Chapter 873: Entering The Swamp

The woman in the carriage was peerless, as if she was a fairy lost in the mortal realm, unstained by its mundanity. No matter how beautiful a girl might be, she would appear inelegant before this woman’s presence.

“Fairy Ming…” Someone recognized this woman and their mind fluttered after seeing her supreme beauty and unmatched elegance.

“The number one beauty of the Stone Medicine World…” Another marveled at her sight.

The new arrival was Ming Yexue, the Alchemy Kingdom’s descendant. She attracted countless eyes and enchanted many souls.

Ming Yexue came down from her carriage in the spotlight and went before Li Qiye to speak softly: “I’m late.”

She was always elegant and charming no matter the occasion. In terms of features, Long Jingxian was no worse than her. However, Long Jingxian would always seem to be missing something in comparison. If Long Jingxian was an elf, then Ming Yexue was a fairy bathing in moonlight.

Li Qiye gently nodded and stroked her hair while saying: “Come in. This day has been long overdue. Keep going forward without fear, this is a homecoming for you. Once you reach the end, you will understand the truth.”

Countless were both jealous and envious after seeing the intimate action between the two. Even a peerless genius wouldn’t have the chance to be so close to her.

She gently nodded and looked at Li Qiye with her bright eyes: “You said that you will tell me a few things.”

“Girl, I won’t lie to you. The answer is before your very eyes.” Li Qiye revealed a smile full of tolerance and love as he said: “Follow your heart and feelings to find the answer.”

She took a deep breath before nodding her head with decisiveness, then she started to head towards the master mansion.

The moment she stood before it, the heavy gates opened and allowed her entry.

Everyone that watched this scene wanted nothing more than to rush forward into the mansion. However, no one dared to act recklessly when Li Qiye was standing there.

After the gates closed completely, Li Qiye stared into the far horizon. Mei Aonan still didn’t appear. However, Li Qiye wasn’t going to wait for her since he already made the arrangements with the golem. When she arrived, she would be able to enter as well.

Eventually, he entered his carriage and the bull carried him out of Bi’an City, disappearing under everyone’s eyes.

After confirming that Li Qiye was gone, the majority of the crowd immediately rushed to the front of the master mansion. They wanted to open the gates, but no matter what they tried, the gates remained shut. Even paragons and incomparable geniuses couldn’t open them.

Li Qiye went northbound after leaving the city. The bull was actually moving at a speed so incredible that it was downright frightening. If one saw this scene, they wouldn’t think that it was a bull dragging a carriage but rather an imperial dragon soaring across the world — as fast as lightning!

With regards to speed alone, even Li Qiye’s Tetra-War Bronze Chariot couldn’t compare to the bull. It could be said that the bull was one of the fastest mounts in the world with virtually no peers.

Li Qiye eventually arrived at the edge of the beastworld thanks to the bull’s incredible speed. Very few people had set foot in this place ever since the beastworld had first opened.

One could only see an endless swamp in the near horizon. Moreover, it had an evil aura that restricted one’s movement. Even the strongest beings wouldn’t be able to fly in this place. Moreover, they would be infected by this evil energy and might die at any given moment.

Without access to flight, one would also be vulnerable to drowning in this horrible swamp; like quicksand, they would be unable to escape.

This was a dangerous location in the beastworld. Li Qiye had undergone an adventure in this place a very long time ago. Back then, when Mei Aonan’s master lost his position, he was also exiled here.

He had two choices at that time; either leave the beastworld forever or accept being exiled to this place.

For a golem from Bi’an City, leaving the beastworld was akin to seeking death! In the end, her master chose to be exiled.

Later on, Li Qiye brought the young Immortal Emperor Tun Ri to this place. At that moment, Mei Aonan’s master attempted to bewitch the young emperor, so Li Qiye nailed him into this swamp.

It wasn’t until later when Immortal Emperor Tun Ri interceded on the golem’s behalf that Li Qiye released him, allowing him to live.

This swamp was extremely dangerous. Even a Godking wouldn’t recklessly come to this place. However, Li Qiye rushed inside on his carriage without any hesitation and disappeared into the thick and evil aura in the blink of an eye.

The bull was not only fast but also adept in risky adventures. It was able to avoid dangers and remove poisons as well as predict future ominous events. Because of this, it was the best mount to enter any ominous ground and also the reason why Li Qiye went to the Celestial Peak to find it again.

In a distant era, the tetra chariot was Li Qiye’s war vehicle while the bull was the mount for him to enter the forbidden grounds and other ominous locations.

“Why did this happen?!” When the news of the prince’s death in battle arrived at the ravine, the whole place was sent into turmoil. For instance, a scream echoed across the place right at this moment.

The ravine couldn’t swallow this anger, especially the experts from the Golden Crow Tribe. Even the other elders couldn’t let this go. They wanted to mobilize their army to kill Li Qiye for vengeance.

The ravine master, on the other hand, did not agree to this approach and rejected the elders’ decision. Thus, the meeting became quite interesting. Under the anger of the elders, the entire ravine seemed to be shaking, causing many disciples to be frightened.

“I agree with Miao Chan’s logic. We have been too arrogant in the past few generations. Golden Crow took the vanguard for Ye Qingcheng and represented the world to reinstate the Bi’an Agreement — this made many people angry. Even though we are a sect with two emperors, above us are behemoths like the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan… When we mobilize against others, what will these sects think of us?” The master did not want to mobilize their troops.

Meanwhile, some elders and high elders and even a few ancestors, especially the big shots from the Golden Crow Tribe, swore to seek revenge!

In fact, the master was in a weak position at this time. Although their Miao Clan had a pivotal position in the ravine, the Golden Crow Tribe had an even greater influence!

“Hmph, Master, don’t forget, if it wasn’t for your refusal to let my grandchild borrow the emperor’s true weapon, he wouldn’t have died to that little animal!” A great character from the Golden Crow Tribe spoke coldly. 1

“We only have two imperial fate weapons, so the decision wasn’t made lightly. They are our defining treasures meant for the sect’s survival. If we lose an imperial fate weapon during my reign, then I will become a sinner of the ravine, a sinner towards our forefathers!” The master raised his voice.

In fact, the master had no affection for the prince. In the beginning, he actually wanted him to marry his daughter, but towards the end, he no longer held such thoughts!

“Regardless of what happened, our descendant definitely cannot die in vain. If we don’t mobilize and kill Li Qiye, how can we deter the world? How can we establish our eternal prestige?!” One ancestor uttered in all seriousness.

Although the master had a high-ranking position and was well respected, the majority of the high elders and even ancestors were in support of the Golden Crow’s branch.

The meeting became very rowdy. Some supported the master’s decision, but more approved of the Golden Crow Tribe’s choice.

On a peak inside the ravine, Miao Chan could be found seated there, stupefied. The tears in the corners of her eyes had yet to dry from her quiet weeping.

As a character that had made decisions for the ravine, she had never missed a meeting before. But today, she did not participate. At this moment, everything became meaningless in her eyes.

Everything she did was for the prince, but he was now dead so everything became mere smoke. Strength and strategies were no longer important in her mind.

She sat there in silence with no one else to help shoulder her grief. Her expression carried a tinge of coldness and sadness.

After some time, the ravine master came along and sat down next to her. It was obvious that he was furious.

Miao Chan composed herself after a long period and looked at her father to softly ask: “Are we mobilizing?”

“Ignore them.” The master was clearly livid. He struggled to suppress his anger and looked at his daughter. He couldn’t help but feel hurt as he gently placed his hand over her shoulder: “Child, do you want to get revenge for that bastard as well?”

“Revenge?” Miao Chan bitterly smiled with a touch of helplessness, disappointment, and some despair: “Against whom? Li Qiye? Or perhaps Ye Qingcheng? Although Li Qiye killed him, he died in Ye Qingcheng’s palm!”

The ravine master indignantly stated: “Hmph, that bastard didn’t listen to good advice. Look at him now, he threw his life away! But that doesn’t matter. What’s most unforgivable is that he made my daughter suffer as well!”