Chapter 858: Ye Qingcheng’s Scheme

His words fell on deaf ears. The prince continued to pour wine into his mouth as if being drunk was the solution to all unhappiness. His heart had been holding back great annoyances.

Ye Qingcheng looked at the prince’s attempt to become drunk and smiled: “Brother, to be honest about your situation, you already have more than enough to make anyone in the world envious. Miss Miao Chan is definitely equal to the Jian daughter in terms of beauty, talents, and intelligence; she might even be superior! And she is deeply in love with you—”

“Don’t bring her up!” The prince acted like a cat with its tail stepped on. He stood up immediately and screamed: “Don’t talk about her and we can still drink in the same place!”

“Okay, okay, don’t be mad. I won’t mention her anymore, alright?” Ye Qingcheng pulled the prince’s hand back and smiled.

The prince grunted and sat down, then he continued to drink gulp after gulp. Ye Qingcheng looked at him and smiled: “If you can’t forget the Jian daughter, well, there is still an opportunity for you to win her over.”

“What opportunity?” The prince immediately let go of his wine jar and stared at Ye Qingcheng.

Ye Qingcheng pondered for a moment before speaking: “Hmm, it isn’t that I don’t want to tell you, but if I run my mouth and Miss Miao Chan finds out, then it won’t be very good for me.”

“I don’t need her to get involved with my business!” The prince shouted. He was already trying his best to suppress his anger. Otherwise, he would have erupted completely in a furor.

The prince coldly said after seeing Ye Qingcheng’s hesitation: “Brother Ye, are we still brothers? If we are, then just say it!”

“Okay, well, don’t be angry and don’t tell Miss Miao Chan that this is my idea. This way, she won’t think that I am advising you to chase after the Jian daughter. If she finds out, she’ll think that I am trying to separate you two. At that time, I won’t be able to wash away the suspicion even if I jump into a river.” Ye Qingcheng hurriedly replied.

The prince coldly spoke: “Who says that we are a pair?! There’s nothing between us!”

Ye Qingcheng smiled and slowly explained: “The truth is that it is not impossible for you to win Jian Wushuang over. She is an arrogant and proud person. In order to win her over, it is as simple as being more powerful than her. Why is it that she is together with Li Qiye? This is because of his notoriety and how he challenged the Alchemy Kingdom. This is exactly to her liking.”

“Li Qiye!” The prince gritted his teeth after hearing this name. Just the thought of Li Qiye being together with Jian Wushuang left him mad with jealousy!

“Winning her heart is very simple. First, defeat Li Qiye, second, kill Li Qiye. This is to break the illusion of his invincibility in her heart and also to end her crush.” Ye Qingcheng explained.

The prince became silent upon hearing this.

“Ah, Brother Golden Crow, there’s no need to underestimate yourself and overestimate the enemy.” Ye Qingcheng encouraged: “In fact, you have fused arts from two different houses and are well-versed in both. Even I might not be able to hold you back. Your loss this time was simply due to being too confident. If you try again with sufficient preparations, no one will be able to stop you.”

The prince was indeed musing this thought. The defeat he suffered at the hands of Jian Wushuang indeed left his confidence in shambles, filling his heart with doubts.

“Brother, just think about it. Your loss was definitely due to a lack of preparations. You didn’t even bring an imperial weapon so you fought the Jian daughter with your bare hands. Of course you were at a disadvantage.” Ye Qingcheng comforted and cheered him on.

“That is true.” The prince’s eyes lit up under the influence of the alcohol and Ye Qingcheng’s support.

Ye Qingcheng continued: “You have finished cultivating the supreme arts of Immortal Emperor Jin She then fused it with your own clan’s techniques. In my opinion, if you take along Immortal Emperor Jin She’s true weapon and use it with your emperor arts, then who can stop your might? I definitely won’t be your match when that weapon is in your hands.” Ye Qingcheng sincerely pointed the way.

The buzzed eyes of the prince became brighter and brighter. At this point, his body once again emitted the rays of a sun.

In fact, Ye Qingcheng’s method was no different from Miao Chan’s, but the prince didn’t want to listen to Miao Chan at all!

“If Brother can persuade the ancestors from your sect and take out the emperor’s true weapon, then along with sufficient preparations, it would be child’s play to kill him.” Ye Qingcheng advised.

“At the moment of his death, the Jian daughter will be sad and vulnerable. Then if you show yourself in a positive light and conquer her, wouldn’t it be killing two birds with one stone? For a proud girl like her, the more powerful and dominating you are, the more she will like you.”

Once the prince started to listen carefully, Ye Qingcheng successfully bewitched him!

The prince snorted and hatefully said: “Hmph, that geezer Miao will not let me summon the imperial true treasure!”

Recently, the ravine master had been annoyed with him. In his opinion, the master was making things difficult for him was on purpose; the master was afraid that he would become the future ravine master and steal the power from him! He also believed that the ravine master would not be willing to abdicate.”

“This isn’t a problem at all.” Ye Qingcheng smiled: “As long as you have a good conversation with Miss Miao Chan, her influence at the ravine will surely get the elders and ancestors to listen to her suggestion.”

“I don’t need her help!” The prince coldly spoke: “Plus, she is not the only influential person in the ravine. The one in power is not a girl like her but our Golden Crow Tribe!”

“That’s right.” Ye Qingcheng quickly smiled: “Who doesn’t know that the Golden Crow Tribe is the strongest demon race in the Beast Realm and that it is the true pillar of the ravine!”

Such words were very pleasant to the prince, so he quietly nodded.

Ye Qingcheng smilingly said: “If Brother still thinks that this isn’t enough, then I can also lend you a hand.”

“What other ideas do you have?” The prince quickly inquired. He considered Ye Qingcheng a mentor as well as a brother that he could trust with his life! Due to this, he had absolute confidence in Ye Qingcheng’s words.

Ye Qingcheng answered: “The origin of the Golden Crow Tribe comes from the refined fire of the sun. Coincidentally, I have a secret law that can stimulate this fire. If you use it, it will double your hidden potential or maybe even increase it tenfold! By that point, even if Li Qiye was much stronger, he would still only be walking towards his death!

“Hmm, this doesn’t feel right. How can a secret law from the Stone Edge Kingdom be passed to an outsider?” The prince shook his head.

Ye Qingcheng smiled: “Brother is misunderstanding me. I found this secret law by chance so it does not belong to my kingdom. You and I are brothers, so why are you being so reserved? As long as it helps you kill Li Qiye, I will be in full support of you. One secret law is nothing!”

“Brother Ye is showing so much love… I have no words to express my gratitude. Just let me know what I can do in the future if you ever require my assistance.” The prince said gratefully.

“Brother Golden Crow, such words are too polite. I’m not an outsider.” Ye Qingcheng laughed and patted the prince’s shoulder.

After accepting the secret law, the prince quickly bade his farewell. Before leaving, he added: “Although that geezer Miao won’t give me the emperor’s true treasure, my tribe has its own supreme treasure! Wait until I bring it out, I will definitely kill Li Qiye myself!”

“At the time when you are about to act, I will personally come to cheer you on!” Ye Qingcheng smiled and said with a very sincere attitude. This was a huge showing of brotherly love!

After watching the prince walk into the distance, Ye Qingcheng withdrew his eyes and smirked.

After a while, the Cloud Soaring Venerable came in and asked: “Young Noble, do you think the Golden Crow Prince will be successful?”

“Successful?” Ye Qingcheng shook his head: “Impossible, he is only going to his death. If Li Qiye can be killed so easily, the Alchemy Kingdom wouldn’t have let him act as he pleased!”

“Then didn’t Young Noble just lose a secret law?” The venerable asked.

Ye Qingcheng confidently answered: “Just one secret law is nothing. If the prince dies, then Li Qiye will be in trouble; the Golden Crow Tribe would definitely not let it go. With its influence at the ravine, the ravine will definitely start a war against Li Qiye. The sky will shake when that time comes!”

“Once the prince is dead as well…” Ye Qingcheng’s eyes turned serious as he sneered: “Miao Chan will be inconsolable from grief and might even try to find Li Qiye to risk it all. I actually want to see just how powerful the real number one genius of that ravine truly is! If she dies, then it is one less thing for me to worry about. It would be foolish not to do something that can result in having one less rival.”

“Great thinking, Young Noble. This action is killing two birds with one arrow. Even if Li Qiye has more means, he wouldn’t be able to escape from your palm.” The venerable couldn’t help but praise.