Chapter 849: Challenge

He had seen countless beauties from the southern region and even all of the Beast Realm. Countless princesses and saintesses wished to marry him in hopes to become the mistress of the ravine.

At the same time, Miao Chan, who was loyal to him, was also a great beauty. Although she was not as pretty as Long Jingxian, she was still kingdom-toppling.

However, he neither responded nor gave his time to the girls, including his senior sister who had worked hard for him. He would rather like Jian Wushuang who didn’t care for him at all!

Despite her lack of reciprocation, his crush stayed strong. He even rushed into the Jian Clan just to see Jian Wushuang again but was captured by an ancestor. Eventually, the ravine had to step in to bring him back.

“Wushuang, so you are here as well.” The prince seemed to have forgotten about everything around him and smiled after seeing her: “You and I can enter the beastworld together. Perhaps we can even obtain the biggest fortune inside Bi’an City.”

Jian Wushuang responded to this one-sided love with a glare. She was very annoyed with the prince’s stalkerish behavior.

“Oh? Isn’t this the little fire bird from the Heavenhoof Ravine? I heard that after becoming the main descendant, you immediately went everywhere to look for girls.” Long Jingxian smiled after asserting herself. Her playful smile was so peerless that it could cause people to be drowned in ecstasy.

The prince withdrew his sight from Jian Wushuang and pretended to not hear Long Jingxian. He looked over at Li Qiye and spoke: “So you are Li Qiye!”

The prince didn’t try to hide his hostility and jealousy at all. His hatred for Li Qiye not only stemmed from the dead disciples from the ravine since he also considered Li Qiye to be his rival in love.

Jian Wushuang had always been a loner and never gave anyone the time of day. The prince considered this as her defining characteristics — to be arrogant and aggressive against everyone and anyone. Because of this, he still thought that he had a good chance to win her over.

But now, this Li Qiye came out of nowhere and Jian Wushuang was going along with him. How could the prince not be driven mad with jealousy?

“So what if I am?” Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and immediately understood the situation; there was no need for further observation. His eyes fell upon the formation of the array school that blocked the entrance of the beastworld.

“I want to challenge you to a life and death duel!” The prince turned livid after this show of disrespect. His eyes displayed his fiery anger as well as his murderous intent.

While Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him again, the prince approached step by step. The extremely refined flames were blazing, causing the ground to be burnt to a crisp. Such tyrannical flames made everyone retreat from the prince. No one wanted to be caught in the crossfire!

“Li Qiye, do you dare to accept my challenge or not!” The prince coldly uttered: “No external forces, no imperial weapons, just our bare hands! Yes or no?!”

After hearing this, the experts nearby felt that the prince must be extremely confident of his sheer physical strength. However, this was not strange at all because the mightiness of the Golden Crow Tribe was well documented in the Stone Medicine World. Moreover, they could move at alarming speeds as well.

Li Qiye took his time to look over at the prince before flatly responding: “To be frank, without an imperial weapon, someone of your level is simply trivial, so I’m too lazy to accept!”

“You!” The prince had always considered himself to be superior to others. This was his pride, and among the younger generation, the only one he respected was Ye Qingcheng. He couldn’t handle this disdain coming from Li Qiye!

The prince took a deep breath to calm his rage and then glared at Li Qiye while uttering: “Li Qiye, do not boast here. I know you have some incredible methods, but do you dare to fight with your own strength? Just you and me with our bare hands. Victory will be decided by our real capabilities! If you beat me, your feud with the ravine will be over. If you lose, I will have your head!”

In fact, the prince looked down on Li Qiye. Although Li Qiye’s battle with the Alchemy Kingdom won him great fame, the prince thought that Li Qiye had only been using an evil art to control the undead! This was an incorrect and dishonorable path! In his opinion, Li Qiye’s own cultivation was not worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, the crowd was secretly ecstatic to see the prince wanting to fight Li Qiye. He was on Ye Qingcheng’s side, so if a battle broke out, maybe they could take advantage of the chaos and enter the beastworld.

“Real capabilities?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “Since you are feeling so bullish, I’ll say something even more pretentious albeit true — your level is not worthy for me to use my own abilities!”

With that, he gently waved his sleeve and ordered: “Take care of him for me.”

“Okay!” Long Jingxian became excited and eagerly shouted: “Let me go take care of him!”

“No, Wushuang will do it.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the prince as he spoke: “The Golden Crow Tribe is renowned for its speed, so let this be a test for Jian Wushuang’s agility in battle.”

Although Long Jingxian wasn’t happy about this, she only quietly muttered: “Fine, so stingy. Oh well, there’s no glory in beating a chicken anyway.”

“Li Qiye!” The enraged prince shouted: “Don’t be a coward and hide behind women!”

However, Li Qiye ignored him. Jian Wushuang stepped out and took out her Nine Words True Bow. She glared at the prince and declared: “Come, show me the speed of your Golden Crow Tribe!”

She had grown tired of the prince early on due to his clingy nature and had wanted to take him out long ago. If it wasn’t for the Jian Clan not wanting to make enemies out of the ravine, she would have aimed to kill him back when he caused trouble at the Jian Clan!

The prince turned red at this moment. He was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, stepped into the ancient city created by the Celestial Array School. He glanced over at the young king and said: “Remove this formation, your Celestial Array School is not qualified to be involved in the Bi’an Beastworld!”

This made the young king and the elders from the sect glance at each other. They were an imperial lineage, but now a junior like Li Qiye was looking down on them as if they were nothing. How could they not become angry?

“And you think you are qualified?!” The young king retorted with a snort.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “You are right about that. I am the only person qualified to deal with the beastworld! The appearance of the entrance depends on my mood!”

“Such a big tone!” A Celestial Array elder sneered: “I don’t think you are capable enough to monopolize the beastworld! It belongs to everyone in the world!”

The young king coldly added: “That’s right, it belongs to everyone in the world, and it is not up to you to decide who has admission! It is up to the Bi’an Agreement!”

“The Bi’an Agreement?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smirk after hearing this. He knew the agreement better than anyone else!

“My Second Brother wants to work with the sects in the world to reinstate the agreement!” The young king smiled proudly before continuing: “After reconsidering the clauses in the agreement, those who are eligible to enter will be up to the agreement. As for your part, Li Qiye, we’ll see if the sects will allow you to.”

No matter the occasion, the young king always considered his sworn brother, Ye Qingcheng, to be his pride. He believed that Ye Qingcheng would definitely become an Immortal Emperor in the future. What a glorious thing it would be to be sworn brothers with an emperor!

Many sect masters here snorted at this response. Their sects had no intentions of doing so. This agreement was only a little plaything in Ye Qingcheng’s hands.

“This agreement, in my eyes, is no different from dog shit.” Li Qiye was too lazy to argue and ended the conversation by saying: “If you do not remove the formation, then I will annihilate you down to your roots.”

“With you alone?” The young king sneered and confidently proclaimed: “Although your ferocity is well known, don’t even dream about breaking my school’s formation!”

Even those who were unhappy with the school had to admit that the young king’s arrogant words were right. The school’s formations were number one in the contemporary, and no other sect in the Stone Medicine World could compare with them in this regard.

Moreover, this grand formation ahead was laid out by the young king and other formation masters of the school. Even a paragon would have trouble breaking it with brute strength.

Li Qiye glanced over the formation for a moment before smiling: “This formation’s level is too low, it’s not worthy of me personally taking action.”

Such arrogance left the young king and the experts from the school trembling with rage. The formation they erected was the culmination of their great efforts.

Many people here were also astounded; they felt that there were no bounds to Li Qiye’s madness. Although they knew that Li Qiye was unbelievably ferocious, no one in this world could exceed the school with regards to formations!

“Good, Li Qiye, nothing could be better than seeing you so confident.” The young king chuckled: “If you can break this formation, then you are free to enter the beastworld. If you can’t, then you will die inside and can only blame your own lack of skills!”