Chapter 865: Divine Monastery

The carriage slowly crossed hills and streams for miles and miles in this silent world. It seemed that there was only the grinding of the wheels… no, there was also the shouting coming from Long Jingxian.

Li Qiye’s group continued to move in an indiscernible direction. They were only following Li Qiye’s whim.

Along the way, despite meeting many ferocious beasts, Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian easily dispatched them. Long Jingxian didn’t mind wasting blood energy. This little pepper once enraged was like an unstoppable dragon.

They went through a few villages and cities without any inhabitants. Despite the passage of millions of years, they retained the original pristine condition. Fierce beasts protected these lands without any inhabitants, creating a creepy scene.

Just imagine, there was no one living inside the beastworld yet there were so many villages and cities. Such a thing would make others think twice and shiver.

Long Jingxian continued to shout after going through these places since she wanted to rush in for the treasures. However, Li Qiye denied all of her requests, resulting in her becoming even louder. She was very unsatisfied with Li Qiye.

Eventually, the carriage stopped in front of a bamboo forest. This place was completely silent. The forest was lush and had running streams, giving others the feeling that they had transcended.

There was a lone bamboo cottage in this place. There was nothing else, so it seemed that there could be a seclusive immortal living inside.

Li Qiye looked at the bamboo cottage and told the madam: “Zi Yan, go inside, this place is right for you.”

She didn’t say another word and went down from the carriage then walked towards the hut. Once she got close, a phoenix cry could be heard. A green phoenix flew down from the forest and blocked her path.

It was carved from jade and exuded an oppressive spirit energy. Each of its feathers emitted the horrifying power of the grand dao. Without a doubt, this creature was extremely powerful.

“We’ll gather at Bi’an City later.” Li Qiye glanced at the bird and didn’t provide assistance. He only told the madam where they would meet before leaving.

Since the madam stayed behind, Jian Wushuang became the new driver for Li Qiye as they trod forward under his leadership.

Long Jingxian curiously asked: “Ey, Smelly Qiye, there are so many villages and cities here, so why are there no people? There’s not even a single person.”

“It’s not like there are no traces of people here.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and smiled: “In fact, there are many living creatures in Bi’an City. However, these lifeforms are different from us. They rely on the power of the city to hibernate. To put it simply, they are unstained by mundane life.”

“But what about outside of Bi’an City?” Long Jingxian gave him a look and asked: “If, say, there is no one in the beastworld, then who created these cities and villages? Their existence must mean that people had been living here before.”

Li Qiye chuckled: “This is related to the origin of the beastworld, but I’m afraid no one knows the exact details and reasons. This is due to how this place was founded in an archaic timeline; it is far too old for research. Some people even speculated that this place came before the old Desolate Era. Perhaps it’s even older than the Legendary Era.”

“Bah, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it, there’s no need to trick me.” Long Jingxian gave Li Qiye a dirty look. This little pepper was very dissatisfied since she wasn’t so easily fooled. She knew that Li Qiye definitely knew a thing or two, it’s just that he didn’t want to tell her.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. He looked at her and said: “Little girl, since you are a natural born Immortal Fate, you should be destined for greatness. You have set foot in the beastworld for quite a while now, have you sensed a location that is different from the others?”

“Mmm…” She tilted her head a bit and pondered carefully for a while before speaking: “Yes, there’s a fluctuation of beastly energy. It feels that there is a great power here, ferocious and tyrannical as if there exists a divine beast!”

“Aizz, this little girl, you are wasting your talents.” Li Qiye was somewhat at a loss because of her answer and gently shook his head: “What you’re sensing is correct, but don’t forget, you should be able to gain far more than just this if you actually take the time to try with your Immortal Fate.”

No one could compare to her peerless Immortal Fate and talents. Alas, she only wanted to play around instead of searching for enlightenment. Otherwise, an honest effort from her would definitely yield a frightening harvest.

“Don’t blame this on me, you clearly don’t want to tell me.” She glared at him and pouted.

“Okay, if you want to learn more secrets, you will have to listen to me. I’ll slowly tell you more in the future.” Li Qiye smilingly replied.

Rehabilitating this little girl couldn’t be done in one or two days. He needed to take his time.

“Hmph, what’s so special about this land? I don’t care for it anyway.” She said with disdain, but despite her words, she listened to him very well in the recent days.

Eventually, Li Qiye brought Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian to a different location. This place was dreary and much more desolate compared to the other locations in the beastworld. There were neither cities nor villages here.

However, a solitary temple could be found on top of this desolate area. It survived the withering of countless years. A majestic aura permeated the air when one got close to this temple. It seemed to be even more ancient than all the other villages and cities in the beastworld. One could say that this temple dated back to the beginning of the beastworld itself.

“Why did you take us here?” Long Jingxian glanced at the divine temple and spoke: “Hmph, If this place only has treasures and merit laws, then forget it. Our long journey would have been boring if it is for treasures and laws.”

Although others yearned for treasures and laws, Long Jingxian simply didn’t care for them. She had a lot of treasures and countless emperor laws.

He looked at her and said: “Little girl, if you weren’t a natural-born Immortal Fate and if Wushuang wasn’t someone I valued, I definitely wouldn’t take you two to this place! Don’t look down on this temple as it precedes even the beastworld. Don’t think that only Bi’an City is the place of creations, a few things require one’s own stroke of fortune.”

“What items are inside?” Such words piqued Long Jingxian’s interest, prompting her immediate inquiry. Li Qiye gently shook his head: “There are no important items in here. It can even be said that this doesn’t even matter. The crucial thing here is…” He paused and pointed at his heart before continuing to speak: “… perseverance and training through the tribulations with one’s dao heart.”

Li Qiye went on: “If both of you can pass through this temple, the rewards in the form of treasures no longer matter since you will have transformed. You will gain an extraordinary heart that allows you to calmly meditate and become enlightened.”

He gazed at them and spoke in all seriousness: “I didn’t bring you two here for any treasures but for the training within. Later on, feel free to argue and fight with each other. However, there must be a congeniality between the two of you; you must be able to rely on each other in life or death situations, a harmony forged from ice and fire!”

“Hmph, I don’t want to. Who says I want to fight together with Jian Wushuang?” Long Jingxian was not very happy.

“It is not up to you to decide.” Li Qiye put on a solemn expression: “If you want to travel the world with me, then you have to be together with Jian Wushuang! Yes, your talents are incredible, but Wushuang still has many aspects that you need to learn from. At the same time, Wushuang can also comprehend things from you that she wouldn’t be able to otherwise! Your comprehension is as great as an immortal’s, but you do not have an undaunting and persistent dao heart like her!”

“I’ll give both of you a serious piece of advice.” Li Qiye had a rare moment of austerity: “If you two don’t work together, you will not be able to traverse this temple. Without trust and teamwork, you will definitely perish. If this is the outcome, I will be very disappointed.”

“Fine, we’ll team up then.” Long Jingxian finally yielded: “Hmph, I’ll just handle the loss and let Jian Wushuang bask in my radiance.”

Jian Wushuang only glared at her. She didn’t bother arguing this time.

Li Qiye gently caressed her hair and said: “Go, you two must trust each other. Jingxian will be very beneficial to you, allowing you to learn many new things. This training session is required and very important. In the future, you will need someone you can trust as you ride into battle. You need to learn how to trust others!”

She had always been proud and aggressive, thus she had no friends outside of the elders in her family. It was likely that no one else could earn her trust besides Li Qiye!

He deliberately let these two go together since only Long Jingxian could earn the trust of someone as arrogant as Wushuang. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to get into her sight!

Wushuang didn’t say anything and just coolly went down from the carriage.

“Ladies, try hard. If you can come out alive, then you will understand in the future that no one in this world can stop the combination of you two!” Li Qiye smiled and rode away in his carriage.