Chapter 835: Treasure From The Rock

“Open.” A universal law in the form of a key flew out from Li Qiye’s sea of memories. It instantly disappeared the moment it touched the portal on the stone tablet.

“Buzz.” The portal opened, allowing a brilliance to shine on the grounds as if a treasure was about to appear.

“This is the treasury?” Tie Lan couldn’t believe her own eyes because she assumed that their Tie Clan truly had nothing precious left, let alone a treasure trove.

Everyone at this time finally saw the two items floating inside the light. One of them looked like a rod, but wasn’t. It was made from an unknown material and had an indescribable divine light coursing through it. The other item was a box. This box was quite large and had an archaic style as if it had been passed down from a distant era.

Li Qiye took out the two items. He didn’t look twice at the old box, but he carefully stroked the rod-like item while nodding his head and murmuring: “Good, good, there is no problem after all.”

“What is this indiscernible item? It is neither a weapon nor a treasure.” Long Jingxian had an Immortal Fate so very few things could fool her eyes. However, she still couldn’t see through this rod-like item.

“If you could see through it, then I wouldn’t have needed to spend so much time.” Li Qiye chuckled and signaled with his finger at Tie Lan: “Come here.”

Tie Lan slowly walked over in front of Li Qiye. He handed her the old box and insipidly said: “This is the item left behind by your clan’s ancestor. Treat it well. If you want to revive the clan, then use the things inside!”

Tie Lan was startled after hearing this. She held the box while standing there looking silly.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else. He pointed with his finger and different waves of laws appeared. These laws came together to form a book. Next, his finger touched Tie Lan’s forehead to engraved this book in her mind.

“I have refined the Corpse God one more time. From now on, he will be your dao protector.” Li Qiye commanded: “Starting tomorrow, you will leave the Tie Clan, and the corpse will take you to a different place. If you wish to revive the clan, then cultivate at that place! Once you have some achievements in the future, you can come back.”

Tie Lan was stunned on the spot and couldn’t calm down. Such a thing was too sudden for her.

The old turtle was very envious of Li Qiye’s treatment towards Tie Lan. This was indeed an extraordinary fortune.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else after his comment. Back then, he left an item at the Tie Clan while the goddess also stored her treasures in the same place. She hoped that if Li Qiye ever came back for that item and if her clan had fallen, then he would be able to help it once.

The stubborn and unsocial Tie Lan didn’t ask Li Qiye for help, and Li Qiye didn’t bother teaching her either. However, because of the goddess, he left the Corpse God behind. This was more than considerate enough for Tie Lan.

“We will leave tomorrow.” Li Qiye told the group.

Long Jingxian was the most excited upon hearing this. She clapped and said: “Yes! I’m so bored of this place; this is long overdue.”

“Haha, where does Boss want to go? I will go with you to see the world.” The four-eyed basilisk echoed the sentiment.

Li Qiye glanced at him: “You’re sneaking out of your tribe?”

“Boss, no, no.” The basilisk flatly denied. He patted his chest with a bullish appearance and said: “This handsome one is the basilisk tribe’s master. The tribe is under my command, so why do I need to sneak outside?”

“Really now?” Jian Wushuang sneered: “I heard your sister, the Venerable Basilisk, is the current master of the tribe.”

“Umm…” The basilisk coughed as his four eyes rolled around and said: “My sister is not in the tribe. Without her, I am in charge.”

Li Qiye ignored the boasting basilisk and asked the old turtle: “Are you going back to Quicksand River, or are you coming with me?”

The old turtle hesitated for a moment. He rarely left his river. In his opinion, hiding in the river was the safest choice. He had been gone for so long, so he really wanted to go back. However, somewhere in his heart was a desire to go out and see the world, especially with Li Qiye. He knew there were great benefits in this. Even though Li Qiye hadn’t yet taught him any merit laws, just a simple instruction or pointer would be more than enough.

“This lowly one is willing to go see the world with great immortal.” After a moment of hesitation, the old turtle finally made his decision.

“Very well, prepare for the departure tomorrow.” Li Qiye gently nodded after hearing the turtle’s answer.

The jubilant Long Jingxian excitedly asked: “Where are we going? It is best to go somewhere dangerous to play around.”

Li Qiye smiled: “You will find out then. It is definitely a fun place.”


Two people were sitting on a towering peak with pine trees as majestic as dragons and lofty waterfalls inhabited by rare birds and happy auspicious beast among the quiet scenery.

Both of them were young. Their radiance caused the world to lose its colors and also overshadowed the celestials. All things became insignificant under their supreme grace.

They were two famous geniuses of this world, and all eyes were on them. Their momentum while just sitting there was enough to shake the entire world.

The Golden Crow Prince and Ye Qingcheng met on this beautiful landmark and happily raised their cups in laughter.

The prince’s body was glittering with a golden glow as if there was a sun rising within him. No one could look straight at him. His hair was blonde and exuded radiant rays as if cast from gold. He had a pair of sharp eyes that could lock onto any prey without fail. There was a proud temperament like a sun god, giving off the sensation that he was the master of all.

Ye Qingcheng was also unfathomable. He emitted a divine ray. It seemed that wherever he went, the sages and deities were there to bless him. Even in his moment of tranquility, myriad realms would still change. He would forever be the focus of all gazes due to his impressive nature. He was the embodiment of balance. Others would feel that each of his actions were one with the heaven and earth as he resonated with the dao.

He had a pair of spirited and wise eyes as if he could see through all things; nothing could elude his gaze.

The prince poured fine wine into Ye Qingcheng’s goblet and smilingly said: “Brother Ye came to celebrate with me right after my reclusive cultivation session. I appreciate this gesture very much.”

When Ye Qingcheng smiled back, it seemed that a new spring was coming. A transcendent and carefree aura was encompassed in his response: “Brother, when you put it that way, you make it sound like I am an outsider. I came to the Beast Realm this time to see you. It seems that your cultivation has allowed you to overcome the lackings of Immortal Emperor Jin She’s law as well as your Golden Crow Tribe’s defining art. This is a brilliant achievement no different than embarking on a new supreme grand dao.”

“I am very happy for your incomparable achievements among the younger generation.” Ye Qingcheng raised his goblet and smiled: “Here, to you.”

“In terms of achievements, I can’t compare to Brother Ye.” The prince laughed and drank it all in one gulp.

The two looked at each other and happily laughed freely. The two of them were peerless geniuses in this generation, so many people would be very envious of their relationship.

“To be honest, I am very envious of you.” Ye Qingcheng spoke: “You are not only famous in this world with complete support from your sect, you also have the support of a genius like Fairy Miao Chan. This is the perfect combination.”

The prince’s expression froze a bit after hearing this, but he still laughed in response: “Brother Ye, please don’t tease me. Who could compare to you right now? Your camp has so many talents.”

The prince always felt uncomfortable whenever Miao Chan was brought up. He himself didn’t want to talk about her. Outsiders knew him as the number one in the ravine. Just think about it, how illustrious was it to be the main descendant of a lineage with two emperors? He garnered a lot of attention and envy.

However, the truth was that the real genius of the ravine was not him, Miao Chan was the true talent!

They were childhood sweethearts and got along very well. When he was younger, he respected her as a senior sister. However, their current situation was very strange. Although Miao Chan showed complete support for him, he had always felt conflicted about this.

He knew better than anyone else that his fame of being number one was just in name. Although Miao Chan was happy to hide behind the curtains, he actually didn’t want to compete with her for the top position. To sum it up, this had always been an annoyance in his mind.

Furthermore, back at the main descendant selection, Miao Chan made a sacrifice. Although his Golden Crow Tribe had a pivotal position in the ravine and could be said to have the power to control the sect, Miao Chan’s influence back then was simply incredible. Outside of the ancestors from his tribe, all the other elders valued Miao Chan. She was both powerful and smart, impeccable in all features and completely eclipsed the prince.

In the end, she conceded to him so he easily became the main descendant. From then on, he always had an unspeakable feeling as if he owed her.

This was especially true in the minds of the elders. Although Miao Chan never stated that she wanted to marry the prince, all the elders knew what was on her mind.

The issue arose from this. If the prince didn’t marry her after such a big sacrifice, it would seem as if he had wronged her. This matter made the prince very uncomfortable even though he knew that Miao Chan had done many things for him, such as watching over the ravine and strategizing for him.

Thus, he really didn’t want to talk about Miao Chan and even purposely avoided her.