenge or to remove an opponent, this is not the right time. We should wait and uncover Li Qiye’s true abilities and hidden cards before trying again. We cannot fight an uncertain war!”

The elders glanced at each other after hearing this. Although the ravine master was still in charge, Miao Chan had begun to manage the sect a while ago.

All the elders knew about her adoration for the Golden Crow Prince — this was no secret after all. At the same time, the prince was the main descendant of the ravine, so both the master and the elders wanted to see the two of them become a pair.

Thus, the upper echelons were supportive of Miao Chan’s management. They hoped that in the future, Miao Chan could become a virtuous wife and help the prince with the administration.

“There is another reason.” Miao Chan continued: “I was informed that the Cloud Soaring Venerable had visited the Ox-Herder Country. If my speculations are correct, then Sheng Fei must have met the venerable.”

Miao Chan looked over at Sheng Fei’s master and said: “Need I say more about what kind of person this venerable is? This person either helps Ye Qingcheng recruit more experts or tricks others into starting trouble! Ye Qingcheng has no good intentions at all. Li Qiye had started a war at the Alchemy Realm so surely Ye Qingcheng must be hoping that Li Qiye would start one at our Beast Realm as well!”

“Ye Qingcheng is simply trying to use us to kill Li Qiye so that he can reap the benefits while doing nothing.” Miao Chan explained: “Why should we be Ye Qingcheng’s cannon fodder?”

The elders contemplated her words. Although Miao Chan was young, her achievements in management were as clear as day. The elders were very impressed by her wisdom.

“We just need to be patient for now. There is a great saying: take a step back and the wind and waves shall grow calm. Instead of acting as cannon fodder, why not let Ye Qingcheng and Li Qiye fight each other to the death? Ye Qingcheng wants to become the Immortal Emperor, so he surely won’t let a monster like Li Qiye go unchecked! If Ye Qingcheng and Li Qiye fight, then no matter who wins in the end, we shall still be the beneficiaries!”

“Chan’er has a point. We will definitely get our vengeance, but we need to wait for now. When the time is right, we will give Li Qiye a fatal blow!” The ravine master nodded his head in support of his daughter.

Miao Chan earnestly said: “Currently, our biggest concern isn’t to eradicate Li Qiye. We have to concentrate on Junior Brother right now. He is trying to break through to the Virtuous Paragon realm. If he can surpass this bottleneck, then he shall become a paragon. I’m sure all you elders understand that Junior Brother cannot compete with Ye Qingcheng at all right now, but if he reaches Virtuous Paragon, then there is still hope!”

No matter the occasion, Miao Chao would always plan for the prince; she would prepare everything for him!

“Golden Crow’s cultivation will be the focus.” One of the elders nodded in agreement.

Sheng Fei’s master pondered for a moment before speaking: “But recently, the Tombskull Sect and the Sacred Demon Tribe have been maneuvering their troops.”

Miao Chan explained: “This must be Sheng Fei’s idea. He is in a rush to prove himself.”

Sheng Fei’s master wryly smiled and said: “We can’t really blame Fei’er for this. He is only doing this for the ravine, to get revenge for Elder Fu. The young can be impatient at times.”

“Elder, I am not trying to blame Sheng Fei.” Miao Chan elaborated: “Being able to convince these two sects proves that he has become more capable. This is also a good chance. Let them go and scout out Li Qiye’s abilities. At the end of the day, this was their own doing and has nothing to do with us.”

Having said that, she stared at this elder and deepened her tone: “However, I hope that Sheng Fei will stop being so close to people like this Cloud Soaring Venerable. Junior Brother Sheng Fei is still very naive compared to the sly venerable. It is better to be careful, lest he be sold by the venerable and still assist him with counting the money.”

“I will warn Sheng Fei about this.” The master quickly nodded.