Chapter 857: The Word Love Causes The Most Pain

The night was especially beautiful at the top of this peak. While the prince continued to sit there in a daze, a pretty figure drifted closer.

It was the gentle Miao Chan who was as noble and elegant as always. She was definitely a virtuous and wise beauty. After arriving, she gently looked at the prince before slowly sitting down next to him.

The prince only watched the sky, not looking at Miao Chan even once. He couldn’t recollect his thoughts for a while.

“Junior Brother, winning and losing are both common occurrences for a cultivator, there is no need to worry about it.” Miao Chan gently sighed after seeing her dejected junior brother: “Even the most brilliant and invincible emperor had lost when they were young. For example, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong had lost countless times in his life. Young Emperor Mu and the Stone-Dragon God had both defeated him before.

“But in the end, these defeats were meaningless. When you stand at the peak as an emperor to look back at the years of defeat and think about them, won’t you think that they were just a part of honing yourself? The most brilliant aptitude requires experience and refinement. One can only become successful after experiencing failure.”

“Only with a heart as tough as stone, to never be afraid of defeat and continue to face battles, only someone with this kind of unrelenting attitude would be able to have the last laugh and become an extraordinary Immortal Emperor.” Miao Chan consoled him like a big sister. She had always been gentle and considerate like this.

It could be said that she had paid a lot for the prince’s sake. However, the prince had never liked her and even tried to avoid her!

The prince continued to look up at the sky as if he didn’t hear her.

Miao Chan looked at him and felt sad inside, but she continued her comforting: “Although you lost this time, you still have the ability to fight back. Your talents are unquestionable, and you only lost because you were not well-prepared. Take Patriarch Jin She’s true fate weapon next time and use it with your two arts. Your power will then rise several levels; at that point, it wouldn’t be difficult to defeat Jian Wushuang.”

No matter the occasion, she would develop a plan to protect and support him.

“If Brother wants to fight again, I will ask the elders for permission to summon Patriarch Jin She’s true weapon to help you…” Miao Chan told the prince.

“Enough!” The dazed prince angrily shouted at this time: “I am not a child, I don’t need you to make decisions for me!”

His shouting startled Miao Chan for a moment. She didn’t have a response.

“I don’t need your help or your pity!” The prince was very emotional as he raised his voice: “The things I want have always been obtained by my own abilities! This position of being the main descendant as well as the imperial weapon! I don’t need your help or your concession to have everything I’ve gained today! Don’t think that just because you gave me the descendant position that I will owe you for the rest of my life! Even if you didn’t do so that year, I would have gambled it all away! I had the ability to become the ravine’s descendant!”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became until he turned completely livid and shouted non-stop. He had always felt uncomfortable about this matter. Despite being the ravine’s descendant and the number one genius, he knew very well that if Miao Chan didn’t concede, it would’ve been hard to say who would be the best!

A talent like Miao Chan left the number one genius in the ravine like him out of breath. And now, losing to Jian Wushuang was completely unacceptable, an affront to his haughty pride!

“Brother, that’s not what I meant. Back during the descendant competition, your cultivation and strength were greater than mine, and the ancestors also valued you…” Miao Chan quickly tried to appease him.

The prince screamed once more before ignoring Miao Chan. He basically didn’t listen to a single word she said as he disappeared into the horizon.

Miao Chan had a dejected look as she watched his back slowly disappearing. The bitterness in her heart was difficult to describe!

“Why bother?” After a while, another figure appeared on the peak. He came over and gently sat next to her.

“Daughter, this Golden Crow brat is not worth your effort.” This person was the ravine’s master and also Miao Chan’s father.

Miao Chan only bitterly smiled and sat there quietly without saying anything.

The ravine master spoke: “My daughter, regarding skill, ability, talents, and cultivation, you are many times better than that brat. Even fighting Ye Qingcheng wouldn’t be a problem! Hmph, if you didn’t concede, that brat would just be another regular disciple unable to reach the apex!”

“This brat does not care for your love either. You spending so much effort is not worth it at all.” The master grew angrier the more he spoke: “Daughter, it is not too late to change your mind. As long as you have the will to reach the top and the ambition to compete for the Heaven’s Will, we can still push the brat down in the future. There are still many ancestors who greatly support you in the sect!”

“Father, I don’t have the will to reach the top. I, I only want a good ending.” Miao Chan said softly. 1

“But that brat is no good ending at all! He is not worthy of you! Hmph, he is blind and won’t be able to escape death soon enough. Just watch, being so close to Ye Qingcheng all day will eventually push him to his death!” The master indignantly said: “If you want a good ending, then I can introduce you to other men. As long as I send out the news, there will be an endless horde of those who want to marry my daughter!”

The ravine master naturally loved his daughter. He didn’t agree with her concession back then, but she had made up her mind. Moreover, the Golden Crow Tribe was in full support of the prince as well. Eventually, he could only give up. Otherwise, the prince wouldn’t have been able to climb to his current position!

In the master’s mind, after the prince became the descendant, it would have been fine if the brat could treat his daughter well and marry her. The two families were of the same status. Moreover, these two were childhood sweethearts. Thus, a son-in-law wouldn’t be an outsider.

However, the prince had no feelings for Miao Chan and simply didn’t want to marry her. How could the master not be annoyed with this?

“Father, I am not some kind of commodity.” Miao Chan couldn’t help but respond.

“Daughter, I know.” The master replied: “However, your actions are simply not worth it! It is better to forget the brat and focus on cultivation! It is not like our house is weak, I can give you whatever you want. If you want to change your man, I am raising my hand and foot in full support!”

“Perhaps this is my mental tribulation.” Miao Chan smiled bitterly: “How can I talk about cultivation before surpassing this?”

The master could only sigh at this point. He only had one beloved daughter that should have displayed her greatness to become supreme in the world, but she was ruined by this Golden Crow brat!

“Daughter, you can just dump the brat and we’ll go to a new place instead of staying here. As long as you don’t meet him, you will eventually forget! As long as you can forget about him, I don’t need to be the ravine master. We can travel to different places instead and be at ease.” The master spoke with a heart full of love.

“Father, the ravine cannot do without you.” Miao Chan gently shook her head.

“The ravine will still be there without me. Plus, I only have one daughter, and I don’t want to see you being unhappy.” The master spoke in a serious manner: “As long as you can be happy, everything will be worth it!”

Miao Chan silently looked up at the sky. In this moment, she couldn’t help but become confused.


On a solitary peak, Ye Qingcheng sat there leisurely. The atmosphere swayed to his will under the influence of his divine light as if there were prostrating wise sages and saints surrounding him. No matter the time or place, Ye Qingcheng always had the presence of a domineering ruler.

The Golden Crow Prince was seated opposite him. However, he no longer had the usual arrogant and imposing aura. He only drank one cup of wine after another as if it was mere water.

He seemed so ragged and dejected that no one could connect him to the mighty descendant of the ravine, an unparalleled genius.

“Brother Golden Crow, there’s no need to be downtrodden. There are many women in this world, there’s no need to focus on just one.” Ye Qingcheng slowly started the conversation after seeing the prince drowning in wine: “With your supreme style, as long as you are willing, countless princesses and saintesses would come into your embrace, why bother with an unrequited love with the Jian daughter.”

The prince did not respond and continued to drink. He wanted to become drunk, but with his cultivation, it might not happen even if he drank a river of wine.

“Since we are brothers, frank yet sincere words will be spoken. I hope you don’t mind.” Ye Qingcheng slowly spoke: “In my opinion, the Jian daughter is not worth caring about. She is an arrogant and fearless girl. It is virtually impossible to tame her.”

“I know!” The prince bluntly responded with just these two words before continuing to fill his stomach with fine wine.

“If that’s the case, then why the need to be so down like this?” Ye Qingcheng smiled: “As for the defeat, I think that you shouldn’t even worry about it. My brother, when I meet a more powerful genius in the future, perhaps I will suffer a defeat as well.”


  1. This can be construed as home/family/husband.