Chapter 837: Legend Of The Dark Hand Behind The Curtain

As for the old turtle, even though he had lived for a very long time, he spent the majority of his time hiding at the base of Quicksand River, so he was unaware of many rumors. He curiously asked after seeing the scared basilisk: “Is the legendary dark hand behind the curtains that powerful? How is the person compared to an Immortal Emperor?”

“Difficult to say.” The always arrogant Jian Wushuang turned serious when they mentioned the legendary taboo existence: “This dark hand behind the curtains has been a mystery for millions of years. Some say that it is a person while others claim that it is a demon. Maybe it’s neither! No one in this world knows just how powerful this existence is.”

“Hmph, I don’t believe that he is really that strong.” Long Jingxian snorted in defiance.

Jian Wushuang glanced at her and sneered: “If he isn’t powerful, then would your Beastmaster Citadel hide for so long after the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm? To be frank, isn’t this because of fear?”

“Oh? You are speaking as if your Jian Clan isn’t afraid of this dark hand either. If your clan is so mighty, why don’t you go challenge this existence then?” Long Jingxian immediately countered.

Jian Wushuang coldly responded: “What do we have to be afraid of? The destructive war in the past had nothing to do with our clan. Even if this dark hand is still alive, we have no feud with him.”

“Please, all of this talk can be boiled down to your clan being afraid of him, afraid that he will start killing in the Stone Medicine World again just like in the past.” Long Jingxian snorted.

The two of them always started fighting when they were together.

“The truth is that this dark hand behind the curtains didn’t only massacre the Stone Medicine World once. Rumor has it that it happened at least twice. Outside of the Divine Beast Realm, I heard that he once massacred the entire Alchemy Realm, and it even spread to the Beast and Stone Realms. I think the massacre that time had something to do with a dark race.” The basilisk couldn’t keep himself from contributing. 1

“Is this dark hand really that amazing? Massacring the Stone Medicine World twice, how come the Alchemy Kingdom didn’t do anything about it?” The old turtle was confused.

In his eyes, imperial lineages were the highest existences. A sect with three emperors like the Alchemy Kingdom was something he could only forever look up to. In his mind, nothing was stronger than the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan.

“Hah, the Alchemy Kingdom? It couldn’t.” Although the basilisk was very wary of this taboo legend, it was too tempting to talk about. For millions of years now, everyone wanted to know the truth. He couldn’t help but add: “Let alone show their faces, the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan couldn’t tuck their tails between their legs fast enough. Legends tell that they lost all their nerves from the killing back then.”

“I know a little about this.” Long Jingxian immediately added: “It is said that after the beast realm was destroyed, the people from the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan that participated in this war immediately surrendered. From then on, they lived in reclusion and stopped competing with the world.”

“Including your Beastmaster Citadel.” Jian Wushuang coldly stated.

Long Jingxian became upset and leered at Jian Wushuang for a bit before speaking: “Hmph, our Beastmaster Citadel was only joining for fun and got caught up in the storm. Your Jian Clan didn’t even have the chance to fight and is still hiding from the world to this day.”

“Okay, can the two of you talk less? Making such a big deal out of nothing, don’t you feel tired?” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled at their argument. He was the only one that could stop these two. Meanwhile, they gave a dirty look then ignored each other.

The old turtle was still very interested in this story and had to ask: “Has great immortal heard about the story of this dark hand?”

“Well, I have heard a little about it. It was a while ago though, so I don’t remember. Perhaps the dark hand is no longer in this world anymore.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

Long Jingxian cheerfully added: “That’s right. The dark hand in the legends has disappeared for a very long time. He is probably dead already. How could anyone live for so long outside of being a super monster?”

“Shhh…” The basilisk startlingly jumped again while completely blanching: “Little ancestor, you cannot say such things or a disaster will come.”

“No need to put it that way. The dark hand behind the curtains won’t kill people for no reason.” Li Qiye grinned.

“Yep.” Long Jingxian smiled: “Regardless of whether he is alive or not, even if he is, he wouldn’t start killing just because of a discussion from some juniors.”

Jian Wushuang actually agreed with Long Jingxian for once and quietly said: “There are rumors about how this dark hand once fought against a foreign invasion and expelled this foreign race from the nine worlds, saving it completely.”

“So this dark hand is the protector of the nine worlds.” The old turtle mused.

Long Jianxian continued: “Not necessarily. Who knows what kind of existence this dark hand is? Is it a human or ghost, male or female? It could just be an old pervert. His actions could have merely been on a whim as well. When he feels like it, he would protect others. When he is annoyed, he would start a massacre.”

“My grandma, if these words spread, you will be in big trouble.” The basilisk’s neck shrunk a little from fear.

“Bah, I’m not afraid of this dark hand behind the curtains or whatever. This lady isn’t afraid of the heaven or earth.” Long Jingxian proudly declared.

The old turtle was still curious and wanted to ask more questions. However, the basilisk’s foot came kicking, causing him to fly away: “Keep talking and I’ll make a soup out of you.”

The basilisk couldn’t do anything to Long Jingxian, but taking care of the old turtle was no problem. This made the turtle quickly shrink back into his shell.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was only standing there, smiling. It was always interesting to hear others talk about himself. For millions of years now, countless people had talked about him. The majority of these people would never dare to talk about him in public.

Thus, it was fun for him to hear the group’s discussion. Some called him a forbidden existence, some called him the dark hand, and some even called him the imperial teacher…

“Well, we can’t just stand here. Come inside, we have a long way to go still.” Li Qiye cheerfully changed the subject.

“Let’s go!” The most excited was Long Jingxian. She was the first to rush into the ruins.

Li Qiye led them inside. The bloody carnage of that year was still fresh as if it had been spilled only yesterday, making him feel a bit melancholic.

How many people could imagine how cruel and grand the battle was back then just by looking at the current ruins?

The Divine Beast Realm had an unbelievable origin. Although they called themselves the dwelling of divine beasts, they were not true divine beasts. However, their bloodlines proved that they were indeed the descendants of these beasts.

In that era, they were considered the most powerful lineage of the demon race and dominated the Stone Medicine World for a long time.

In later generations, some people considered this sect to have four emperors, but this was not the case. It had three Immortal Emperors as well as four Alchemy Emperors.

The last descendant of the realm was recognized by the Heaven’s Will and became one of the most powerful Emperor Candidates in his time. However, he still lost to Empress Hong Tian and couldn’t become an emperor.

Even the Alchemy Kingdom back then was wary of the beast realm due to their powerful bloodline. Without that battle, perhaps the beast realm would still be ruling the Stone Medicine World today.

The beast realm wasn’t convinced back when their descendant lost to the empress. They encouraged all the sects in the Stone Medicine World to ambush the empress who had yet to ascend.

All the most powerful lineages in this world were involved in this terrible ambush, including the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel as well as other imperial sects.

Before the attack, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor strongly opposed the kingdom’s participation. Alas, there were many powerful ancestors in the kingdom back then, so his opinion was dismissed.

This ambush enraged Li Qiye who was still the dark crow. In his wrath, he sent his army of millions to enter the Stone Medicine World. The empress took the vanguard to attack the Divine Beast Realm.

The entire Stone Medicine World was full of howls during that battle as the land was drowned by darkness and a downpour of blood!

Li Qiye’s invincible cavalry swept through the Stone Medicine World’s alliance and laid siege to the beast realm. Eventually, this realm that flew in the sky was forcefully dragged to the earth by the empress and completely collapsed.

Right afterward, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor brought the elders of the kingdom to surrender. Under the emperor’s pleas, Li Qiye forgave the kingdom due to their past friendship.

These great powers made a blood oath to Li Qiye to never show themselves in the world again. Later on, Empress Hong Tian formally ascended and laid her suppressions on these powers’ ancestral lands. From then on, these behemoths laid low in reclusion.


  1. Ming means dark.