Chapter 846: Origin Of The Divine Beast Realm

“The true blood of divine beasts?” Long Jingxian was caught off guard: “I have used a drop of true blood before. I heard that my forefather, Immortal Emperor Yu Shou, only left one drop behind!” 1

“You are very lucky that he left behind something so great for your citadel. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be alive right now.” Li Qiye gently nodded.

Someone with an Immortal Fate shouldn’t have been able to live. Luckily, the Beastmaster Citadel had a frightening treasury; they used a drop of true blood, something that was unimaginable to others, in order to save Long Jingxian.

Li Qiye said: “The ancestors of the beast realm refined all of these bones with residual divinity and true blood. They even mixed the true blood into their own longevity blood. This was why they announced to the world that they had the bloodline of divine beasts. Their future descendants also inherited this divine bloodline. Without a doubt, these ancestors were amazing as they were able to change their offspring’s bloodline!”

Jian Wushuang asked: “The Divine Beast Realm was built on top of the space that their ancestors found?”

Li Qiye nodded gently: “Yes, they established their sect and ancestral ground here. Moreover, they buried the corpses from these divine beasts and worshiped them as their ancestors. Because of this, this location was later called the ancestral tomb.”

“Bah, just a bunch of pretenders.” Long Jingxian spoke with disdain: “What is this about ancestors? They just want to raise their own value. Do they really think that they are the descendants of divine beasts just because they came across a bunch of corpses?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Of course they would do such things, they want to advertise their pure bloodline. Otherwise, how could the demons like the Basilisk Tribe that actually has the real bloodline of a true dragon join them? Because of their prestige back then, many powerful demon races joined them.”

“Now what?” Long Jingxian’s gaze shifted towards the huge tombs before them: “Are we about to unearth all the divine bones here?”

“Don’t be so rude!” Li Qiye pinched her nose and said: “We are not here to rob the graves, we’re here to refine them.”

“You want to use these bones to deal with Ye Qingcheng and the Divine Valley?” Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but glance at him after hearing this.

Everyone in the entire Stone Medicine World knew about how Li Qiye used a phoenix’s corpse to slay God-Monarchs. This was something that shocked the entire world.

“Stop, Jian Wushuang, your words speak too highly of our enemies, they’ll only lower our morale.” Long Jingxian looked at her with one eye and proudly stated: “Who the hell is Ye Qingcheng? Why the need to go through so much trouble? Hmph, just leave Ye Qingcheng to me; I’ll beat him until his own parents won’t recognize him anymore!”

“Ye Qingcheng doesn’t have parents.” Jian Wushuang also looked back at her with disdain and said: “He came from a stone.”

Long Jingxian loftily retorted: “Hmph! Doesn’t matter, I meant what I said.”

Li Qiye smiled helplessly to their argument and said: “The little girl is right about that, Ye Qingcheng cannot force me to do this. Since the beastworld is about to emerge, there will be lineages coming blinded by greed. At that time, without slaughtering a group of God-Monarchs and Godkings, they will start thinking that I’m easily bullied.”

Jian Wushuang immediately understood that he wasn’t aiming for Ye Qingcheng but the behemoths behind the scenes.

Slaughtering God-Monarchs and Godkings was an impossible matter for the younger generation. However, Jian Wushuang knew every well that if blind Godkings came to this event, then a lot of their blood would stain the earth as their fates would be sealed.

Li Qiye told the two: “Okay, just stand to the side and watch. I’m going to begin.”

“Hey, Smelly Qiye, let me have a few divine corpses. Haha, it would be best if it is a complete corpse.” Long Jingxian had a great idea and quickly latched onto Li Qiye.

“What’s fun about that? This isn’t something to joke about.” Li Qiye angrily pinched her nose.

“Nevermind then, what a miser.” Long Jingxian pulled on his arm again and acted like a spoiled child: “It’s just a few corpses, you even gave the Corpse God to Tie Lan who didn’t like you at all! Why won’t you give me a few divine corpses for fun? Just think about it, how majestic would it be to ride a golden dragon?”

“These corpses are different from the Corpse God.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “Although the Corpse God is dead as well, it had been incubated by the Tombskull Sect for millions of years. Plus, after the purification from the Exorcism Formation, it is now full of endless holy power.”

“Thus, even though it is already dead, it now carries on as another form of life.” He paused for a bit to look at her here: “However, the corpses here have no sliver of divinity left. They are mere bones and skeletons. If I want to make them useful, I will have to connect to the primal source with my own to give them strength. You haven’t cultivated this law so it is harder than reaching the heavens for you to control them.”

“That doesn’t mean it is impossible!” Long Jingxian pulled his arm: “If you can imprint a law into Tie Lan’s mind, then that means you can split the control of the undead. Haha, I am so powerful that my blood energy is as vast as a sea. As long as you hand over control and then imprint it to me, I can definitely control them.”

Li Qiye glanced at her in response: “If you want to control these undead, then you will have to expend a huge amount of blood energy. Moreover, you haven’t trained in my merit law. Even if you have full control, you wouldn’t be able to exert their true power so the resulting strength of these creatures might not even be stronger than you.”

“So what? As long as it is fun, it’s alright.” Long Jingxian didn’t care at all and smiled coquettishly: “Plus, I have to cultivate from the beginning by completely destroying my dao foundation anyway. My vast blood energy is just sitting there doing nothing, and on top of that, I have quite a few medicines that can always replenish my energy.”

Li Qiye was at a loss when it came to this girl. She didn’t care for anything; as long as it was fun, she wouldn’t even mind restarting her cultivation. She kept on bugging him: “Husband, my nice husband, please say yes just once. Give me a golden dragon or a phoenix.”

Jian Wushuang glared at her and presumptuously stated: “So shameless!”

Long Jingxian looked back at her and retorted: “Don’t be jealous. How sad that you don’t even have the chance to act spoiled.”

Jian Wushuang snorted and ignored this crazy girl by turning away. Meanwhile, Long Jingxian grew even more intimate as she went closer to Li Qiye while smirking at Jian Wushuang in a triumphant manner: “Good husband, please say yes.”

“Fine, I’ll try.” Li Qiye couldn’t do anything with this crazy girl latching onto him; he eventually had to agree.

“Yes, this is my good husband.” She made a victory pose and then stared gloatingly at Jian Wushuang to get a reaction out of her.


“Rumble!” The eagerly awaited Bi’an Beastworld finally emerged before the crowd. The entire Stone Medicine World was shaking during the appearance.

The divine light in the ruins turned even more radiant as if there was a door opening in the sky.

After a series of thunderous detonations, the beastworld finally appeared. There was a magnificent scene in the sky with majestic hills and gigantic peaks floating in the air. In the far distance were ancient pavilions tightly packed together alongside many temples and mysterious cities…

This scene in the sky seemed like a mirage yet it was so incredibly tangible. It was as if a huge star in the sky was entering the firmament of the Stone Medicine World and they were about to converge together.

“The Bi’an Beastworld!” An ancestor became overwhelmed with emotion by this scene in the sky. He murmured: “I haven’t seen this scene since the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm. I didn’t think I would live to see it again!”

Everyone in the entire world saw this majestic scene and knew what has happened… The Bi’an Beastworld has arrived!

In just a moment, the entire world was sent in an uproar. Although news about its emergence had come several days prior, many remained skeptical due to its absence since the destruction of the beast realm. It was difficult to convince people otherwise.

However, the magnificent scene in the sky witnessed by all the cultivators made them restless. The world suddenly became crazy as people searched for the entrance.

The prescient crowd that was already at the ruins were at a great advantage. As others were making their way here, the ones present were busy trying to find the actual entrance.

“Hurry, we have to find it before the agreement takes effect. Otherwise, we won’t have a chance to enter.” A sect master shouted at his one thousand disciples.

Numerous cultivators crazily searched for the entrance. Some even dug deep into the ground while others searched every single crevice in this land.


  1. Yu Shou = Beastmaster.