Chapter 870: Golden Crow Regalia

The masses stared at this king. Everyone knew that going against the ravine was very unwise. However, a Heavenly King in the current times was also a pivotal figure. Not one could step down after being beaten to the point of vomiting blood by a junior under the watchful gazes of the public.

The prince glared at this king and was ready to kill: “If you are courting death, then I’ll gladly assist you!”

“Make your move.” The king was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off. He made his decision to stand strong till the very end. His life wheel started to spin, increasing his longevity blood. Inside this surging longevity blood was the weapon of a God-Monarch. It was as if one was here in person!

Everyone understood that this king wanted to fight to the death after seeing him summon a God-Monarch weapon.

“Die!” The prince turned into a cold murderous beam that instantly soared into the sky, aiming straight for this Heavenly King. He was as fast as a golden eagle and as agile as a dancing serpent.

The king also shouted as he stomped on the air to propel himself upward. He was determined to go big and channeled his boundless arts. The God-Monarch weapon came down, suppressing everything with its aura. At this time, he didn’t mind offending the ravine, he just wanted to kill the prince.

A Heavenly King using his arts while controlling a weapon of the God-Monarch level had incredible power. With an explosion, the surrounding thousand mile radius shattered beneath the weapon.

The loud screech of a bird was heard piercing through the sky. Amidst the exchange, a golden ray shot forward at extreme speed. It was able to freely traverse between the offensive laws. There was no way of dodging this. Moreover, this blinding ray was also sharp and capable of penetrating all things.

“Pop!” Everyone could see the scene in the sky. This golden ray pierced the God-Monarch weapon. With a miserable scream, blood stained the blue sky. The Heavenly King fell from above and slammed into the ground. He never stood up again.

The prince landed at this time as well. His body radiated a golden brilliance as if he was wearing a sacred robe. Moreover, behind the endless lights was the image of a gigantic three-legged bird!

People finally noticed that the prince was wearing a feathery golden robe. It seemed to be woven from soft yet sharp feathers. This seemingly fragile robe had sharp edges capable of slashing anything apart.

Someone shouted after seeing this battle armor on his body: “Golden Crow Regalia!”

A few from the previous generation were alarmed at this name as well: “Legend states that the feathers of this golden robe came from the Golden Crow Progenitor himself!”

People’s expressions quickly changed when the Golden Crow Progenitor was brought up. Although he was not an Immortal Emperor, he was an existence capable of assailing one!

The Golden Crow Regalia was the defining treasure of the tribe. Whoever wore this robe would be able to have both a sharp and penetrating offense as well as ultimate speed.

The prince had fused the essences of two different schools of arts on top of being a peak Heavenly King. The moment he put the regalia on, the increase in his power would allow him to challenge even Virtuous Paragons.

Many were astounded at the sight of the prince quick disposing of that king. Without an imperial weapon, even a more powerful Heavenly King would only be courting death against the prince. Perhaps even normal paragons wouldn’t want to provoke him.

“Anyone else got a problem?” The prince’s excessively sharp glare swept over the crowd nearby. At this moment, he didn’t try to hide his murderous aura in the least!

The crowd was very displeased with this attitude, but the majority chose to back off. They were reluctant to provoke the prince. For ordinary great powers, it would be suicidal to go against the ravine!

“Who is being so noisy?” A lazy voice rang out at this time. A young man could be found outside of the mansion’s gate, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“Li Qiye…” The crowd erupted after seeing the young man standing there. All eyes gathered on him.

Many people suddenly saw a ray of hope. They knew that Li Qiye was a ruthless person that would kill gods if they were to stop him. They only wished for him to fight against the prince.

Li Qiye lazily stared at the lion emperor and his demonic legion for a bit before speaking: “What’s going on? Surrounding this place like this, are you trying to move the master mansion back to your home or something?”

The lion emperor glared at him and coldly uttered: “The imperial lineages are reinstating the Bi’an Agreement with my second brother as its host. Therefore, before my second brother arrives, no one is allowed claim the mansion!”

“What imperial lineages? Get the hell out of my way.” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively: “Bi’an City is under my jurisdiction. I will decide who gets the spots, this Bi’an Agreement — in my eyes — isn’t even shit!”

Such words left the lion emperor with an extremely unsightly expression. He leered at Li Qiye and deepened his tone: “Li Qiye, do you really want to go against imperial lineages?”

“Since when have I, Li Qiye, been afraid of imperial lineages?! Scram or I’ll kill all of you!” Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and spoke without a care.

“Damn, that felt good. So domineering, Fierce is indeed fierce.” Someone couldn’t help but applaud. Even those who didn’t like Li Qiye before found him to be cute at this moment. At the very least, he was much more likable than Ye Qingcheng’s group.

“Li Qiye…” A furious scream reverberated through the sky. The prince rushed forward at this time with an aggressive momentum and an unstoppable murderous intent.

Li Qiye only looked at the enraged prince with disdain: “Oh? Isn’t this the chicken that ran for its life? What’s going on now, Wushuang spared you last time but you still chose to come here to act like a clown?!”

This was poking the prince’s sensitive spot! His eyes instantly spewed out flames of anger after hearing this.

“Haha, this is just the way I like it.” Someone was especially happy after seeing Li Qiye making fun of the prince’s weak spot and laughed deviously.

“Li, come out here, I want to fight you!” The prince gritted his teeth and issued his challenge with a shout. He wanted nothing more than to skin Li Qiye alive and taste his flesh and blood.

“It seems that you are quite confident about killing me. Don’t forget the mistakes of the past.” Li Qiye smiled and leisurely quipped: “You managed to escape out of sheer fortune last time. I’m afraid you won’t be as lucky this time.”

“Hmph, such arrogant words!” The lion emperor snorted: “You think you are unbeatable just because you hide behind women? Without Wushuang’s protection, you would amount to nothing!”

“That’s right, what is this about being the Fiercest? It is only a fake moniker. You can’t reach the apex when compared to His Highness Golden Crow and Young Noble Ye.” Someone spoke from within the crowd.

At this time, there were still people who wanted to use this opportunity to flatter the prince’s group to make good relations and potentially benefit from it.

This type of traitorous act was not taken well by the rest of the crowd due to the prince and his people’s arrogant conduct earlier. They glared at the speaker, but he continued to laugh; his skin was quite thick.

“Li Qiye, come out and fight if you are courageous. There is nothing skillful about hiding beneath the skirts of women!” The prince pointed at Li Qiye and shouted: “Don’t tell me you don’t dare to fight since there are no women around you? Are you actually a cowardly turtle?!”

The prince’s pride was crushed after the previous defeat so he needed to regain it by defeating Li Qiye. He would reclaim his glory from Li Qiye and use his blood to wash away the disgrace.

“Haha, if you are afraid, it isn’t too late to surrender!” The prince showed an evil grin. His handsome face became a bit twisted as he sneered: “Crawl under my crotch and I’ll forgive you!”

The spectators couldn’t help but glance at each other after hearing this. They understood that the prince wanted to fight to the death against Li Qiye.

“Really?” Li Qiye wasn’t angered by the prince’s provocation. He remained nonchalant and carefree as he spoke: “Since you are so full of confidence, I’ll spar with you for a bit. If I don’t actually make a move, people will start to think that I am just a cowardly turtle.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!” The prince gave a cold smile and had a touch of cruelty in his ferocious eyes: “I’ll let you experience a fate worse than death after beating you. I’ll lock you up in chains and treat you like a dog!”

“Brother Golden Crow’s idea is too awesome. A human dog, how incredible! At that time, why don’t you give it a name? How about calling it ‘Fiercest Mutt’?” The lion emperor laughed and clapped his hands to support the prince.

The two of them sang a tune to deliberately taunt Li Qiye. This was especially true for the lion emperor. As Ye Qingcheng’s sworn brother, he wanted the prince and Li Qiye to fight to the death! Thus, he used this rare chance to fan the flames.

“You talk too much.” Li Qiye casually threw out a punch without even bothering to look at the lion emperor.

“Hmph…” The lion emperor snorted and performed a lion mudra. A lion’s roar echoed in the sky as lion heads shot up to destroy this punch from Li Qiye.