Chapter 828: Jian Wushuang Breaking The Crystal Physique

It kept on altering its flying pattern; sometimes it resembled a phoenix while at others, a dragon. With this, it was able to contest the Diamond God with his imperial weapon. Each of its moves had an indescribable profundity and unspeakable brilliance — a flawless style.

“Amazing.” Anyone would be stunned to see the Corpse God moving so freely under the barrage of the Diamond God’s imperial weapon.

A Demon King from the previous generation had heard of the legends about the Corpse God and exclaimed in admiration: “This is a supreme genius in the legends, how incredible!”

The Corpse God was the Tombskull Progenitor’s son. The tales told that when he was younger, he was a brilliant prodigy with no peers. Some held him in high regard to the point where they thought that he would become an Immortal Emperor.

Later on, he suddenly disappeared and no one knew the reason why. Who would have thought that eventually, he was refined into a corpse by his own father! This secret wasn’t known to the future generations of the Tombskull Sect either.

“Rumble!” The world shattered and the stars fell under the imperial shockwaves. Although the Corpse God was quite extraordinary, it couldn’t harm the Diamond God.

Nevertheless, the Diamond God was also being driven insane. Although his weapon was mighty and he managed to injure the Corpse God several times, he couldn’t manage to kill the corpse. If it was a living being, then they would have been dead under the same injuries.

However, the Corpse God was an undead after all. Even if his body was blown into tiny pieces, he still wouldn’t feel anything. Moreover, after each injury, Li Qiye would use his massive amount of death energy to channel the laws and recover the battered corpse at an astonishing rate.

At the same time, the corpse also had self-healing capabilities due to the holy energy it absorbed from the Exorcism Formation. A grievous wound would result in a surge of holy energy from within the corpse’s body to close the wound.

The Diamond God was exasperated by this situation. With the imperial weapon, he was strong enough to kill even God-Monarchs. But at this moment, he couldn’t do anything against this undead.

“Ahh—” The screams slowly stopped. After Jian Wushuang’s continuous onslaught, the coalition from the Sacred Demon Tribe and Tombskull Sect were finally annihilated. Not too many were able to escape the battlefield alive.

The entire Heavenly Flame County was stained red after this massacre. The stench of blood filled the air and wouldn’t disperse due to the corpses piling up into mountains underneath. The coalition came ready for victory. They didn’t expect to be completely destroyed even before managing to touch Li Qiye’s sleeve.

Jian Wushuang didn’t bother chasing after the lucky survivors. She flew back with her always-aggressive and arrogant atmosphere.

“Open!” At last, in the midst of this stalemate, the furious Diamond God emitted a blinding light. His body that was seemingly cast from gold turned crystal clear.

“Boom!” At the same time, the Corpse God unleashed an earth-shattering attack. The Diamond God chose not to evade since the attack was completely ineffective on his body.

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!” A cultivator in the distant horizon murmured in astonishment after seeing this scene.

“Time to end this!” The Diamond God cried out. He no longer cared for the attacks from the Corpse God and channeled his energy into his imperial weapon. A powerful blast came out and blew away the Corpse God as well as tearing apart its body.

However, the death energy and the laws from the chapter rebuilt the broken body instantly!

“Die!” While relying on the crystal physique, the Diamond God launched a series of heavy blows onto the Corpse God who was finally at a disadvantage.

The crystal physique could ignore all harm, so the Diamond God could act recklessly. The Corpse God’s attacks were all nullified, thus it became open to the onslaught of the imperial weapon!

In just a moment, the Corpse God was torn into little pieces. Even though the chapter could heal its body, the healing process grew increasingly slower after being crushed over and over again.

“This crystal physique… one cannot lose with it active.” Anyone would lament after seeing the Corpse God being destroyed.

The crystal physique was an unbreakable defense, the strongest in this world. Immortal Emperor Jing Yu was not too spectacular compared to the other emperors. However, after creating this crystal physique, he became very well known. Some people even stated that due to the crystal physique, Immortal Emperor Jing Yu could be ranked among the top ten emperors of all time!

The Diamond God, right now, wanted to win as fast as possible by destroying the Corpse God because he only had one hour. After this time period was over, his physique would disappear.

Throughout the history of the Crystallized Sea Sect, the other geniuses who could use this physique couldn’t last one hour like the Diamond King, with the exception of Young Noble Pei Yu.

Of course, an existence like Pei Yu who could last six days and six nights was a miraculous wonder. Only two other people outside of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu were capable of accomplishing this.

This was the weakness of the crystal physique. One couldn’t use it continuously, and it required a long time to recharge.

Of course, there were also legends of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu being able to use it nonstop back at his peak, so he was forever unbeatable.

Alas, this was only a legend, something only Immortal Emperor Jing Yu could do. No other geniuses of the sect could reach this level. After some in-depth research, the sect believed that the reason why the emperor could use it forever was due to his Heaven’s Will!

Although the Diamond God became renowned in the world due to this physique as an existence unkillable by even Godkings, he wouldn’t use it unless there was no other choice. If he couldn’t kill his enemy, then he would use the physique to find a chance to flee.

Back then when he was ambushed by three Godkings, he had no other choice but to use his crystal physique. He couldn’t kill the Godkings and could only escape.

After seeing the Corpse God being destroyed over and over again by the imperial weapon, Li Qiye commanded Jian Wushuang: “Go, kill him!”

“I…” She was stunned after hearing this. She had always been confident, but she couldn’t do anything against the crystal physique. This was an unbreakable emperor law.

“I’m not telling you to break the crystal physique.” Li Qiye continued: “I’m telling you to kill him. Yes, you cannot break the crystal physique with your current abilities, but you can suppress it, understand? The Nine Words True Bow is in your hands. As for how to kill him, think about it.” He nodded after stating this.

Jian Wushuang was slightly dazed, but she was still a genius after all. She eventually composed herself and took a deep breath. With a buzzing sound, her life wheel appeared. Under its empowerment, her blood energy surged all the way to the sky like a tidal wave.

She opened her fate palace and her newly refined true fate weapon emerged from within. This weapon resembled a moon. It lit up upon activation as if time itself was sucked inside.

Temporal Brightmoon was the name given to this new true fate weapon. Another buzz resounded. Jian Wushuang wielded the bow in her hand as it radiated a blinding light. The word “Arrange” was pulled back on the bowstring. At the same time, her Temporal Brightmoon poured down a clear, temporal light that blessed this arrow. 1

“Whoosh!” This arrow was just too fast and went beyond visual perception. The word “Arrange” was not usually this fast, but due to the Temporal Brightmoon’s blessing, time quickly passed by at the moment the string was released, allowing the arrow to reach a supreme speed.

This was the reason why Li Qiye wanted her to change her true fate weapon. After Jian Wushuang reached the peak, she could fire the fastest arrows that surpassed time itself due to this treasure, allowing her to kill any existence!

“Whoosh!” This arrow struck the Diamond God. Right when everyone thought that this arrow would be ineffective, another buzzing sound rang. The Diamond God immediately disappeared without a trace.

“What happened just now?” The sudden disappearance of the Diamond God left many spectators confused and lost about the current situation.

A knowledgeable Demon King saw through the clues and murmured: “This is an exile, a temporal exile.”

This “Arrange” arrow was about expulsion. The arrow opened up a temporal distortion. This wouldn’t harm anyone, but they would be banished to this new space-time.

If one couldn’t make their way back from this space, then they would die inside.

Jian Wushuang’s life wheel was very bright at this moment. All of her blood energy was fueling the Temporal Brightmoon, causing it to light up which indirectly increased the temporal flow to the extreme.

Jian Wushuang pulled her bowstring all the way back again with another “Arrange” arrow and the true fate weapon empowering it.

Time passed by and eventually, the Diamond God with his incredible imperial weapon made his way back from the temporal distortion. The void was shattered as he emerged.

“Pop!” He couldn’t escape after making his way back. The “Arrange” arrow instantly struck him once more. He tried to evade it but the passage of time was too quick, making this arrow undodgeable, especially after his recent emergence from the other space.

He was once again exiled and disappeared before everyone’s sight.

“Although there is no way to break the crystal physique, one can still suppress or banish it. There are stories about an invincible existence dealing with the crystal physique in this manner.” A spectator understood Jian Wushuang’s intention after seeing this.

“Pop!” The Diamond God made his way back again. He was truly powerful with the crystal physique and the imperial weapon. The temporal distortion couldn’t trap him!

However, he could only be struck again and exiled once more when he made it back to this space.

After being exiled five times, Li Qiye slowly uttered when it was about time for the sixth: “It is time for you to kill him.”

Jian Wushuang took a deep breath. She withdrew her Temporal Brightmoon and gathered all of her blood energy in the Nine Words True Bow. Once she pulled the string back, the bow became as bright as nine slowly rising suns. No one could see its appearance or the arrow that was about to be unleashed.

“Pop!” Eventually, the Diamond God once again ripped open the void and came back. This time, he was bloodied and tattered. His crystal physique finally disappeared since the hour was over.

At this moment, time seemed to be stagnant as everything stopped as Jian Wushuang released her arrow.

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  1. I saw one reddit comment asking for some insight about translating the nine words. It has indeed been problematic. The base of this mantra is quite popular and has many forms across the different Asian languages -臨兵斗者,皆陣列前行 or lín bīng dǒu zhě jiē zhèn liè qián hángr. One could interpret this as “(Celestial) soldiers/fighters descend and arrange yourselves in front of me”, or “May all those who preside over warriors be my vanguard!”. I chose to go with the first version. The problematic part is the first four words roughly translate to soldiers and fighters. However, the author uses all nine words individually which is fine in Chinese, but in order to have each word make sense in English, it is very challenging. Just for the first four, we would need four different unique nouns in English, but as previously stated, the Chinese version consists of a combination of words. In a sense, to use them individually can be okay in English albeit problematic, but eventually, the author will use a combination of these words. Even the English version has connective words in order for the sentence to make sense, and these words are not there in Chinese. Basically, it is impossible to have nine English words parallel to the nine Chinese words since the syntax is so different. This could have been easier by just using pinyin, but it has been English since the very start. Ultimately, does it really deter from the meaning of the translation versus the raw? Not really, but the one to one connection will be gone since it was impossible in the first place.