Chapter 852: Imperial Edge

Mei Aonan’s presence rendered the entire scene silent with many experts quivering inside. A tree has a shade and a person has a name; today, Mei Aonan’s prestige was definitely as great as Ye Qingcheng’s.

Despite originating from the Jianlong Clan, she did not rely on the clan one bit to gain her fame. Outside of being its golden daughter, there was no shadow of the clan in all her other aspects.

She chose to pave her own path without using her clan that had three emperors. Moreover, her prestige was even threatening Ye Qingcheng. Just how incredible was this?

The young king and elders from the school were furious after hearing this voice that came from the Imperial Edge. They were still an imperial lineage, yet she dared to declare her intent on destroying them — this was truly looking down on them.

The young king coldly uttered: “Mei Aonan, don’t think that you can do as you please just because you are famous. You are still lacking compared to my second brother.”

“Ye Qingcheng is nothing. Don’t think that just because he holds the title of number one that he is actually number one. This young noble doesn’t put him in my eyes!” Mei Aonan’s domineering character was in stern contrast to what others heard of her from the Imperial Edge: “If your Celestial Array School wants to get involved because of Ye Qingcheng, then very well, this young noble will kill you all to force him out. Kill them all!”

The moment she issued this command, one great character after another jumped down from the flying continent. The blood energy of these experts was directed straight at the ruins like unstoppable tides; it was as if they were about to flip the entire land over.

The first to jump down was the four-eyed basilisk’s big sister, Venerable Basilisk.

A sect master from the previous generation exclaimed after seeing her: “Venerable Basilisk…”

She was famous along with the Dragon-Tiger Monarch from the Beastmaster Citadel. Everyone knew who she was.

The second to jump down was a gigantic ant that had a scintillating golden glow, making it seem to be cast from gold. Its eyes were crimson red like rubies.

“Golden Ant Tyrant!” A Demon King was shocked to see this ant. This was a character famous for his viciousness from long ago. He ruled over a country with millions of ants and had become a Demon King back then.

The third was a black flood dragon. This flood dragon had the head of a dragon and was covered in black scaled armor that had a tinge of metallic sheen, making it seem as if it was about to evolve into a true dragon.

“Galaxy Flood Dragon!” Even a great power’s ancestor hiding behind the curtains was alarmed after seeing this creature.

In just a moment, amazing characters descended one after another. They were all famous; there were great demon kings and stone kings as well as incredible lords…

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing this. The group consisted of incomparable and arrogant characters. However, all of them were willing to work under Mei Aonan. This was indicative of her power.

“Such a squad could compare to the thirty-six ancestors on Ye Qingcheng’s side. Even if it is a bit weaker, it won’t be by much.” Someone murmured.

“Haha, Ye Qingcheng’s dogs, right? I have never liked any of you, die!” The Golden Ant Tyrant screamed and rushed over towards the school like a spinning golden disk.

Venerable Basilisk and the Galaxy Flood Dragon, along with the other characters, rushed forward like a pack of wolves preying on lost sheep.

“Die!” The young king and the other experts had no escape. Their formation had been shattered by Long Jingxian, so they could only meet the enemies head on.

“Ah…” The collision of the two sides resulted in miserable screams as blood spurted to the sky, rendering an image of beautiful, blossoming flowers of blood. Heads flew everywhere as corpses fell to the ground. The school was no match for Venerable Basilisk’s group. They entered freely and began their slaughter.

The venerable’s eyes lit up in the middle of the battlefield. As her eyes swept by, experts from the school became petrified. The Golden Ant Tyrant was as fast as lightning. His frontal mandibles resembled golden scissors. One could hear the sounds of cutting as the school’s experts were sliced into pieces. The flood dragon was even more tyrannical; its huge claw came slamming down and turned its enemies into mincemeat…

Blood splashed left and right as shrill screams could be heard from everywhere. The school simply wasn’t a match and suffered grievous losses. This was just a one-sided slaughter.

“Activate the formation!” The disastrous loss made the school’s elders cry out. They offered all of their longevity blood to power a single formation array.

“Znnng!” After this array accepted enough longevity blood, a supreme formation opened. A mighty imperial aura like an endless net of the heavens was thrown towards the venerable’s army.

“Is that an imperial formation?” Someone palpitated after sensing this imperial aura.

However, before this supreme formation could suppress the area completely, a pillar descended from the Imperial Edge above. There were boundless mysterious runes carved onto its stone body as it immediately inserted itself into the formation.

Nothing could impede its engulfment as the pillar absorbed all the arrays and runes inside the formation as well as the longevity blood powering it. After being completely devoured by the pillar, the powerful formation shattered in an instant.

“No…” The elders screamed in despair after seeing this since the formation was their ace. They thought that they could rely on it to stop the enemies, but it was destroyed instead.

“If you all brought the formation of Immortal Emperor Zhen Ji, then it might be able to slow my pace! However, trying to stop me with this little drawing alone? How naive.” Mei Aonan’s overbearing voice came from the continent above. It didn’t matter that she was female, she would dominate her opposition all the same!

“Ah!” Screams echoed left and right. Even the elders of the school were killed by the army. They were completely helpless without their formation.

They were an imperial lineage with a formation left behind by an emperor, but in the end, the emperor did not create it himself. His disciples were the ones who established the sect, so it didn’t have as much strength compared to true imperial lineages.

Because of this, they wouldn’t easily take out an imperial formation as it would be needed for their sect’s protection!

“No…” In the end, even the young king died under the claws of the Galaxy Flood Dragon. His eyes were wide open at the moment of death. He was unwilling to die in this manner; his great ambition remained a pipe dream. He was supposed to wait until Ye Qingcheng became the Immortal Emperor to bestow him the title of Godking!

Alas, his body was thrown to the side by the flood dragon like a piece of trash.

In just a short period of time, the group swept through the rest of the school like a storm. All the experts were massacred, no one managed to escape.

The stench of blood permeated the air as streams of blood gently flowed on the ground, staining the mud red. Although all the cultivators present had seen death before, such a massacre still left them shivering inside.

This was a cold and ruthless move. Mei Aonan reaching the height of her fame in just a few short years was not without reason.

“This is a declaration of war.” Someone muttered after seeing this scene.

In the Stone Medicine World, everyone knew that Ye Qingcheng was going to become an Immortal Emperor. However, Mei Aonan also shared the same aspiration. A mountain had no room for two tigers. Moreover, there was only one Heaven’s Will. The clash between the two of them was inevitable!

Plus, it wasn’t just a personal competition between the two since they both had great powers behind them.

Ye Qingcheng had the Stony Edge Kingdom as well as thousands of followers. Many great powers were in full support of him too, including imperial lineages such as the ravine! From this, it was easy to see that he had enough power to shake the world.

With regards to followers, Mei Aonan was most likely not his match. Ye Qingcheng befriended experts from all over the world. Many descendants and even Saint Childs from imperial lineages were willing to assist him. On the other hand, Mei Aonan was a very arrogant person and had few friends despite having many great characters backing her up, such as Venerable Basilisk, the Galaxy Flood Dragon, and the Golden Ant Tyrant. The truth was that her camp was not as strong as Ye Qingcheng’s.

It could be said that Ye Qingcheng’s call would be answered by the rest of the world. However, do not forget that Mei Aonan came from the Jianlong Clan. If the clan was willing to show themselves to help her, then even an existence like the ravine would tremble.