Chapter 880: Eighteen Sects

In a short period of time, the atmosphere in the city became serious with great tension. Many imperial lineages came out of nowhere, including the sea sect, the Jian Clan, the ravine, and the citadel. These behemoths rendered everyone breathless.

Some sects read the situation well and decided to leave the city. Of course, some of them chose to stay behind as well since they didn’t want to give up.

A battle could break out at any time. The sea sect and the ravine wanted to deal with Jian Wushuang while the Jian Clan naturally had her back. As for the citadel, it was clear that they were supporting the Jian Clan. At this moment, the antagonism between the two sides was extremely apparent.

Ye Qingcheng noticed the inevitable battle between the imperial lineages and grinned. He spoke: “I’m afraid no one will believe an incredible lineage like the Beastmaster Citadel working for a junior. Who knows if they are actually here for the beastworld or not? Today, there are myriad sects in the Beast Realm that need a real leader.”

The intention of these words was too clear. He was insinuating that the citadel was only using Li Qiye as a front and that they actually came here for the beastworld.

Everyone knew that the citadel and the ravine were the strongest lineages in this region. Although the citadel chose to be reclusive, the ravine still considered it as their greatest opponent.

In the ravine’s eyes, the existence of the citadel made it quite prohibitive for them to become the real rulers of the Beast Realm.

Ye Qingcheng was trying to urge these two lineages. The ravine coming for revenge today was part of his plan. However, this was far from enough. It would be much more preferable to have the ravine and the citadel slaughter each other.

The citadel master was not angry at this attempt to egg them on. He looked at Ye Qingcheng and smiled: “This so-called title of number one is only this much — just a name. You are only a frog at the bottom of a well with incredibly narrow eyesight. You have seen too little of the endless grand dao across the eons.”

His words made it sound like Ye Qingcheng’s title of being number one was not worth a single coin.

Ye Qingcheng’s expression sank after hearing this. However, he remained cool with a confident smile. Of course he was unhappy with such an evaluation. Who didn’t admire his title of number one?

“I don’t mind monarch’s evaluation because I know you verbally attacked me since you didn’t like hearing what I had to say.” Ye Qingcheng said with a smile as if he didn’t care about the evaluation.

“Hmph.” Taiyang Wang snorted as well. His ravine didn’t want a simple revenge. This mobilization carried the facade of vengeance, but they had the ambition to win the beastworld.

The Dragon-Tiger Monarch gave a pitiful glance at Ye Qingcheng and shook his head: “Just an ignorant child… you still dare to call yourself number one in this world!” The monarch naturally was not here for the beastworld since it was essentially not important to them. The only important factor was Li Qiye!

Such a comment was definitely a thorn in Ye Qingcheng’s heart. The words caused his expression to change, but he managed to remain nonchalant and smile right afterward.

He spoke: “I will keep in mind Monarch’s evaluation of me. However, everyone is here and it is clear as day to all that the beastworld has not come out for many generations. We all know that back then, the Divine Beast Realm being able to control the beastworld was due to the Bi’an Immortal Rod…”

“You claim to be working for Li Qiye when he has the immortal rod — this is no secret to anyone. This makes one wonder because the owner of the rod can control the beastworld, and with this, one can definitely reign supreme for a whole generation. At that time, your Beastmaster Citadel will be able to rule the Beast Realm and even control the entire Stone Medicine World!” With that, Ye Qingcheng either purposely or accidentally reminded the ravine of this sensitive topic.

Many experts at the city couldn’t help but look at the citadel’s people.

“Haha, I didn’t think the citadel, a lineage with two emperors, would act so lowly. What is this about pledging allegiance to Li Qiye and even sending your daughter to him? So it turns out that it is all for the immortal rod.” Taiyang Wang snorted: “This so-called dual emperors sect is only just that, a bunch of cheats!”

Taiyang Wang naturally seized this opportunity to attack the citadel. For their ravine, one mountain couldn’t have two tigers. Their mobilization was not only to kill Li Qiye, but also to seize the immortal rod.

Naturally, their ravine also wanted to become the next Divine Beast Realm. The method was to obtain the immortal rod to control the beastworld.

“Bah, this number one in the world is only a slime.” Long Jingxian interjected with disdain: “Outside of instigating conflict and gossiping, what other skills do you have?”

“That’s right. You’re just a coward that’s avoiding a direct battle. How can he be qualified to compete for the Heaven’s Will?” An overbearing voice appeared at this moment as another group joined the fray.

“Mei Aonan!” Someone stated after seeing the newly arrived experts.

At this time, she came together with the majority of the people from the Imperial Edge. Next to her was a handsome but cold young man, her big brother, Mei Aoxue.

In fact, very few people knew about him prior to this, but not long ago, he massacred the eighteen Young Celestials by himself, so people imprinted his good looks into their memories.

There was another reason that left a deep impression. He was the descendant of the Jianlong Clan, a sect with three emperors!

The crowd was curious at her arrival. Not long before, she fought against Ye Qingcheng, but this fight did not reach a conclusion. It seemed that the two entered an ancient battlefield in space by accident and Ye Qingcheng managed to escape before Mei Aonan.

Ye Qingcheng was not surprised to see her. He smiled and leisurely said: “If Daoist Mei thinks I am responsible for the ancient battlefield accident, then I don’t blame you!”

“You can hide for now, but not forever.” Mei Aonan glared at him and tyrannically declared: “Only one of us will survive on the path for the Heaven’s Will! Today, Bi’an City will be your grave!”

Ye Qingcheng smiled and gently shook his head: “Daoist Mei, I also want to settle the score with you. However, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do so today. There are others who want to deal with you!” With that, he gently clapped.

The clap rallied an army right outside of the city with great momentum. Inside were the surging auras of Virtuous Paragons.

“Eighteen great powers…” People were startled to see this new army that had essentially surrounded the entire city.

This force was composed of the eighteen sects that the Young Celestials came from. They were all very powerful. Some were even imperial lineages. Despite not being as strong as the Beastmaster Citadel, they still incited fear in others.

Their sudden appearance made a lot of people jump.

“Seven paragons are in there.” One person counted the figures among the army.

Even a Heavenly King couldn’t see through the true cultivation of these seven; he only quietly speculated: “Among the seven, I think three are eternal existences, two are legendary masters, and the rest are ordinary ancestors.”

“What are they trying to do, are they going all out?” One ancestor noticed that something was about to go down and ordered his disciples to retreat from the city.

This army came as a surprise to everyone. The eighteen powers truly mustered all of their strength.

“The Jianlong Clan’s descendant murdered more than ten thousand disciples of ours. We demand an answer!” An eternal existence inside this army declared.

He continued to glare at Mei Aoxue, but Mei Aoxue remained cold and aloof without responding.

“The Jianlong Clan needs to give an answer?” Mei Aonan coldly stared at this paragon and uttered in a domineering manner: “Yes, we did kill these eighteen Young Celestials, but that has nothing to do with the Jianlong Clan. This is a feud between your eighteen sects and my Imperial Edge. If you want revenge, then come at me!”

Her aggressive style remained unchanging even when facing the great army from the eighteen sects.

“Good, good, the younger generation shall surpass us in time. If it has nothing to do with the Jianlong Clan, then our great powers will take it up with your Imperial Edge!” The paragon laughed loudly after seeing her arrogance.

They mustered all of their strength not only to seek justice for their dead disciples, but also because Ye Qingcheng had promised them that once he took control of the beastworld, they could pick anything they wanted.

These powers didn’t trust him completely. However, after seeing Ye Qingcheng being able to open all the doors to the buildings inside while his grand dao resonated with the entire city, they believed that he could control the beastworld. The only thing he was lacking was the immortal rod.

The crowd began to link one and one together. This many sects and imperial lineages and even Virtuous Paragons appearing out of nowhere were no simple coincidence. A few neutral ancestors stared at Ye Qingcheng and realized his shadow loomed behind all of these events!