Chapter 891: Decapitating Godkings

As death approached, the Imperial Grandchild’s fear reached new heights and he had to shout: “Li Qiye, if you kill me, my Stony Edge Kingdom will never let this go!”

Although his lifespan was depleted, there would always be hope if he continued to live on instead of dying in this manner!

“The Stony Edge Kingdom?” Li Qiye looked at him and cheerfully smiled: “I’m sorry, but I am planning on trampling your kingdom soon afterward. A bunch of old geezers cultivated such a worthless genius! A great piece of Luminous Mirrorstone was wasted by all of you!”

With that, he was too lazy to look at his prisoner and commanded the basilisk: “Okay, commence the execution.”

The basilisk brought out three sets of guillotines from seemingly nowhere and slightly bowed towards the three before smiling: “Grandpas, for every grievance, someone is responsible; for every debt, there is a debtor. Please don’t turn into ghosts and haunt me after death.”

The three prisoners all had cold expressions. There was no chance of them escaping death today, so they only wanted for this to go faster to lessen the humiliation.

The entire scene was silent at this point. This situation was the epitome of shocking. Three grand existences that were comparable to Godkings were captured alive and were about to be executed — just how unbelievable was this?

Some people here had seen countless things and weathered uncountable waves, but they were still left in awe of this scene.

No one had ever seen God-Monarch or Godking level existences being decapitated before. Outside of Immortal Emperors, no one else could carry out such a terrifying act. The decapitation of three Godking level characters was definitely something that would deter the world. In the future, anyone in the Stone Medicine World would take the long way around whenever they saw Li Qiye. If he even dared to kill Godkings, what could he possibly be afraid of?

At this time, the three prisoners were pushed into position under the guillotines. They held cold demeanors and remained silent.

The Stone-Dragon God didn’t really mind. He was someone who could handle defeat, so he told the basilisk: “Hurry up, kid. Give me a swift end, I’ll appreciate it even after becoming a ghost.”

“I can rest assured now that Senior has said that!” The basilisk released the blade.

“Pluff!” The head of the Stone-Dragon God rolled very far. A genius that had once competed against an Immortal Emperor was now dead.

Next was the Imperial Grandchild. His head also rolled for quite a while. When it was the Unbreakable Emperor’s turn, he unwillingly shouted: “No!”

However, the blade still came down and his head still rolled. His eyes were wide open since he couldn’t accept this ending!

His title was Unbreakable, unkillable even by Immortal Emperors. But now, a junior decapitated him in front of everyone. This was the biggest humiliation of his life!

Everyone was silent at this moment. No matter how powerful and arrogant one might be, they wouldn’t necessarily be stronger than the Unbreakable Emperor. But now, what was his end? He was still decapitated so that Li Qiye could make a point.

“People have been challenging my authority until now. Very well, today, I will let everyone see the result of those who oppose me!” Li Qiye glanced at everyone around Bi’an City and spoke: “I welcome all challengers! But, before challenging me, remember to bring a sharp executioner’s sword so that we won’t have to bother people to find us some guillotines!”

This was met with silence. No one dared to say anything as Li Qiye’s eyes swept through the crowd, causing them to tremble with fear. They knew they were nothing compared to the Unbreakable Emperor.

The silent crowd all felt chills as they looked at Li Qiye. His moniker, Fiercest, would now terrorize the world.

“Very well, the punishment has been carried out. It is time for the rewards.” Li Qiye chuckled and opened his bamboo basket. Treasures and weapons fell out one after another. These items were all from the captured members of the alliance.

Among them was no shortage of Virtuous Paragon weapons. A few were even of the God-Monarch level.

Li Qiye divided these weapons to the many experts from the Jian Clan and the Beastmaster Citadel: “I kill my enemies without showing mercy, but I never mistreat those who pledge loyalty to me.”

Both of these were imperial lineages. Their experts had no lack of treasures, but none of them could be like Li Qiye who had no room for even more. Many of these rewards were quite good. Moreover, if those from the older generation had no use for such treasures, they could still give them to their disciples.

“Hurry up and thank His Excellency.” The smartest one here was still the Dragon-Tiger Monarch. He was a sensible person, so he immediately told his sect to show their gratitude.

Although the Jian Clan Master was a brute, he was not foolish and learned from the Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s actions. He also told his sect to thank Li Qiye.

The process of handing out the rewards made many cultivators outside drool in jealousy, especially when the God-Monarch level weapons were bestowed. These were the defining treasures for a few great powers! But now, Li Qiye was using them as mere rewards — just how generous was he?

Some of the spectators were full of regrets as well. If they knew that this would happen, they would have pledged allegiance to Li Qiye. It would have been a hundred times better than pledging allegiance to Ye Qingcheng!

“Old turtle.” After rewarding the Jian Clan and the citadel, Li Qiye called for the old turtle who was hiding behind the four-eyed basilisk.

“Great immortal, this lowly one, lowly one is right here…” The old turtle immediately came forward after hearing his name and prostrated straight on the ground while shivering in fear.

Li Qiye glanced at him and nodded: “You did a good job as my driver for the last few days. Very well, I will allow you to return to the Quicksand River and also grant you one treasure.”

He shook his bamboo basket and a treasure fell down. It was the bronze bell that belonged to the Stone-Dragon God.

The old turtle didn’t dare to believe his own eyes after this bell fell straight into his hands. This was the true fate weapon of the dragon god, an existence that had competed against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!

He wouldn’t even dream about this type of treasure before, but Li Qiye actually gave him one today.

“This lowly one will never forget great immortal’s generosity and will worship you for generations…” The old turtle bowed his head nine times and was moved to tears.

He was forced to be Li Qiye’s driver so he had never thought about a reward. He was happy enough that Li Qiye chose to spare his life, so now this gift that was simply unimaginable made him feel grateful to the point of crying! The level of envy in the air was at an all-time high. The old turtle was only an ordinary little demon, but Li Qiye gave him such an extraordinary treasure!

“Hehehe, Boss, what about this lowly one?” The four-eyed basilisk cheekily asked for a treasure.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” His sister couldn’t help but yell at her brother. She was very wary of Li Qiye at this moment. A monster like him was definitely an existence who could destroy a sect with the lift of a single finger!

“Mmm, your Basilisk Tribe has always been sensible, and since you followed me, I’m going to treat you well. Of course you will have a piece of the good stuff.” Li Qiye liked the guy so he nodded his head in agreement.

Having said that, he floated up to the battlefield. With a buzz, he instantly summoned the pentagate and the five ancient creatures rushed out from within.

Celestial Sunbird, Moon Eating Wolf, Star Devouring Ant, Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and Earth Sealing Rat — these ancient beasts sat there, sealing the entire domain as they waited.

Under their empowerment, the battlefield was solidified and nothing could shake or destroy it!

Right when everyone had no clue of what Li Qiye was doing, Li Qiye shook his basket and four Immortal Emperor Life Treasures fell out.

These four life treasures were from Taiyang Wang, the Crystallized Sea Prime Saint, the Imperial Grandchild, and the Unbreakable Emperor. When they were captured, these four treasures were trapped by the Immortal Plucking Annihilation as well.

Compared to a true treasure like the Coiling Dragon Banner, these four life treasures were much weaker. A true treasure like the banner had an even greater intelligence compared to them. Earlier, when the basket opened, the banner knew that the situation was bleak and instantly fled. Conversely, these four treasures did not choose to escape.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” After being released, they thought about escaping as well and slammed into the pentagate. However, they were only weapons. Without a user, their power was severely restricted; they couldn’t exude their invincible imperial auras, thus they couldn’t escape from the containment.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye’s World Seal changed again and took the shape of another pentagate.

“Boom!” A boundless light illuminated the sky. The same five ancient beasts came out from the World Seal and emitted an immemorial beastly aura as if they were divine beasts that had reigned over an ancient age.

At this moment, the five ancient beasts turned into five different supreme grand dao. As they resonated together with the surrounding area, the grand dao suppressed the entire battlefield. Under these five grand dao and the original pentagate, the battlefield suddenly became indestructible.