Chapter 893: Attacking The Stony Edge Kingdom

“Those deserving have received their rewards, now it is time to settle some scores.” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he gazed towards the horizon.

“Young Noble, if you need our Beastmaster Citadel, just say the word. We will prove our loyalty through all arduous trials!” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch immediately prostrated on the ground after hearing Li Qiye.

The Jian Clan Master couldn’t help but look at the elders standing next to him. He knew very little compared to the monarch. This was because the Jian Clan didn’t exist back when the Divine Beast Realm was destroyed.

Despite his hesitation, he still learned a thing or two. When Old Eight gave the signal with a gentle nod, he also stepped forward and prostrated to say: “If Young Noble needs our Jian Clan, we are also willing to pledge our allegiance!”

This scene shocked many experts outside of Bi’an City. Many of them took deep breaths. Both of these sects were imperial lineages. How could such existences pledge their allegiance to others so easily? But they actually did so for Li Qiye at this moment!

“Very good, very good.” Li QIye gently nodded: “Rise. I will let you know when I require your service. As for the Stony Edge Kingdom, I will personally take care of it. It started in my hands so I shall be the one to end it!”

The treefather didn’t say anything. Him standing right behind Li Qiye made his intention clear, he didn’t need to show his loyalty. The command would come when Li Qiye needed his service.

On the second day, Li Qiye appeared in the sky of the Stone Realm. This time, he came with great fanfare. There was no longer any hiding. His thirteen palaces soared in the sky; they suppressed the high heavens above and sealed immortals and devils below. A supreme grand dao paved his path with blinding celestials and howling laws. His dao was above all else; he was the sole ruler of this universe.

“Stony Edge, you have two choices. Hand over Ye Qingcheng and disband the kingdom, or wait for me to come and annihilate all of you!” Li Qiye traveled alone through the Stone Realm, seemingly above the nine heavens.

At this time, his usual ordinary appearance could no longer be found. External features didn’t matter. Even the most common looking face under the radiance of thirteen palaces would become supreme and gallant! Countless eyes in the Stone Medicine World were on each and every action from him. Both legendary existences that could attack Immortal Emperors and overlords of the eras were quietly contemplating the palaces!

Great geniuses had to bow their proud heads after seeing the radiant palaces. Numerous great powers were eclipsed by its light.

“Li Qiye, don’t push us too far!” The howl of Ye Qingcheng resounded from the kingdom as a response to his challenge. Ye Qingcheng appeared in the kingdom’s aerial space while many ancestors emerged from its ancestral ground with stately auras. They were ready to fight against Li Qiye!

Even Ye Qingcheng, who was known as number one and accompanied by his ancestors, was overshadowed by Li Qiye’s divine palaces.

Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces was unique across the eons! No one else can become Immortal Emperor but him!

“That’s what I shall do. Those who block my path shall be killed without mercy; those who scheme against me shall be killed without forgiveness; those who conspire against my friends shall be slain without leniency!” Li Qiye was in high spirits. He was no longer calm like normal and was ready to sweep through the nine heavens in his murderous state.

At this second, the existence that had massacred the nine worlds in the past had awakened. A boundless murderous aura from this supreme overlord engulfed the entire world. The gods and devils screamed beneath his steps and grand dao. A boundless black curtain rose behind him and blocked out myriad realms. A vast river of blood seemed to be pouring down behind this curtain with the corpses of millions!

“Very well, let us fight to the death then!” An ancestor from the kingdom shouted in response in place of Ye Qingcheng: “Those who offend our kingdom will be killed without mercy!”

In just a moment, the two sides were heating up. The kingdom would not back down while Li Qiye continued to move forward in the sky, intending to annihilate this nation.

The majority of the inhabitants in this world were watching this scene. Most had nothing to say due to Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces. An overlord buried underground murmured: “The one and only person to have thirteen palaces in history…”

Some older existences woke up as well, including the ancestors from the three behemoths. Their most powerful experts saw Li Qiye traveling alone and all contemplated without making a single sound.

A while later, one ancestor mumbled: “The world is dark when his eyes closes and the world turns bright when he opens his eyes. The tyrant behind the curtains throughout history!”

As the heavens itself was silenced, Li Qiye entered the Stony Edge Kingdom and its ancestral ground. Sacred mountains were scattered about with rivers surrounding them. This land was full of worldly energy with incredible pavilions, a holy land.

Because of this land, the Stony Edge Kingdom was able to erect an eternal foundation.

“Kill him!” The kingdom was well prepared with commenced their ambush the moment Li Qiye arrived. Countless experts that were waiting for this moment rushed forward from all directions. There were tens of thousands of disciples including Heavenly Sovereigns and Kings.

In an instant, Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces blared and engulfed the sky. All grand dao were suppressed while the Yin Yang Sea of Blood lifted a bloody tsunami of endless height. A golden sun and bloody moon were floating in the sky as a boundless blood energy empowered Li Qiye’s Inner Physiques to the extreme!

Due to the suppression of the dao, many of the experts taking part in the ambush fell down to the ground. The stronger ones had a better time while the weaker ones could only accept their fate.

“Buzz!” It seemed that time had stopped at this split second. Li Qiye stepped forward with a speed beyond the perception of even ordinary paragons.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” With just a flash, time began to flow again as a series of impacts sounded. One could only see blood spurting everywhere like blossoming flowers.

All the experts ambushing Li Qiye were instantaneously rendered into bloody mists. These flowery mists were extremely colorful like fresh flowers in an elegant garden!

“Just what physique is that?!” Countless spectators murmured after seeing this. Extreme speed, extreme weight, extreme domination. No one had heard or seen such a physique before!

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking back at the scene of carnage he created as he continued to step deeper into the ancestral ground.

“Rumble!” The entire country shook as a great imperial formation emerged. This was their strongest formation personally created by Immortal Emperor Shi Feng.

The elders of the country personally presided over the formation. A huge amount of refined jades was being used to empower this formation, a sum that could be considered unobtainable. Immortal Emperor runes were interweaved inside along with chains of thick imperial laws.

People held their breaths at this time in amazement. Everyone knew that there were two methods when facing an imperial formation. One was having a great knowledge regarding arrays and then assaulting the weak points of the formation. The second was a direct frontal assault to destroy it with brute force.

“Still not repenting before death!” Li Qiye did not hesitate at all and stepped inside the formation. An imperial power quickly came with the intention to kill.

Even a God-Monarch would be wary of such a murderous formation. Immortal Emperor Shi Feng tried his best in creating this formation. At the same time, the elders spent all of their refined jades in their treasury to exert the formation’s peak strength!

“Break for me!” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye against this attack. His World Seal flew out and turned into the Declivity-Mountain Bell.

“Boom!” A mountain flew out. Divine Mount Meru rose into the sky and slammed into the firmament. The supreme Buddha above began to chant and suppressed all the existences in this world. With his mudra, he was able to expel all evil with the Buddhist way. It seemed that the world was ending due to the devastating force from the Buddha. He was about to destroy this world to create a new one!

The bell’s ultimate attack was not weaker than a Heavenly Annihilation. Even a stronger imperial formation would be insignificant against an annihilation.

“Bang!” The imperial formation collapsed and the elders controlling the formation were rendered into ashes!

“Heavenly Annihilation…” People lost their minds after seeing this. No one had seen a cultivator’s true fate weapon being able to unleash a Heavenly Annihilation. To be more precise, only Immortal Emperor True Treasures should be able to unleash such an attack — not even Immortal Emperors could bypass this rule.

Li Qiye never slowed his pace when he destroyed the array. He quickly entered the deepest area of the ancestral ground. He didn’t bother looking at the other disciples of the kingdom since his goal was Ye Qingcheng.

In a flash, he was below the divine peak that Ye Qingcheng was guarding. Ye Qingcheng also had other ancestors from the kingdom protecting him.

Moreover, at the top of this peak was an ancient altar with four old men at each of the corners. They wore long robes and had mysterious looks. All of them had different forms. One had a bird’s head with a human’s body, another an ox’s head and one more with a snake’s head…

“Li Qiye, you have gone too far!” With a cold expression, Ye Qingcheng shouted and glared at him. He could no longer remain calm when the enemy was knocking on his door.

“Too far?” Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled: “Someone who schemes against others should experience total destruction.”

“Very well, Li Qiye, you are strong enough.” Ye Qingcheng coldly responded with blazing eyes: “However, you ignored the accepting heavens and barged into the unwelcoming hell! Even if you were more capable, you still wouldn’t be able to escape death today!”

Li Qiye glanced at the four old men at the four corners and nonchalantly said: “Is that so? Are you this confident because of a few losers from the Divine Beast Realm?”

Li Qiye’s statement revealed, for the many spectators, that these four old men were the remnants of the Divine Beast Realm!