Chapter 899: Allpine Treefather Displaying His Might

Three days passed by in the blink of an eye. This was a period where everyone in the Stone Medicine World nervously waited. All eyes were on Li Qiye and his every move; the ravine didn’t escape the spotlight either.

“Rumble!” A bronze chariot crushed the void and soared through the sky.

This chariot was pulled along by four bronze stallions at a rapid pace. Their hooves slammed into the sky and left behind one hoof print after another!

They seemed to be living beings as they flew in the sky with powerful muscles and perfect curves just like divine horses from the legends — full of power and speed.

The sun’s light shone on the four stallions, its reflection casting a bronze sheen on their long journey. This bronze light lingered for miles, seeming to pave a path of bronze in the sky.

It seemed that a supreme existence was embarking on a conquest. As the chariot moved through the sky, a flying Azure Dragon, a dancing Phoenix, and a White Tiger could be found leading the way with a Qilin maintaining the rear. This chariot emitted an extremely powerful martial aura as if it could enter countless battlefields and crush all foes.

Madam Zi Yan, who was adorned with a violet robe, held the reins to this chariot. She was elegant and dignified at the same time as she exuded a purple royal aura that protected her at all times.

Jian Wushuang sat to the left with the divine bow on her back. She was adorned in an archer’s armor and had a noble aura like a battle-readied general. Long Jingxian was to the right; she seemed excited about the battle as she patted her palms together.

The Allpine Treefather cleared the way at the front as the vanguard. Below his feet was a green bridge that stretched through the world while carrying an endless Godking aura. The stars moved to his steps, as did the sun and the moon!

This chariot startled the entire world. Myriad realms were shocked and lost their brilliance.

Seeing a chariot with its divine beasts and a Godking paving the way dumbfounded all the sects in the world. Experts felt suffocated after seeing such an exciting scene!

Li Qiye had his eyes closed while resting in the chariot; he suddenly went back to the past before he knew it. This was a time when he personally went into battle and swept through the nine worlds. Enemies bowed their heads before his presence while Immortal Emperors retreated before his path!

Many were at a loss for words to see such momentum from just one chariot. Even an Immortal Emperor would not have a greater presence. Although there was no army, the unstoppable aura alone was enough to cause the world to back down!

“Tetra-War Bronze Chariot…” Just like the three behemoths, some very ancient existences thought about an old legend after seeing this chariot in the sky.

“When the bronze chariot comes out, myriad enemies shall fall. When the Dark Crow emerges, even Immortal Emperors retreat. The tyrant of the ages, the Dark Hand!” Old existences were awakened by this scene. They had heard of this legend before and were shocked to see the bronze chariot in action once more.

“This is how a man should be!” The younger generation felt their blood boiling as well. It was as if they were watching an Immortal Emperor on an expedition.

Eventually, the chariot stopped right outside of the Heavenhoof Ravine. All the spectators held their breaths at this moment and became tense. Each great power and imperial lineage had their heavenly mirrors ready to watch the ravine with their own eyes!

Li Qiye eventually opened his eyes, allowing light to flow into this world again! He glanced at the ravine and emotionlessly said: “Treefather, begin. See if they want to surrender or fight. They only have one chance.”

The treefather stepped forward and stomped down in the air. “Boom!” The entire ravine shook. Although this stomp did not destroy a single leaf, it managed to shake all the territories within the ravine.

“Om—” In the blink of an eye, layers of defense were erected in the ravine. It became impenetrable like an unbreakable citadel.

“Treefather, do not be so contemptuous. Your Allpine Mountain will face destruction eventually!” A heavy roar carrying great prestige came from the ravine.

At the same time, all experts inside the ravine appeared. The ancestors were watching over the key locations.

As this disaster approached, Heavenly Kings were only foot soldiers to watch the passes. Ordinary paragons, Grand Era Paragons, eternal existences, and God-Monarchs personally watched over the strategic points. Some Godkings that were sealed in Blood Era Stones came out as well!

The treefather didn’t respond and only stood in the sky. At their level, there was no need for meaningless words.

“Save those heroic words after your ravine makes it through today.” Li Qiye lazily said: “Surrender or fight, state your decision!”

“Li Qiye, we can sit down and talk.” An ancient voice came from the ravine. No disciples dared to say anything. It was easy to tell that this person carried a lot of weight in the ravine.

The ancient voice spoke: “We can let go of our past grievances. Our ravine will compensate you for all the losses!”

“Talk?” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “Peace talk is for when the two sides have equal power. In my eyes, your ravine is not in a position to negotiate. It is not hard for you to keep your sect intact. Immediately surrender and make a blood oath to never come out as long as I am present. Then, hand over two Immortal Emperor True Treasures as well as your treasury. With that, I can forgive your ravine!”

“Li Qiye, your demands are outrageous; we give you an inch yet you want a mile!” The ancient voice couldn’t help but shout. This was an unacceptable demand towards any imperial lineage.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Leaving one true treasure for you is already very merciful on my part. If I chose to slaughter your sect, I would have flipped this land over and emptied this place!”

“Very well then, let us battle. Our Heavenhoof Ravine only has heroic soldiers who die in battle, not cowards who surrender!” The ancient voice shouted.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Very well, since all of you have such courage, I will help you! Treefather, commence the attack!”

The treefather didn’t say anything as he stepped inside the ravine.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” His steps shattered one mountain after another along with many layers of defenses.

Divine rings emerged behind his head with three thousand worlds hovering around him. At this time, his invincible Godking aura truly manifested!

His entrance was without techniques or merit laws. He used absolute power to shake the ravine. These strong barriers shattered one after another before his might.

“A Godking is invincible after all!” Many experts were shocked at the treefather’s unstoppable advance.

“Die!” Paragons who were guarding the key points of the ravine immediately formed a formation. With great speed, they flanked from two sides like the tail feathers of a swallow while aiming for the treefather’s rib cage.

The treefather did not move against this attack. He simply lifted his finger, causing a meteorite to fall from the sky.

“Pop!” The experts taking part in this pincer maneuver were immediately crushed into bloody mists, including the paragons.

This scene astonished all spectators. The strongest Heavenly Kings and even Virtuous Paragons were mere ants before a Godking. They were easily crushed to death!

“Here I go!” The treefather let out a battle cry as he stepped into the ravine’s ancestral ground. This place was majestic with wondrous sceneries everywhere. It was full of sacred grasses and a thick, non-dissipating amount of worldly energy!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The location trembled once more. Even more peaks shattered with his steps as rivers were torn asunder. Seals broke one after another no matter if they were temples powered by paragons or caves inhabited by Heavenly Kings.

Such level of power could not stop the treefather. He entered the ravine’s ancestral ground as if he was walking into an unoccupied land!

Many great powers quivered after seeing this. A Godking could destroy a sect without any problem. Even a lineage with two emperors like the ravine was having a hard time stopping the treefather.

“Allpine Treefather, halt your advance!” A scream came out. Five God-Monarchs from the depths of the ravine rushed out at this moment. They had imperial weapons and a formation ready in the sky. The entire area was sealed as the treefather became trapped inside.

This new formation had imperial weapons as the vanguard. Five God-Monarch controlled the formation, causing everything to become blurry. Divine swords of peerless height soared to the sky. Each of them could cut down the stars above.

“Zhang! Zhang!” These swords came slashing down with an unstoppable momentum. They carried a power great enough to slay gods. Blood would spill with the appearance of these blades!

“Break for me!” The treefather was still bare-handed. He formed a mudra with one hand and a sword with the other. The Emperor Suppression Art erupted like a storm. Even grand dao from an Immortal Emperor would be stopped by this technique!

“Bang! Bang!” Each sword shattered from the unstoppable law as the entire formation dimmed.

The treefather let loose his technique. His left hand turned into Yin while the right became Yang. Yin and Yang came together to form a huge Yin Yang Fish. It swept by, destroying everything in its wake!