Chapter 861: Fortunes And Creations

As many cultivators rushed into the village, the great powers with some real abilities had no interest in this type of little village and continued forward.

Not long after, someone found an old city further on the path. This city was huge with the gate shut tight, not allowing anyone to enter. The most frightening part was that it was protected by a gigantic and ferocious heavenly serpent.

“There is a city up ahead.” This discovery quickly spread everywhere. The experts came in droves. A few of them found a new village, but they decided to abandon it completely to run towards the city.

Their sect master decisively made the decision to forgo this new village and brought his sect’s disciples to the city before declaring: “From the writings, the more buildings there are, the more extraordinary the fortune inside will be, if one can successfully enter that is. Everyone, keep your focus. If we manage to succeed, we will be able to revitalize our sect. It is up to our generation to achieve greatness!”

Rumors regarding the greater fortunes inside the city attracted more sects and cultivators. In just a short period of time, the city was completely surrounded.

However, the serpent guarding this place was truly powerful; it spread out a lightning field that rendered this land untraversable. In the end, a few great powers decided to work together. Some ancestors personally took action and paid a huge price to kill this serpent in order to enter the city.

As the majority of people were busy finding new villages and cities, Li Qiye looked towards a certain direction. After deciding on the coordinates, he told them: “We’ll go this way.”

The carriage brought the group across rivers and hills away from the other cultivators towards a different direction.

Along the way, they met many ferocious beasts. However, there was no need for Li Qiye to take action. Long Jingxian cried out and rode her Kui into battle. After a series of explosions, she made short work of these beasts and trampled them back into mud.

This little pepper was simply too fierce. Her overbearing attitude caused the four-eyed basilisk and others to click their tongues in amazement.

“Jian Wushuang, do you dare to see which of us can kill more beasts?” She aggressively challenged her rival.

Jian Wushuang snorted and didn’t say anything back. She simply flew into the sky and raised both of her hands to summon her bow. An arrow formation was readied to unleash its torment on the field. It locked onto one beast after another to begin a massacre.

How could Long Jingxian willingly lose to Jian Wushuang? She also let out a battle cry: “Kill!”

She rode her Kui with reckless abandon towards the front with a crazed and powerful momentum!

“Never mess with them, never mess with them.” The four-eyed basilisk and turtle ran away. It was better to watch these two generals from a distance because there was a danger to their lives if they were involved.

Li Qiye wryly smiled while shaking his head after watching the two girls killing everywhere. Once enraged, the two of them could destroy even the firmament.

Li Qiye’s carriage continued on before stopping in front of a little valley. Inside this valley were a few cottages as if someone had built them by chance for a short stay.

Li Qiye took a quick glance at these cottages then told the basilisk and turtle: “Basilisk, you and the old turtle will stay here.”

The turtle naturally had no objections, he would listen to all of Li Qiye’s orders. Meanwhile, the basilisk put on a writhing expression. He unwillingly came over and spoke slowly: “Boss, I, I thought we were going to a city or something. What kind of fortune can be found here in this tiny valley?”

His appearance made it very clear that he was unwilling. Li Qiye glanced at him in response: “Who says we were going to a city? This place belongs to you and the old turtle now. Look over this place well. Don’t come to see me if you don’t get any results.”

The basilisk spoke with a pained expression: “But, but I heard that cities have even more incredible fortunes.”

Li Qiye coldly glared at him: “Who says that bigger fortunes are inside the cities? These are rumors! There are more buildings inside these cities, so opportunities will naturally be more abundant. And as for the fortune after becoming the city master… It is indeed great, but not just anyone can grab this fortune. How many secrets of the Bi’an Beastworld can a bunch of commoners know?”

Li Qiye stared at the basilisk and stated: “You think I am playing you by taking you to this place?!”

“Haha, this lowly one gets it.” The basilisk turned happy after hearing this. His expression changed faster than the wind itself as he began his slew of flattery: “Boss is supreme, Boss’ decision must be wise and intelligent…”

“Stop sucking up and scram.” Li Qiye ordered: “Also, take care of the old turtle. Do not bully him or else I’ll kick you to the edge of the world.”

“Of course, of course.” The basilisk became obedient all of a sudden. He mused a bit before asking Li Qiye with a smile: “Boss, this place, are there ferocious beasts guarding this place? Hahaha, Boss, you should show off your might and kill these beasts with your wondrous abilities.”

“Scram! What’s the point of carrying those treasures with you then?” Li Qiye said: “If you want to be lazy, then give the old turtle your treasures!”

“Hehe, I’m just kidding.” The basilisk laughed awkwardly.

“Let us go.” Li Qiye ignored the basilisk and threw him off with the old turtle before leaving.

“Shit, what the hell is this thing, why is it so difficult…” Not long after Li Qiye’s group left, the frightened scream of the basilisk came from behind.


While everyone was risking their lives to enter the beastworld, the Imperial Edge continued to float in the sky. It wasn’t in a rush to enter.

“Click—clack—click—” At this time, the sound of a horse carriage galloping crushed the sky. It echoed across the world while carrying a strange and imposing rhythm like a hammer beating against the hearts of the listeners.

The carriage eventually appeared before everyone while emitting a blinding golden light. Each ray of this golden light resembled a sword piercing the sky.

This carriage was made from Solar Divine Steel — an extremely rare and precious type of metal. There were carvings of true dragons and phoenixes on top of it. They were very animated as if they were able to come to life at any moment.

A green flood dragon was pulling the carriage. It was one million years old and the air it breathed out contained a draconic aura that resembled rains and storms. This aura swept through thousands of miles, blowing away all the clouds in its path.

The driver was a Heavenly King, but this was not the scary part. The carriage emitted the auras of sages and saints as if they were protecting it.

Under the power of these great ones, anyone who tried to hinder the carriage’s path would instantly be annihilated!

There was a young man sitting in the carriage! Handsome was not the right word to describe him as he remained seated in a carefree manner. However, this carefree attitude carried the aura of a ruler!

It seemed that everything around this young man became insignificant. No geniuses or masters could enter his sight. There was an immemorial power around his body as if no matter where he went, he would always be the ruler capable of issuing commands. A young man like this would be the center of attention no matter where he went!

The cultivators that wanted to enter the beastworld immediately stopped after seeing this young man. Someone immediately cried out: “Ye Qingcheng…!”

Ye Qingcheng — this name was able to shake the scene. The words caused a storm to rise. Such a name carried endless charisma. Countless people would be moved by this name, no matter if they were young or old.

Ye Qingcheng, the current number one genius of this generation! Just how great was this title? It was a title yearned for by all.

He had never lost since he came to seek the dao, no matter if it was against other imperial descendants or experts from the previous generations.

In recent years, even more young challengers came to fight him. The most famous among them was the Golden Crow Prince, the Ninehead Tiger Emperor, and Young Noble Pei Yu. More than half of the eighteen geniuses that later formed the Young Celestials had challenged him as well.

Even someone as strong as the prince and as overbearing as the tiger emperor was not equal to Ye Qingcheng! Moreover, these geniuses were won over by Ye Qingcheng’s supreme charisma. They were even willing to join under his banner to work for him.

A few experts from the previous generation also tried to suppress Ye Qingcheng, such as the Eight-arm Ancestor and the Anti-current Monarch. However, they all failed and eventually joined his camp as well.

The older experts stood up after seeing his arrival. As for the younger generation, they were in awe and admiration of this man who held the prestigious title of being number one. This was their dream and aspiration!

Ye Qingcheng was the idol of the young cultivators, someone they struggled to reach one day.

“The current number one is finally here.” Someone murmured after seeing Ye Qingcheng’s carriage.

The carriage continued to move while Ye Qingcheng leisurely stayed seated inside. It seemed as if he would always be confident no matter the time or place.

Eventually, it stopped and Ye Qingcheng stood up. The world seemed to revolve around his actions; it was as if he could affect the entire heavenly ruins. With the lift of a finger, he could reverse the stars in the sky.