Chapter 831: Long Jingxian

Both the basilisk and Tie Lan were dumbfounded after seeing this. The girl ahead, or Long Jingxian, transformed too quickly. This was simply a different person.

Jian Wushuang was a bit speechless after seeing Long Jingxian’s appearance as well. She coldly gazed at her: “Long Jingxian, who doesn’t know that you have a bad temper? Stop pretending to be gentle before me.”

“Hmph, Jian Wushuang, that’s none of your business. Plus, even if I have a bad temper, it is still better than you pretending to be a phoenix!” Long Jingxian, at this time, had reverted back to her feisty demeanor from earlier. This shift in character and acting were astonishing.

“Pretending?” Jian Wushuang snorted: “Come try me then. Let’s see whether I am a real phoenix or just pretending to be one!” 1

“Hmph, what’s the big deal? Come then, it is not like I haven’t seen your archery before.” Long Jingxian immediately retorted with haste.

The smell of gunpowder filled the room after these two met; the atmosphere was incredibly tense. The others here, such as the basilisk and the old turtle, didn’t dare to say anything. Who would want to get involved in a feud between two mad women? They were better off running away to avoid being involved in this mess.

“If you two want to fight, then go outside. Don’t break someone else’s mansion.” Li Qiye smiled and leisurely told the two quarreling girls.

Long Jingxian looked over at Li Qiye then back at Jian Wushuang for a little bit before asking with a tinge of mischievousness: “Hey, what’s your relationship with Jian Wushuang?”

“Once again, my name is not hey, it is Li Qiye. A little miss needs to be polite. And my relationship with her has nothing to do with you.” Li Qiye leisurely answered.

Long Jingxian rolled her eyes with a touch of naughty playfulness and smiled: “Okay, okay, I know now. I’ll call you darling then.” 2

“Ugh.” Li Qiye got goosebumps from being addressed in this fashion, so he waved his sleeve dismissively: “No thanks, it sounds too nauseating. Either call me young master or Li Qiye. Who would want to be your darling?”

“Bah, nevermind then.” Long Jingxian snappily pouted. However, she immediately hid her temper and turned gentle again. She cheerfully smiled: “Young Noble Li, what is your relationship with Jian Wushuang?”

Both the basilisk and the old turtle felt chills running down their spines along with an ominous air after they saw her gentle appearance.

Li Qiye only smiled to this question: “What does it have to do with you?”

“Of course it matters to me.” Long Jingxian, with a rare moment of gentleness, revealed a smile pretty enough to sap the souls from people as she gently spoke: “If you are Jian Wushuang’s fiance, then I’ll definitely steal you from her so that the fake phoenix can wash her face with tears each day.”

After hearing this, the basilisk’s neck shrunk a bit as he murmured: “What… a domineering statement.”

“So it’s like that.” Li Qiye chuckled and gently shook his head: “Although I am not her fiance, it wouldn’t be that easy for you to marry me in the first place. Not just anyone can become my wife.”

“Hmph, what’s so special about you? Since you aren’t her fiance, I’m not interested anymore.” Long Jingxian immediately reverted her attitude back to the previously irritable one.

“Even if you are interested, I still wouldn’t marry you.” Li Qiye teased with a smile.

Long Jingxian became annoyed and glared at Li Qiye: “Oh? Our Young Master Li is so confident, wow. It is more like you wouldn’t be able to marry me! Do you know how many people would line up to marry me?”

This girl was very daring; she showed no signs of shyness at all. The topic of marriage seemed so trivial coming out from her mouth.

“Really now?” Li Qiye looked at her up and down: “Although you really are brilliant and outstanding in the current generation, you’re thinking too highly of yourself. I do have to admit that you have some abilities by understanding all the emperor laws from the Beastmaster Citadel along with other emperor laws from other sects. What’s even more extraordinary is that you have the supreme Immortal Fate! Perhaps no one in the entire Stone Medicine World could compare to you based on aptitude alone.”

“From the Beastmaster Citadel…” The old turtle paled and hid in his shell after hearing this.

“Immortal Fate, that, that is impossible.” Even the basilisk was frightened. He jumped and exclaimed: “How could that be? The Immortal Fate exists in this world?”

Anyone who was a cultivator knew that the Saint Fate was the limit for fate palaces. No one was born with an Immortal Fate.

“In principle, it is impossible for someone to have an Immortal Fate.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, there are times where the old villainous heavens would fall asleep and let some things slip. During his inattentiveness, an Immortal Fate could emerge in this world.”

Li Qiye slowly looked at Long Jingxian at this point before continuing: “However, an innate Immortal Fate is not necessarily a good thing. If the old villainous heavens made this mistake, then he would definitely not let this person live for very long.”

“Why is that?” The basilisk interjected with a question due to his curiosity.

Li Qiye smilingly answered: “The reason is very simple. It is because an Immortal Fate is something that shouldn’t exist. Anyone who has an Immortal Fate would have supreme talents, supreme speed, and supreme intelligence. Because of this, they would be able to steal any merit law after a single glance. However, if they want to be a lucky survivor, then they need to have powerful blood energy along with a strong inner physique…

“In other words, an innate Immortal Fate user needs to have an Immortal Wheel and an Immortal Physique as well. Otherwise, their body wouldn’t be able to support their palace. At the moment of birth, they would instantly die young.”

“But she is still alive.” The basilisk glanced at Long Jingxian and commented.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Outside of it being a miracle, her survival is also due to her great luck of being born in the Beastmaster Citadel.”

At this point, Li Qiye shifted his eyes towards Long Jingxian: “Your Beastmaster Citadel must have spent everything. Without an Alchemy Emperor, you wouldn’t have survived until now.”

“How do you know this? Did you spy on my Beastmaster Citadel?” Long Jingxian was startled and glared at Li Qiye.

Fewer than few people in this world knew about her Immortal Fate, including the inhabitants of her citadel. Although she was the citadel’s golden daughter, her existence wasn’t well-known in the Stone Medicine World.

Just as Li Qiye had said, her Immortal Fate was a miracle even for the citadel since this was something predestined for death.

The citadel utilized countless treasures to keep her alive. They even used Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood and bought all the immortal medicines that were available in the Stone Medicine World!

Ultimately, due to their utmost effort and paying a great price to invite the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor, they were able to save Long Jingxian’s life with the help of many ancestors.

Their success in this regard was nothing short of an extraordinary miracle. This was contending for fate against the high heavens!

If Long Jingxian didn’t came from the citadel and if the citadel didn’t try its best, there would be no way for her to have survived.

The citadel believed that this was worth it. After surviving with an Immortal Fate, Long Jingxian was able to learn any merit law after seeing it once, including emperor’s laws from the other lineages. Although she couldn’t steal the core essence of these imperial laws quickly, she could grasp sixty percent of their profundities. This was her most remarkable trait.

As Li Qiye said before, no one could match her in the entire Stone Medicine World regarding talent!

Li Qiye smiled and replied to her allegation: “It is no big deal, why would I need to spy on your citadel? I can just calculate it with my fingers.”

“Please, Master Li, no need to act all mysterious in front of me.” Long Jingxian angrily glared at him: “If you already know I have an Immortal Fate, you should also know that very few things can elude my eyes.”

Li Qiye laughed and shook his head after seeing her confidence: “Little girl, these words are too presuming. Talents aren’t everything on the long path towards the dao. For ages now, there had been many brilliant geniuses. Even you might not be able to surpass your citadel’s Immortal Emperors in the future despite having an Immortal Fate.”

“To reach invincibility is not reliant on talents, but rather the dao heart. Talent-wise, Empress Hong Tian was far weaker than the other geniuses during that generation, but what was the outcome? She eventually suppressed everyone. Those geniuses only became corpses that paved her path towards Immortal Emperor.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head and went on: “Little girl, your Immortal Fate is indeed extraordinary, but in my eyes, it is nothing more than a lucky innate disposition. If you don’t keep trying, you will only become a useless person and waste your extraordinary Immortal Fate!”

“Hmph, no need to lecture me.” Long Jingxian snapped: “Who says I want to become invincible? I don’t need to become an Immortal Emperor to have an interesting life. I will do whatever I want!”

“These words make some sense.” Li Qiye smiled: “Well, it’s not my business. I am not from your citadel, so there is no need for me to worry.”



  1. This whole exchange makes less sense in English. Jian Wushuang called her a little hot pepper first, meaning feisty and bad temper so Long Jingxian called her a fake phoenix/pretending to be one as a retort. Phoenix in this sense is pretending to be noble/arrogant. 
  2. This is a localization. The raw is Qiye-ge. World of cultivation readers would know ge means big bro. In this particular usage, it is something a girl would call a close male friend/family member. In this case, she is trying to sound as if she was close to him without this being the case. Darling fits the context quite well with the next couple of lines; big brother Qiye doesn’t capture the tone quite as well.