Chapter 855: Secret Of The Past

At this point, the golem begrudgingly stated: “Your Excellency, for the last several million years until now, I have accepted the punishment from the city and spent countless moons to recover. Then, I expended countless efforts to find a suitable candidate. If you don’t let me try and just take the beastworld for your own, this, this is far too unfair towards me!”

“You really have some confidence.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your Excellency, at least let my disciple try just one time!” The golem hurriedly begged: “If my disciple is successful, then this will be a great help to you in the future. She can assist you in sweeping through the nine worlds!”

“That is not important to me.” Li Qiye looked at the golem and said: “However, not too many people can still recognize me in this day and age. I will also be considerate for your love of the beastworld. If I don’t give you a chance, then that would be too much. Very well, I am someone who does things fairly, so I’ll give you a chance. Your disciple may try once!”

“I truly appreciate Your Excellency’s generosity.” The golem was ecstatic and quickly bowed after hearing this.

“However, the opportunity will be equal. My people will also go to Bi’an City. Don’t expect me to take it easy on her.” Li Qiye said dismissively.

The golem was startled and asked: “Your Excellency means that you also have a candidate?”

“You are correct. I know, you believe that you know the beastworld very well, but don’t forget where all of you came from.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “In fact, I understand the beastworld even more than all of you. Your knowledge is only partially complete, so to be frank, the beastworld belongs to me!”

The golem was surprised and couldn’t help but ask: “Can it really be done?”

“What do you think?” Li Qiye answered lightly: “Am I someone who does things without certainty?”

The golem became impatient and quickly asked: “If Your Excellency is successful, do you plan on going to that place?”

“It seems like you are also hoping that I will be successful.” Li Qiye stated while staring at the golem.

He was met with a wry smile from the golem: “I’m truly not using my disciple as a means to accomplish my goal. I watched her grow up and treated her as my daughter. Since Your Excellency has given us a chance, I will have nothing to say if we fail. Nevertheless, my disciple is still my pride; she is an extraordinary child!” The golem gently sighed at this point.

“Not bad, a stone can have a heart at times.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Leaving Bi’an City was not necessarily a bad thing. At the very least, you are not as cold as a rock and instead a bit similar to a living being.”

“Your Excellency is joking. If it wasn’t for you showing mercy back then, I wouldn’t have lived until this day, I would have already become a dead stone, both hard and stinky, back in the swamp. It is a blessing from you that I can be here right now.” The golem said with sincerity.

Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “No need to thank me. Back when you were trapped in the swamp, you still tried to bewitch Tun Ri. My personal decision was to pin you deeper into the swamp. Alas, Tun Ri was young and had a good heart; he spoke on your behalf, so I threw you out of it.”

“At that time, I found Immortal Emperor Tun Ri to be a talent worth cultivating, so I wanted to teach him. I didn’t know that Your Excellency was protecting his dao. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have dared to try to steal your disciple even if I was a hundred times more courageous.” The golem coughed with an air of embarrassment.

“Well, it is all in the past, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Today, I have come to remind you not to get in my way and hinder my plans. As for the rest, I do not care.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and stood up to leave.

“Wait, just in case, just in case Your Excellency is truly successful, do you intend on going to that place?” The golem hastily inquired once more.

Li Qiye leered at him: “It seems that you still haven’t given up. Those rocks back in Bi’an City will never be as stubborn as you.”

The golem emotionally replied: “I just want to understand since we couldn’t have appeared out of thin air. I want to know what kind of existence created us. We are not part of the golem or demon race, we’re only carved statues! I just want to know our origin. If there were an answer in this world, it has to be at that location!”

Li Qiye emotionlessly asked: “You should know a little about that place, do you think that you can do it?”

The golem pondered for a while before lifting his head and replying in a carefree manner: “My knowledge is truly limited about that place. However, I know that Your Excellency knows about it. In this world, only you can reach that place! Immortal Emperor Tun Ri told me that it seemed like you were the only one successful in this regard.”

“Haha, so you met that brat Tun Ri later on.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle.

The golem coughed in response: “I was working as a servant after the beastworld was opened once more. Immortal Emperor Tun Ri remembered our friendship, so he came to see me once at that time.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled: “That brat Tun Ri, despite having such a domineering sobriquet, couldn’t change his kindness deep down. We’ll talk again once I reach there, I can’t tell you the details right now.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency!” The golem bowed in excitement right away after hearing this.

Li Qiye gently nodded and left. As he was leaving, Mei Aonan observed him as if she wanted to see through him.

After Li Qiye left, only Mei Aonan and the golem were in the palace. The golem sat in his chair, dazed for a very long time.

“Master, what did Li Qiye talk to you about?” Mei Aonan was intrigued to see the golem acting this way. Her master was even more powerful than Godkings! He had always been calm and rarely had such moments.

After calming down, the golem looked at Mei Aonan and softly said: “Child, you will have to exert yourself during our trip to the beastworld. Nothing would be better than you being successful, but if you fail, I will seal you underground away from the world.”

“Seal? Why do I have to be sealed? Master, even if we are unsuccessful at the beastworld, I still have many things I want to do in this life, like seizing the Heaven’s Will and becoming an Immortal Emperor! This is my aspiration and goal, isn’t this your expectation as well?”

The golem gently nodded and begrudgingly spoke: “Child, it is not that I have no confidence in you. In your master’s eyes, you are even more brilliant than Ye Qingcheng! He was gestated by countless wise sages to have this level of talent. You are only lacking time compared to him. The path for the Heaven’s Will is long, so even against someone as supreme as him, you will still have a chance to beat him!”

“That is a matter of course! The Heaven’s Will is mine alone!” Mei Aonan declared with utmost confidence. Naturally, she was qualified to put on such airs. She debuted later than Ye Qingcheng, but her fame had already caught up to his. She was very certain of being able to beat a genius like Ye Qingcheng!

“However, there are some things that no plans can prepare for.” The golem gently sighed: “In this generation, anyone who wants to compete for the Heaven’s Will must give way. Not even a more exceptional genius can change this fact!”

“Give way for whom?” Mei Aonan was unconvinced: “Master, I am not afraid of an even more exceptional genius. My heart is steel and I swear to seize the Heaven’s Will!”

“Child, I do not doubt your resolve and I also believe that you have the ability.” The golem smiled wryly: “But in this generation, you must give way. It is not that I want to force you, I just don’t want you to die in vain. You have to dodge this generation by sealing yourself. It still wouldn’t be too late to come out in the next generation and prove your dao. Otherwise, when the Heaven’s Will appears and you participate in the war, I’m afraid your death is a foregone conclusion. Even with my personal protection, you would not be able to come out in one piece.”

“Master, why are you so dejected?” Mei Aonan had to say: “Master’s strength is enough to look down on the nine heavens and ten earths! Plus, once I become an Emperor Candidate, there won’t be a need to be afraid of Godkings or any other geniuses as I shall sweep through the nine worlds!”

“Godkings and Emperor Candidates… these things are meaningless.” The golem said: “Once he joins the battle for the Heaven’s Will, both of these existences will only be mere insects!”

“He?” Mei Aonan inquired: “Master is talking about Li Qiye?”

“Yes, him.” The golem looked up towards the sky and said: “In the present times, who else but he can make me step aside!”

“Master, why praise the enemy and lower our morale?” Mei Aonan didn’t think it was a big deal: “Even though Li Qiye has a fierce notoriety, in terms of talents, dao heart, and strength, I still believe that I can beat him!”

“Child, you don’t understand.” The golem gently shook his head: “You will never be able to defeat him. Since the times of the Ancient Ming, no one in this world can defeat…” He stopped here as he was reluctant to reveal more.

“Is Master talking about the Ancient Ming Race from the legends?” Mei Aonan asked with surprise. She was very curious about what kind of conversation Li Qiye had with her master to cause him to become so depressed.

“Child, you should know about your own Jianlong Clan.” The golem explained: “I trust that the elders in your clan have talked about why they choose to live in a reclusive manner.”

“The ancestors rarely talked about this matter. They only said that in the past, our Jianlong Clan lost and was sealed by a taboo existence. From then on, we no longer wanted to come into being.” Mei Aonan responded with some confusion.

“Yes, this is the taboo existence that your Jianlong Clan was talking about!” The golem spoke slowly.

After hearing this, her eyes lit up with a surging battle intent as she stated: “Master, are you saying Li Qiye has the legendary taboo existence as his backing?”