Chapter 895: Brave Tiger’s Spire

“Such a big tone. Someone of your level might be able to fight a Godking, but assailing an Immortal Emperor? You think too highly of yourself.” A carefree voice answered the blustering creature.

The creature glanced at the speaker and found that it was Li Qiye. He boisterously laughed and said: “Junior, I, Immortal Monarch Mo Peng, like arrogant juniors the most when I was younger. Unfortunately, you are not very smart and chose to anger me!”

“Immortal Monarch Mo Peng?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “A little ninehead bird still dares to gild your face with such a statement? You think no one will recognize you after adding those Heavenly Eagle wing bones to your body?”

The creature was startled after hearing this: “Junior, you actually recognize me?”

Li Qiye looked at him and smiled: “Ninehead bird, how can I not remember you? If I am not mistaken, you were killed by Empress Hong Tian after she nailed you to the earth. The only thing that is surprising is that you are still alive.”

“Well, well, well, what a knowledgeable junior.” The creature laughed wildly: “Someone still remembers my past. What a shame, right? Hong Tian thought that I was dead, but I am someone who is blessed and lived on. Moreover, I even obtained the bloodline of the Heavenly Eagle and became invincible from then on. Too bad Hong Tian isn’t in this world anymore or else I would fight her to the death!”

Many people were surprised to hear the domineering words coming from the creature. Just how invincible was Empress Hong Tian? But right now, this person calling himself Immortal Monarch Mo Peng dared to bluster about challenging her!

A big shot from the Jianlong Clan noticed that his ancestor was slightly dazed, so he asked: “Ancestor, who is he?”

“Heavenly Eagle Godchild, an incredible genius from the Divine Beast Realm. He had the highest chance of becoming Immortal Emperor, but unfortunately, he was supposedly killed by Empress Hong Tian!” The ancestor murmured in response.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “Ninehead bird, you weren’t smart back then and you’re still insensible right now. If I’m correct, you obtained the skeleton of a Heavenly Eagle that still had some divinity left, maybe even some divine blood. You did not accept your defeat to Empress Hong Tian back then and took the risk to change your bloodline and origin. Aizz, this change in bloodline turned you into an evil bird, so the remnants of the beast realm had to seal you.”

“Junior, you do know quite a bit.” Immortal Monarch Mo Peng was startled and stared at Li Qiye from top to bottom as if he wanted to see through him.

This creature was indeed the main descendant of the beast realm from back then. An incredible genius, the strongest opponent of Empress Hong Tian in the competition for the Heaven’s Will.

However, he still lost in the end and was struck into the ground till near-death. Alas, when she attacked the beast realm, she assumed that he was dead and didn’t pay him any further attention.

This ninehead bird survived the cruel war. He did not give up and obtained the skeletal remains of a Heavenly Eagle that had some divine blood left.

Keep in mind that a Heavenly Eagle was a divine beast, an existence compared to true gods. The godchild used an extreme method to swap his bloodline and origin. Although he managed to fuse with the skeleton, he was controlled by the beastly nature of the bird and went crazy.

The ancestors from the beast realm who survived came up with different methods to seal him. After millions of years, the savage nature inside him was finally suppressed. This time, these elders wanted to use the blood of the citizens of the Stony Edge Kingdom to wake the Heavenly Eagle Godchild’s bloodline so that he could show himself to this world in his peak state!

Many big shots in the Stone Medicine World trembled while the godchild gazed at Li Qiye. No one knew what was to come when a monster like this came into being once more.

“The main descendant of the beast realm… fusing together with the bones of a Heavenly Eagle. Isn’t this too scary? Even if he can’t assail Immortal Emperors, he probably has the power to slay a Godking. Can Li Qiye win?” A disciple from the Jianlong Clan saw this and had to ask.

Prior to this, many people had absolute confidence in Li Qiye. With thirteen palaces and a Godking protecting him, it would be difficult for him to not become Immortal Emperor.

However, an existence like the Heavenly Eagle Godchild came out of nowhere — in the eyes of many, this would be someone that would be Li Qiye’s most powerful opponent for the throne.

“This guy? Not to mention fusing with the bones of a Heavenly Eagle, even if he fused with the bones of an Immortal Monarch, he still wouldn’t have the chance to do anything. If he was an Immortal Emperor, then he could probably last for a while. Otherwise, only death awaits him by provoking Li Qiye!” The oldest ancestor of the Jianlong Clan shook his head and answered his junior: “Remember well, it is better to antagonize the gods before opposing Li Qiye! This is our creed!”

Having said that, this ancestor became immersed in a distant memory.

“Oh? Very good, so it is an Immortal Physique, I like drinking the blood from Immortal Physiques the most!” The godchild finished judging Li Qiye and let out an evil laugh.

“Your Majesty Mo Peng, there is a Godking protecting him, please take things seriously.” Ye Qingcheng was afraid that the godchild would underestimate the enemy, so he reminded him.

“Haha, a Godking? I wouldn’t be afraid even if an Immortal Emperor was here!” The godchild laughed and declared with a domineering attitude: “Banner, come!”

“Buzz!” The moment he called out, a divine banner came from the horizon and fell into his hand.

This was the Coiling Dragon Banner that had escaped from Li Qiye before, an Immortal Emperor True Treasure left behind by the progenitor of the beast realm. It had swept through this world before.

With the banner in hand, he became quite heroic and aggressively claimed: “What a shame that time didn’t wait for me or else Hong Tian would have had no chance of becoming an Immortal Emperor!”

The banner in his hand emitted a terrifying imperial aura. The golden dragon on the flag was extremely lively and seemed as if it could rush out at any time!

Everyone else was quiet in response to the godchild’s bold claim. In the past, he was indeed brilliant enough and could have become emperor if it wasn’t for Empress Hong Tian. In this generation, he fused with the bones of the Heavenly Eagle and inherited its divine bloodline, thus becoming even more terrifying!

“I shall become the Immortal Emperor of this generation!” The godchild laughed and pointed at Li Qiye with the banner in hand: “Junior, you alone are not even an appetizer. Let that Godking come out. I want to slay a Godking today!”

Any Godking who heard this would become serious. The godchild was already strong enough, but after fusing with the Heavenly Eagle body, he became even more powerful. Right now, with the Coiling Dragon Banner in hand, no matter who they might be, they would retreat before him!

“Oh, ninehead bird, still so arrogant despite being sealed for so long. Even if you have the bloodline of a Heavenly Eagle, you still aren’t qualified to compete against Hong Tian for the Heaven’s Will. You wouldn’t even enter the top three of her strongest rivals, let alone talking about assailing Immortal Emperors.” Li Qiye only smiled at the arrogant godchild.

He shook his head: “Plus, I will kill you today, there’s no need for a Godking to attack! Moreover, I want to let those who still hold onto a foolish sliver of hope to know who the ruler of the nine worlds is! I shall show them the true everlasting power I hold!”

“Such an arrogant junior, but I like it that way! Today, I will take my time feasting on your flesh and blood!” The godchild said with a laugh.

At this time, an eternal mantra emerged from Li Qiye’s sea of memories. His body emitted an endless brilliance.

“Buzz!” In the distant Bi’an Beastworld inside a bronze citadel, countless universal laws emerged on the bronze coffins. With clanking sounds, these laws quickly turned into bronze spires.

“Clank, clank, clank…” At the same time, Li Qiye flipped his right palm and the same type of bronze universal laws emerged and twisted together to form another bronze spire.

“Clank!” The moment this spire took form, an endless military might soared to the sky. “Boom!” A deafening blast resounded. Li Qiye soared to the sky and created a bronze pillar of light of endless height. A world emerged from this light that spawned an invincible legion. In the blink of an eye, the power of the entire legion assembled together on top of this bronze spire.

“Evil remnant, kneel and accept your death!” Li Qiye pointed his spire at the godchild while slowly chanting his mantra.

The godchild was aghast at the sight of the bronze spire in Li Qiye’s hand. He took several steps backward and stared at Li Qiye in astonishment: “Brave Tiger’s Temporal Spire! You, you, you are that person!”

“It is too late!” Li Qiye resembled a true god at this second. Countless bronze-colored laws poured down from the sky like waterfalls. He was the ruler of the entire Stone Medicine World. Each of his steps created a new world, each of his steps created a true god! The sovereign of the nine worlds had arrived!

The spire in his hand was the calling of an unstoppable legion! He stood alone in the sky at this moment, but there seemed to be millions of bronze soldiers behind him. This legion alone could sweep through the jade palace in the firmament! 1

The godchild was terrified. He turned around to flee from this place at an unmatched speed because he knew just how terrifying this existence and the invincible legion behind him was. His Divine Beast Realm was destroyed by this legion back then. One Godking after another were massacred!

“Slay!” As the godchild was fleeing, Li Qiye let out a loud cry. The moment the word “slay” came out, the entire legion behind him roared in unison: “Eternal Bronze Legion! Our brave soldiers shall slay the immortals!”

With that, the endless martial aura swept through the entire Stone Medicine World like a world-ending tsunami.


  1. Palace of the Jade Emperor, traditional Chinese mythology, ruler of the heavens.