Chapter 882: Stone-Dragon God

The thirty-six Royal Ancestors surrounded Mei Aoxue in the blink of an eye. They slowly took out their weapons. Some had God-Monarch level weapons, others had ancient artifacts, and one of them even took out an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.

“I heard Daoist Aoxue has learned the essence of Immortal Emperor Yu Long’s laws. Let my people witness your emperor’s laws!” Ye Qingcheng spoke.

He thought very highly of Mei Aoxue. It could even be said that Aoxue was his most formidable enemy, not Mei Aonan.

It was undeniable that Mei Aonan was powerful. However, the identities of these two were completely different. Mei Aonan had left the Jianlong Clan to form her own power while Mei Aoxue was its descendant. His personal power was not to be trifled with either.

As the descendant of one sect with three emperors, if Aoxue wanted to compete for the Heaven’s Will, then he would be able to have countless resources and ancestors behind him. This was the reason why Ye Qingcheng was so wary of him!

Mei Aoxue only coldly glared at the ancestor. He relaxed his right hand while the whip in his left slowly stretched like a true dragon stretching its body. An invincible aura quickly engulfed his body.

“Jade Dragon Whip!” The thirty-six ancestors surrounding him were startled after seeing this whip and grew serious. 1

The Jade Dragon Whip was the Jian Long progenitor’s, Immortal Emperor Yu Long’s true fate weapon! This was the first emperor of the clan whose legend stated that when he used this whip, he could turn into a true dragon!

“Die!” The thirty-six ancestors cried out and instantly joined forces. They wanted to use their most powerful attack to kill Mei Aoxue before he could exert the whip’s true power. Even paragons like them wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Mei Aoxue remained cold while the whip coiled around him like an invincible true dragon. He took one step forward and myriad realms froze. With his hands creating different seals, a huge blast detonated. Hundreds of ice dragons soared to the sky and mercilessly pounced on the thirty-six ancestors!

“Oh god, truly worthy of being the Jian Long Clan’s descendant! Fighting against thirty-six ancestors alone, such a domineering first move. This power is even more frightening than Ye Qingcheng’s.” People outside the city quivered after seeing his attack.

Many geniuses realized at this time that if someone as heaven-defying as Mei Aoxue took action earlier, perhaps Ye Qingcheng would have trouble holding onto his title of number one!

“It is time for us to end this.” Mei Aonan held her divine sword and shield with high spirits while approaching Ye Qingcheng.

“Is that so?” Ye Qingcheng had both hands behind his back in a carefree manner as he said: “Daoist Mei, you will only realize my true power at the very end.”

Mei Aonan responded with a disdainful look: “Ye Qingcheng, perhaps I viewed you as an enemy in the past, but today, you have shown yourself to be nothing more than a coward. Scheming on the path towards the Heaven’s Will is simply dishonorable, this is the incorrect path!”

“Very well, if Daoist Mei believes that, then let me experience your peerless arts.” Ye Qingcheng was always so, natural and unrestrained no matter the occasion.

Having said that, a plethora of phenomena emerged. An extremely vast kingdom appeared behind him. It had billions of worshiping citizens and preaching saints. Three old Virtuous Paragons stepped out from within.

These three old Virtuous Paragons looked exactly like Ye Qingcheng, as if there were suddenly three clones of him. However, they emitted the auras of ancient paragons.

“Daoist Mei, this art of mine is called One Dao Forming Three Paragons. You can fight me once you defeat my three avatars.” Ye Qingcheng arrogantly posed with both hands behind his back after stating this.

People beyond the borders were quite shocked to see three ancient paragons who looked identical to Ye Qingcheng. One expert murmured: “How can this be?”

Although some amazing cultivators could create their own avatars, these avatars were normally much weaker than the original body.

However, these three avatars were even more powerful than Ye Qingcheng since they were already at the paragon level!

“The culmination of the blessings from countless paragons across millions of years from the Stony Edge Kingdom in addition to the worship of its citizen. This allowed Ye Qingcheng to create three avatars even stronger than himself.” One ancestor explained.

“Merely a little trick.” Mei Aonan sneered dismissively even when facing against three avatars of the paragon level. With that, she ferociously slammed her shield then unsheathed her sword. The celestials in the sky suddenly lost their brilliance.

With the sword and shield in hand, she went forth without fear. The shield assaulted the myriad dao while the sword penetrated the nine domains to fight against Ye Qingcheng’s One Dao Forming Three Paragons!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, the chaotic battle on the other side heated up. Blood and body parts flew everywhere!

Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang had joined the fray on the side of the Jian Clan. The two of them attacked left and right while no one could stop their onslaught. Eventually, two paragons from the ravine had to show up to stop their advance.

The two camps went at each other in an instant. The experts from the citadel, the Jian Clan, and the Imperial Edge were fighting the great armies from the ravine, the sea sect, and the eighteen great powers.

Although Ye Qingcheng’s side had an advantage in numbers, the other side was not just there for show. The citadel might not have any amazing ancestors present, but the monarch’s group unleashed incredible beasts and flying creatures to crush many experts in the blink of an eye.

The most dominating was Old Eight from the Jian Clan. The Osseous Bow was truly terrifying; it was capable of shooting down the sun high above and piercing deep into hell below. Just one arrow caused blood to spurt everywhere in the sky. In an instant, he massacred a huge group of experts from the alliance with his devastating shots.

Those with weaker cultivations were immediately suppressed by the bow’s murderous aura and could only stand there and accept death.

With a loud blast, Taiyang Wang and the prime saint summoned their Immortal Emperor Life Treasures to stop one arrow from Old Eight. However, their combined efforts were still not enough to completely stop Old Eight’s arrow despite having imperial weapons. They were rendered breathless by his might.

“Osseous Bow! What a frightening and vicious weapon.” The spectators outside the battlefield quivered at this sight of the prime saint and Taiyang Wang being forced to continuously retreat, especially when the arrows were unleashed from the bow with its imperial power. Many people directly fell to the ground due to its pressure.

Ye Qingcheng also took note of this terrifying weapon. His expression darkened as he slowly spoke: “Ancestors, what are you waiting for? This is a rare opportunity, kill the enemies now so no one else can compete with us for the beastworld!”

“Friends, this is the time to attack, to put all of them down so we don’t waste more time.” Unbeknown to everyone, an old man could be found standing behind Ye Qingcheng. His voice echoed across the world.

This old man still kept his stone body while adorning a dragonscale armor and a bronze bell around his neck. The moment he stepped out, a dragon’s aura filled the sky as if a divine dragon was occupying this spot.

“Stone-Dragon God, Li Fanming.” A big shot from the golem race jumped in astonishment and murmured after seeing this old man.

“Stone-Dragon God, the person who competed with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong for the Heaven’s Will? He had even pushed the emperor out of the Stone Medicine World in the past!” Many people became excited upon hearing this name.

In the previous generation, Li Fanming was a name that represented the pride of the Stone Medicine World. He was a great scion with a status no less than Ye Qingcheng right now. Later on, he strode on the path for the Heaven’s Will.

The young Immortal Emperor Ta Kong at that time visited the Stone Medicine World. As a genius from this world, Li Fanming was the first to challenge the young emperor.

The young emperor lost completely and was chased by Li Fanming to the very edge of this realm. Eventually, the young emperor managed to escape from the Stone Medicine World in a tattered shape. From then on, Li Fanming became known as the Stone-Dragon God!

He became the pride of both the golem race and the Stone Medicine World. Many people held him in high regard and believed that he could become the Immortal Emperor.

Unfortunately, he was defeated the next time he met the young Ta Kong. Later on, he challenged the young emperor again three times in a row, but all of his attempts ended in defeat!

Afterward, he no longer dared to challenge the emperor and chose to live reclusively, especially after Immortal Emperor Ta Kong ascended to the throne. No one had seen him again after that.

When the world was on the verge of forgetting him completely, Li Fanming once again appeared to become Ye Qingcheng’s dao protector!

A few characters from back then became emotional after seeing Li Fanming again. The untouchable genius of the past had ultimately failed.

However, him standing behind Ye Qingcheng caused many people to be breathless. With his protection, Ye Qingcheng indeed had the power to compete for the Heaven’s Will.

“Bang!” The Osseous Bow was unstoppable. Old Eight instantly forced Taiyang Wang and the prime saint back once more.

“Hmph, time to end this!” Right when Old Eight was assuming an invincible position to end these two, a shadow descended from the sky and landed right in front of Old Eight.

His descent created a huge shockwave, knocking away many experts to all four directions with wanton regard for friends and foes. This vacated a huge area at the center of the battlefield.

He had a human torso with scorpion legs. His upper body was not much different from a human’s, but there were six large scorpion legs on his lower body! He had an ancient shield that emitted an imperial aura. However, this aura was not the frightening part. There was an air of bloodthirst surrounding him that was incredibly scary.

Countless combatants suddenly turned weak after this aura caught up to them; it was as if they had seen the devil as fear assaulted their minds.

This scorpion demon didn’t look that old, but his blood energy was undoubtedly withered. It was calculable that he was very ancient and that he must have been sealed for many generations.

“Who is this?” Not too many people outside the city were able to guess his identity. However, this bloodthirsty aura frightened even the ancestors.

“Scorpion God, a general under Immortal Emperor Jin She!” Even the Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s expression sank after seeing this demon: “He is actually still alive and broke out of his seal!”

“Hahaha, this junior from the Beastmaster Citadel has keen eyesight. This old demon has been buried underground for so long, but you still recognize me!” The scorpion laughed. He was pleased with his fame.

“The rumor is true, the ravine really did seal a general of an Immortal Emperor! A trusted one at that!” An ancestor murmured at the outskirts of the battlefield.

The Scorpion God was one of the ravine’s ace cards in this operation. Although he was not the greatest general under Immortal Emperor Jin She, he was adored by the emperor and was even bestowed an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, the Golden Serpent Shield.