Chapter 876: Corporeal Zone

Li Qiye replied with a grin: “So, you will never reveal the location of the Corporeal Zone.”

“That’s right, I will never tell you its whereabouts, so don’t even think about obtaining it. Let go of this thought!” Bloodhand spoke.

Li Qiye pondered for a bit before calmly replying: “You are making it difficult for me.”

“Do your worst. If I even groan once, I will be a useless cur.” Bloodhand let out a perverted laughter: “What kind of torture do you want to try this time? Split open my skull or use an Immortal Emperor to read my sea of memories? Perhaps incinerate me with an aberrant flame?”

“I know that your memories have been protected and sealed many times. Tearing it apart would only destroy your memories, plus I wouldn’t get the information I wanted anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Of course, I won’t force you if you don’t want to tell me! I have always been a kind person who has never wanted you to die…

“If I wished for your demise, then I wouldn’t have changed locations so many times for you to live on. You need to be aware that keeping a dead man alive like you for one generation after another is a very difficult task. It took so much effort from me!”

Bloodhand grinned after hearing this: “Then I should be thanking you for capturing me and crippling my cultivation, destroying my flesh, torturing me for millions of years on top of keeping me alive for generations. What an altruistic act!”

“No need to thank me. Wait until I release you, then you can say that again. I am such a kind person.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Release me?” Even an existence like Bloodhand was taken aback after hearing this.

Li Qiye smiled: “There’s no need to be shocked. This time, I came to let you go. My conscience has been in agony after so many years of forcing you to experience a fate worse than death. Now, you are on the verge of death anyway, so I’ll let you go in hopes that you can live well for the remaining years.”

“Dark Crow, go ahead and use your demonic means, but your trickery won’t do!” Bloodhand sneered.

“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “For millions of years with endless killing and bloodbaths, I’ve become tired as well. In the end, I still have a conscience after torturing you for so many years. I will let you live your last remaining years well. A living being will always gain some sympathy eventually, right? Now, I’ve grown merciful and no longer wish to kill day after day.”

“Hahahaha!” Bloodhand couldn’t help but burst out in laughter after hearing this as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life: “Conscience, sympathy, mercy? Hahaha, Dark Crow, do you take me for a three year old child? You have a conscience? You showing sympathy? Hahaha, I’m going to die from laughter. For millions of years now, how many people have you slaughtered? Tell me, tens of millions from my race died because of you. And during that last battle of our era, how many people from the other races of the nine worlds died in your hands? Haha, you destroyed countless sects and murdered numerous countries then slaughtered an untold amount of clans…”

“Hahaha, a butcher like you having a conscience and showing mercy, hahaha, I’m dying… this is a tiger telling a rabbit that it has become a vegetarian… hahaha…” Bloodhand laughed hysterically.

“You’re right. I have killed countless people, but I have never denied my hands being stained with blood. In the last battle, I indeed annihilated every single lineage that conspired with you Ancient Ming.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, Bloodhand, I don’t need to prove my conscience to you. I only know that if I don’t release you from this place devoid of sunlight, I will feel guilty in the future on my deathbed.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “In short, I’m letting you go this time. It is up to you to believe it or not.”

Bloodhand mused it through. Such a thing was too sudden. He definitely didn’t believe a brute like the Dark Crow releasing him without a reason!

“Hue hue hue…” Eventually, he smirked and said: “Dark Crow, others might not know you, but I know exactly just what kind of person you are. You’re someone who will never give up before reaching your goal. I’m living very well right now, completely worry-free with no fear of death. This is quite a nice situation, so I think I would rather be imprisoned for another million years.”

“Even if you don’t want to leave, I’ll release you anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled on his carriage: “As for whether you leave or not, it is your business and has nothing to do with me.”

“Hue hue hue…” Bloodhand laughed: “Ah, Dark Crow, you just want to pull a snake from its nest, letting me go so that I will lead you straight to the Corporeal Zone. Unfortunately, it is just your wishful thinking. After millions of years, I no longer know the locations of the Ancient Ming and definitely not the location of the Corporeal Zone. Even if you let me go, you won’t be able to gain anything from it, it is just a waste of thoughts.”

“Bloodhand, you think too much of this. I don’t necessarily need the Corporeal Zone in this generation. After so many moons, I remained invincible and capable of suppressing the nine heavens and ten earths. I can do as I please, even without the Corporeal Zone.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head.

Bloodhand laughed and stated: “Huehuehue, my Dark Crow, your ambition only stops there? For you, sweeping across the nine heavens and suppressing the myriad realms are nothing. You even had the chance to beat the Immortal Demon Grotto, but you chose not to do so! Hahaha, just reveal your true intentions.”

“Bloodhand, you think so little of me.” Li Qiye flatly said: “Yes, I indeed had the chance to do so, but I would never let so many souls die there just for my own vendetta! If it takes blood to regain freedom and innocent lives for my own gain… I would never resort to such a thing. In fact, I look down on it. Otherwise, I could have made Immortal Emperor Min Ren recklessly attack the grotto during his era.”

“Hue hue hue…” Bloodhand smiled: “The murderer Dark Crow is spewing such benevolent words, not wishing for the innocent to die… This joke isn’t funny at all…”

“Bloodhand, it seems like I’ve thought too highly of you. To think that you could understand me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “That’s right, I am a mass murderer whose hands are covered in blood! But for millions of years until now, I can swear by my life that I have never used innocent blood in exchange for my freedom! My life is full of bloodshed along with letting many people down, but I have a clear conscience in this matter! This applies to the past, present, and the future!”

Li Qiye smiled at this point: “Bloodhand, we have known each other for so long as enemies, but it seems like you really don’t know me. I suppose I can tell you that for humans and the nine worlds, I can slaughter all things because this world has things worthy for me to remember. However, to sacrifice others in order to escape the grotto… this is something I will never do! I shall carry out my vendetta myself!”

Bloodhand grew quiet once more before continuing with his strange laughter: “Hue hue hue, Dark Crow, even if you are right, do you deny the fact that you were using the Immortal Demon Grotto? Outside of not sacrificing the innocent, your choice of not destroying the grotto is because you want to use it for eternal life, correct? Hahaha, don’t tell me you do not miss the sensation of being indestructible and everlasting!”

“Hekhekhek…” Bloodhand laughed loudly: “Even the villainous heavens cannot deal with your type of indestructibility. Destruction and suppression, neither can annihilate you. It must be a great feeling that caused even Immortal Emperors to drool. Do you dare to tell me that you don’t miss that feeling?”

“My Bloodhand.” Li Qiye shook his head: “You truly have grown old. Although you have lived for a very long time while hiding behind the Ancient Ming and obtaining glory for your race, you are now old. You have sealed yourself for too long and lost sight of the world. Your ideas and knowledge are no longer relevant. There are too many things and secrets unknown to you.”

“Hue hue hue… Perhaps I really am old now, but I know one thing for certain. Dark Crow, you will never give up on the Corporeal Zone! Trust me, I know you are just like me, hahaha! You wish for the day of reversal, a day for a counterattack, hahaha, so you need the Corporeal Zone!” Bloodhand responded.

“Perhaps.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I won’t deny that. One day, I will stand above the nine firmaments; one day, I will become eternity itself; one day, the things that people of the past couldn’t accomplish and people of the future will continue to fail at shall be achieved by my hands!”

“However, if you think I need the Corporeal Zone for the counterattack, then you are gravely mistaken.” Li Qiye continued: “Nothing would be better than having the Corporeal Zone. However, if this is not meant to be, I trust that I can find a backup plan, something else to replace the zone! You should know that since the very beginning, the things that I could not manage are too few and far in between.”