Chapter 864: A Handsome Man As Cold As Ice

The majority of the crowd eventually regained their composure a long time after seeing Mei Aonan and Ye Qingcheng disappear into the sky. A few great characters lost their patience and even gave up on entering the beastworld. They surged into the sky in order to enter space.

It was very beneficial for these big shots to watch the fight with their own eyes. A fight between supreme geniuses could spark a new enlightenment. Such comprehension would allow them to further understand their own merit laws, to break the chains and venture to the next level.

Soon after, the Ninehead Lion Emperor also followed them into space, leaving behind the eighteen Young Celestials. These eighteen youths glanced at each other, and one of them spoke in a serious manner: “A life for a life. The demonic Imperial Edge has killed many of our brothers and friends from the Celestial Array School, so they must pay with their lives!”

A different youth screamed: “That’s right, blood for blood. The demons from the Imperial Edge must pay with their lives!”

“Kill, for the Celestial Array School!” Another Celestial Youth rushed forward on his horse with many experts right behind him.

“Kill, vengeance for the school!” The eighteen youths quickly began their march towards the Imperial Edge. Their armies rushed inside like an unstoppable flood.

Thunderous hymns filled the sky. Treasures and weapons began to assault the Imperial Edge with their mighty and ferocious power. The eighteen Young Celestials and their armies seemed to be able to sink the continent!

The sudden attack astounded many spectators. They didn’t expect the Young Celestials to attack right away with all of their forces.

“This, this is insane! Are they trying to break all pretensions already?” Everyone was horrified by this sudden attack.

Although Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan’s fight was unavoidable due to the competition for the Heaven’s Will, sects normally wouldn’t interfere between these geniuses. To mobilize armies for the sake of destruction would cause too much antagonism.

However, the eighteen youths chose to do so. The moment they ordered the attack was no different from dragging their own sects into this war. Nevertheless, they didn’t do so without any prior planning. Although they were furious from Mei Aonan’s contemptuous words earlier, they had a clear strategy.

Naturally, their sects were wary of Mei Aonan. Although everyone knew that she left the Jianlong Clan to establish her own power, she was ultimately one of their disciples, a part of the clan.

The eighteen powers did not necessarily want to fight against a sect with three emperors for Ye Qingcheng’s sake. However, the Young Celestials were hot-headed. Under the urging of the Cloud Soaring Venerable, they decided to take action during the heat of the moment. Their goal was to attack the floating continent while Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan fought each other.

They were confident about destroying the continent when they worked together alongside their armies. After destroying the Imperial Edge, everyone in the world would know of their fame. This was to build a solid foundation for their future. Thus, the positions of the eighteen generals beneath the future Immortal Emperor would eventually fall into their laps!

“Rumble!” The continuous rumbling continued as the armies marched on.

“Ah!” Next were series of shrill screams. Pitiful shrieks reverberated across the sky, making it clear that the battle had begun.

“Can the Imperial Edge withstand the onslaught of this flood-like cavalry?” Someone murmured right outside of the beastworld after hearing the screams.

In many spectators’ minds, the force of the eighteen sects led by the Young Celestials could sweep through a lineage. Although the Imperial Edge was powerful, it was not necessarily able to withstand this torrential onslaught.

“Ah…” A sharp howl echoed through the air as if a terrible war was taking place within.

Someone recognized this scream and startlingly exclaimed: “What, that’s the voice of a Young Celestial!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At this second, the gallops from the cavalries became chaotic. The shocked spectators saw several hundred riders escaping from the continent.

The leaders of the pack were three young men with hundreds of riders right behind them. There were many Heavenly Kings in the group.

“These three are part of the Young Celestials.” The crowd was astounded at this new development.

The three Young Celestials and the riders were covered in blood and injuries. They looked tattered as they escaped; it was apparent that they had met a formidable enemy.

“Aoooo!” A dragon roar resounded across the battlefield the moment these Young Celestials escaped from the continent. A huge dragon flew out from within. It was completely clear as if made from ice.

The three youths and the riders were scared out of their minds after seeing this dragon taking flight. It caught up to them in an instant and swung its claws. A whirlpool of blood erupted along with horrifying screams. Several hundred riders were massacred instantly.

“No…” Two of the three youths had their chests pierced by the claws and died on the spot.

Eventually, the huge dragon disappeared with a flash. The last Young Celestial was captured alive and gripped by the neck up high in the air.

At this time, people finally saw the person floating in the sky with one hand grasping the young celestial’s neck, coldly glaring at him.

It was a young man dressed in a robe that was even whiter than snow. A cloak hid his tall stature while he emitted a chilling aura. He was handsome to the point of being a bit demonic, almost resembling a girl. People would believe if people said that he was a woman in disguise.

“I, I am from an imperial lineage…” The youth hanging by the neck lost his mind from fear at this moment and shrieked.

“Pluff!” Blood spurted everywhere. The other young man didn’t listen to him and stabbed his chest with one hand, killing him on the spot.

The young man then threw away this body like a piece of trash and slowly wiped the blood from his hand with a snow-white handkerchief. He casually threw the cloth away as well when he was done. The blood-stained pattern on the white cloth resembled a peony in full bloom. It was especially beautiful as it fluttered down to the ground.

He coldly glared at the group then turned around and went back inside the Imperial Edge. Even though he was gone, the group couldn’t forget those cold and emotionless pupils. They felt a cold chill running down their spines the moment his glare swept over them.

From start to finish, he didn’t say a single word, yet he left behind an indelible impression!

After the young man went back inside, the Imperial Edge turned quiet again as all the screams subsided as if the battle had concluded.

“The eighteen Young Celestials and their armies were completely annihilated!” Someone finally realized something and murmured with a cold chill.

Although no one saw how this fight unraveled, they understood that it was possible that this young man was the only one who took action from the Imperial Edge’s side.

One person to annihilate an entire army — just how frightening was this? Everyone quivered after thinking about this and felt that this young man was simply too terrifying.

“Just, just who is that young man?!” Many experts from the previous generation couldn’t recognize him. Such a powerful and terrifying youth couldn’t be anonymous.

“Icebound Young Noble, Mei Aoxue!” An old man from the Stone Realm with great ties to the Jianlong Clan calmed down after trembling and murmured: “The Jianlong Clan’s descendant, Mei Aonan’s big brother!” 1

Very few people in the Stone Medicine World had heard of this unknown name. Perhaps this was the first time they came across it. However, the words “Jianlong Clan’s descendant” shook everyone’s mind. This clan had three emperors, so even though the Icebound Young Noble, Mei Aoxue, was previously unknown, just the fact that he was its descendant was more than enough to astound people!

Despite the fact that the clan had always kept a low-profile, their descendant showed that he was definitely not a weak and useless person. They must have unbelievable strength to win the position of being the main descendant.

Someone couldn’t quell their curiosity and asked this old man: “Just how strong can this Icebound Young Noble be?”

The old man pondered for a bit before gently shaking his head: “I don’t know either. I’ve only met him once. Very few people actually understand the Jianlong Clan’s situation.”

The crowd was disappointed after hearing this. Everyone knew about the notorious Mei Aonan who swept over the world and that she came from the Jianlong Clan. However, the truth was that they understood very little about her. No one knew her position within the clan or who her parents were and especially not why she left the clan to form her own force!

“Boom!” With a loud blast, the Imperial Edge actually flew out of the first firmament to reach outer space.

Someone saw the disappearing continent and asked: “The Imperial Edge went to spectate as well, should we go too?”

“Not me. I heard someone had found Bi’an City so I’m going in.” A few rushed into the beastworld instead.

Many composed themselves right afterward and quickly entered the beastworld as well. Only a few traveled to space to watch the fight.


  1. Mei Aoxue is a much more feminine name than Mei Aonan. Xue means snow.