Chapter 860: The Magical Bi’an Beastworld

The Imperial Draco-Bull continued to slowly pull the carriage towards the portal. The madam held the reins while Li Qiye lazily lied down inside accompanied by Jian Wushuang.

The four-eyed basilisk and the old turtle followed right behind them. As for Long Jingxian, this hot little pepper couldn’t sit still. She rode her Kui and shouted with excitement: “Kill! Bi’an Beastworld, this young lady is coming, all of the treasures here will belong to me!”

With that, she rushed to the front with her mount.

Many cultivators quickly retreated at the sight of the carriage. No one dared to bar their path.

Li Qiye the Fierce — who didn’t know and understand the meaning of this title? Massacring countless victims, one phrase to annihilate multiple sects — who would dare to provoke a monster like this? They could only stand from afar and watch.

Just earlier, they were scrambling to enter like a flood. However, when Li Qiye’s carriage slowly inched forward, everyone stepped back to make a path so that Li Qiye could enter first. They didn’t wish to see this monster become angry and cause blood to spurt every three steps! It would be too much of a waste to die at his hands before obtaining any treasures.

Some were also both jealous and envious at this scene. To have a great demon king like the madam personally holding the reins as well as having Jian Wushuang as a companion.

One was a demon king, the ruler of a country. The other was the Jian Clan’s golden daughter, someone renowned through the world who was as arrogant as a phoenix. Today, Li Qiye had both of them as his friends. Such treatment was without equal. Even Ye Qingcheng didn’t enjoy such treatment!

Many young male cultivators yearned for this. If they could have this in their lives, then it would be fine even if they couldn’t become Immortal Emperor.

The world changed the moment one set foot inside the portal. It was a different world, a very ancient world!

A breeze filled with archaic vicissitudes immediately assaulted the newcomers. Next was a wild and ferocious air.

One would be startled the moment they entered. This was a primal world with ferocious beasts. It seemed that this place had existed for a very long time. It was a paradise for monsters!

While gazing towards the far distance from the entrance, one could see rolling hills with rivers running right between them. A desolate scene appeared before everyone. One could faintly hear the roars of tigers and dragons. After looking even further inside, they would find cities and pavilions ravaged by the merciless flow of time. It seemed that there were signs of humans in the distance.

After entering the beastworld, Li Qiye looked around and stated: “Well, the stopping point is right here this time.”

“Bi’an Beastworld! One of the six great immortal Ancestral Earths.” After arriving, even some hidden ancestors from the great powers stood up and exclaimed with excitement.

The beastworld was one of the six Ancestral Earths from the legends. It was even more dangerous compared to the twelve Forbidden Burial Grounds.

No one knew its origin. There was one theory that continued to be passed down that stated that this type of ancestral earth was a heavenly grotto left behind from the era of the immortals. Thus, they were named immortal Ancestral Earths. 1

While the Divine Beast Realm still existed, they boasted about the beastworld being the dwelling of divine beasts and that their ancestors originated from this place!

After their destruction, many people felt that this claim was widely off the mark.

“Rawrr!” The roar of a beast resounded right when many first entered this realm. A huge ferocious tiger could be found blocking their path. It was around five meters high with large bone spikes on its head that seemed capable of piercing through all things!

“Ah!” The recent newcomers were excited and careless. Three of them immediately died to the tiger’s sharp claws.

“Animal, cease your assault!” An expert from a great power did not stand still after seeing this brutality. He took out his radiating treasure and activated a powerful merit law then killed this tiger in just a few moves.

“Crash!” The huge tiger fell to the ground. One could hear a buzzing sound shortly afterward. It seemed as if its body was transforming.

Earlier, it was clearly a tiger, but now, it was a mass of mud in the shape of the same tiger!

“Why did it turn back into mud?” Many cultivators were astounded by this scene: “Is this magic?”

“No, that isn’t the case. In an ancient scroll from my dynasty, it says that the beastworld has countless ferocious beasts and powerful existences protecting the villages and cities. These ferocious beasts were formed from mud and stone instead of having flesh and blood bodies.” An old monarch shook his head.

An inexperienced junior curiously asked: “Is it because there hasn’t been anyone here for a long time so the mud and stone turned into demons?”

“No.” The big character explained: “This is not a demonic ascension, they already had such forms. Legends told that the Bi’an Beastworld has the power of the divine beasts. This power protects this place and also turns this mud and stone into beasts to fulfill this purpose. Of course, this is only a speculation. Who knows if it is true or not?”

“Go find the treasures, big opportunities await us here.” One cultivator couldn’t help but cry out before he rushed forward.

Others followed like bees leaving their hive. They didn’t go too far before someone saw a village in the distance. Many stopped at its sight.

This village was tranquil with many buildings of an archaic design as if they were erected in an ancient era. However, despite their age, they still stood strong without showing any signs of degradation.

The crowd began to have the illusion that they were walking into a mortal world and coincidentally coming across a random village.

However, this wasn’t a village in the mortal world. This quiet place without any sounds or signs of life created quite an eerie atmosphere.

The cultivators stopped and looked at each other in apprehension. A few who were more cowardly were creeped out; this empty village made them very uncomfortable.

Someone asked with skepticism: “This is the place where we are supposed to find treasures and fortune?”

In just a moment, many became unclear of the situation, especially the weakest sects and nations. They had limited knowledge of the beastworld and simply rushed here after learning of its emergence.

“Yes, according to the writings, all of the fortune in this place are in a few select buildings. If you can step inside, then you will have the chance to obtain them. Of course, these buildings are very dangerous. You will most likely die inside.” An old monarch spoke enthusiastically.

“Then what are we waiting for, go! If the treasures are here, we can’t afford to miss out!” Some cultivators immediately composed themselves and rushed towards this quiet village.

Other experts didn’t want to miss this rare chance either, so they followed right after them. All of these greedy experts wanted the treasures inside.

“Bang!” A gigantic fist came out of nowhere. The first wave of cultivators rushing into the village didn’t even have time to scream before being smashed into a pulp.

“Bang, bang, bang!” The earth shook. A gigantic stone monkey climbed out from the ground inside the village and immediately unleashed a flurry of fists to kill all of these invaders!

“Die!” Of course, the incoming wave of cultivators couldn’t back off. They shouted and lunged at the monkey. In just a split second, rays from treasures soared to the sky as many laws went forth.

In the end, their combination attack was able to kill this stone monkey and they successfully stormed into the village.

“My treasures, here I come!” One cultivator immediately rushed towards a house inside the village.

“Boom!” He pounded on the door but he couldn’t open it. It was as if this door was able to stop all outsiders from intruding.

“Open!” However, one of them didn’t give up and activated his merit law to unleash a barrage of attacks onto this door. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful his treasures might be, they couldn’t touch the door.

An elder from his sect shouted: “Idiot, feel, feel and understand the transformations of the laws within these buildings.” The elder placed his hand on the door as waves of universal laws entered the door like flowing water. After a while, the door was unlocked and opened with a clacking sound.

This elder jumped inside without any hesitation. Others tried to follow, but they were blocked right at the doorway.

Other people quickly copied the elder’s actions. They also poured their universal laws into the door. Sure enough, not long after, many of them were successful. Many more clicking sounds were heard with doors opening as they rushed inside.

There were also those who failed to open any doors after all kinds of attempts. These people only grunted and left to try at a different house.

“Ah…” Screams came out not long after some cultivators entered these buildings. No one knew what they encountered inside. No one came out from these doors with screams after a long time, so everyone was certain that these intruders had died inside.


  1. Heavenly grotto in ED is a special realm, often man-made.