Chapter 903: Yang Vine

Li Qiye chuckled at the two flashing shadows and said: “My patience is wearing thin. If you make a decision quickly, I’ll show some benevolence and let you bring away your surviving disciples. Of course, you can also choose to refuse, then I’ll let the world witness the destruction of a true treasure!”

Eventually, the true treasure chosen by Li Qiye extinguished its endless light and imperial aura. Next was the clicking sound of the heavenly seal unlocking.

It fell into Li Qiye’s hand and made an oath of loyalty! From now on, it would be his true treasure!

“A wise man is a real hero!” Li Qiye smiled and put away this treasure.

Eventually, Li Qiye let go of the other true treasure and seven life treasures. Even though the lucky survivors from the ravine left, all of them were lugubrious. It was over for their ravine. From now on, the Heavenhoof Ravine would no longer exist in the Stone Medicine World.

“You want to leave? Not so fast!” When Li Qiye was trapping the imperial weapons, the Yang Vine in the sacred ground saw that the situation wasn’t looking so optimistic. It wanted to run away with the sacred ground.

However, before it could flee, opposing roots appeared out of nowhere and blocked its escape.

Soldier Tree, Ginseng Ancestor, Reincarnation Soulvine, Immortal Injury Peony, Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass… these powerful immortal medicines immediately rushed out to stop its retreat.

Even the Alchemy Fowl came out. It hovered on top of the sacred ground and was ready to attack at any time.

All of a sudden, the Yang Vine was caught in an impasse. Its light flashed left and right, but it had nowhere to go. It was definitely strong enough to handle any of these medicines in a one on one face off. However, the numbers game was completely against it; even if it was stronger, the outcome wouldn’t change.

At this moment, the two sides started to heat up. The Yang Vine couldn’t escape while the Alchemy Fowl’s group didn’t dare to attack without Li Qiye’s command.

After putting away the true treasure, Li Qiye went before the Yang Vine.

“How does this make sense? My sect has been striving for 800,000 years and we don’t even have a single immortal root, how does he have so many all to himself?!” Many were envious, but even more were jealous.

Many ancestors were at a loss for words as well. Countless great powers carefully cultivated immortal medicines as if they were their parents, but Li Qiye was different. He actually treated these medicines like henchmen. This degree of extravagance was something others could never achieve!

Li Qiye stared at the vine embedded in the sacred ground and lightly smiled: “Surrender now before it is too late!”

“Crash!” The Yang Vine that was lying on the ground immediately rose like a tree and emitted a powerful aura.

Li Qiye looked at it with one eye and shook his head: “Under this type of situation, even a True Immortal Medicine wouldn’t be able to threaten me, let alone you. Dragons coil for me and tigers crouch before me! You are indeed a bit extraordinary, but the only thing that I value is the calabash growing on your body!”

The Yang Vine cautiously stared at Li Qiye. It had seen even Immortal Emperors before, but this brat ahead was much scarier.

“My patience is limited.” Li Qiye lazily said: “If you submit and follow me, I won’t mistreat you in the future! Otherwise, I can let them have a go at you. A Yang Vine is definitely very nutritious! The choice is yours!”

After hearing this, all of the immortal plants began to eye the vine as if they were about to jump and cut it into pieces at any time.

Even the Alchemy Fowl was circling above it. It would be the first to aim for the calabash growing on the vine after Li Qiye’s order!

The Yang Vine became dejected from all of the glares. It lied down on the ground once more and spoke: “Fine, I surrender.”

“You have to make an oath to surrender.” The Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass immediately added as if it wanted to make a contribution.

The vine had no other choice at this juncture. It made a vow of loyalty towards Li Qiye.

“Hahaha, this is not a bad sacred ground at all. Not bad, not bad, if I take root here for a few ten thousand years, I can definitely transform for the twelfth time!” The soulgrass was salivating while looking at the sacred ground.

The Yang Vine hugged his sacred ground even closer with a reluctant appearance after seeing the soulgrass’ expression.

“Bah, what are you saying!” The mud block from the alchemy garden flew out from Li Qiye’s palace and yelled at the soulgrass: “Don’t use my field anymore then if you dare!”

“Haha, brother, I’m just kidding. You are definitely the best in this world, it’s just that this sacred ground really isn’t bad. It just happens to complement what I’m lacking for my twelfth transformation.” The soulgrass immediately smiled in response.

It had transformed successfully eleven times so far. If it could transform one more time, then it would be an unprecedented soulgrass.

This scene left many people salivating. An eleventh transformation soulgrass… Just a ninth transformation soulgrass would already require quite a bit of luck to obtain for a great power. However, this soulgrass before them was at the eleventh stage! Moreover, it was also a Silkworm Dragon, the best type of soulgrass!

Even the Alchemy Kingdom might not be able to have this type of soulgrass, but Li Qiye could easily take one out. This was such a jealousy-inducing event.

“Okay, the alchemy field and the sacred ground can complement each other. The Yang Vine can also grow on top of the alchemy field so that everyone will benefit.” Li Qiye ordered.

Li Qiye’s words left all the medicines happy. The Yang Vine looked at the muddy field for a bit and found that it really wasn’t weaker than its sacred ground, so it readily accepted the decision.

“Now here is a task for all of you. Dig out the secret treasury of the ravine for me.” Li Qiye issued another command.

“Understood, we are the best at finding treasures buried underground.” The Reincarnation Soulvine immediately cried out and rushed underground to obtain this meritorious contribution.

The other immortal roots also rushed into the ground. Even the Yang Vine participated in this competition.

The treefather chuckled helplessly at this sight. Only Li Qiye would be able to display such a grand gesture — having so many immortal medicines as his errand boys.

The ravine was a great location. It occupied this land for so many years where the worldly energy came together, creating sacred springs, treasure trees, and other amazing locations…

After receiving his orders, these medicines acted like bandits. During their excavation process, they conveniently took all of these earthly treasures into their own pockets.

“Aizz, I should have joined in as well.” The four-eyed basilisk in the distant was also salivating after seeing this. But how could he dare to compete against a group of immortal medicines? It would be like trying to snatch food from the jaws of a tiger.

As for the majority of the ancestors in this world looking at the looting process, they became very envious as well. They felt itchy inside, but they wouldn’t dare to compete against the medicines even if they were one hundred times bolder. Right now, who would dare to oppose Li Qiye?

Destroying the Stony Edge Kingdom then the Heavenhoof Ravine. A disaster would strike those who provoked the Fiercest!

While the looting was going on, in a distant location in the Stone Medicine World, a true treasure and seven life treasures safely arrived.

Ravine Master Miao couldn’t help but turn quiet after seeing the loss of one true treasure. It could be said that after this battle, their ravine was destroyed. They lost their ancestral ground and one true treasure.

The dejected ravine master sighed and murmured: “I am ashamed to face our ancestors.”

The Scorpion God was next to him and gently shook his head: “War is always cruel as it follows the law of the jungle. At the very least, you managed to save Immortal Emperor Qilin’s direct branch.”

After a very long time, the lucky survivors of the ravine arrived. After looking at the meager number of survivors, Ravine Master Miao screamed in sorrow: “One battle ended our sect, the world will no longer have the word Heavenhoof!”

“Miao Chan’s vision was correct. She is much better than us.” The Scorpion God lamented as well with a sigh: “I underestimated Li Qiye too much. If I didn’t support the Golden Crow Tribe and sided with you instead, then perhaps the ravine would still be here today.”

The ravine master only sighed. With a dark expression, he eventually told the lucky survivors: “Take your time recovering. From now on, we will no longer be the Heavenhoof Ravine. Nothing is more important than surviving right now. Live on! This is all that we want to accomplish!”

The surviving disciples were full of regrets, especially the two lucky elders. They were completely ashamed. If they supported the ravine master back then, then this wouldn’t have happened to their sect.

“Miao Chan can take up the role.” The Scorpion God suggested: “If Miao Chan is in charge, perhaps we can still revive our ravine and have a place in this world.”

“No, I don’t want to push Miao’er into another pit.” The ravine master had become discouraged and lacking in ambition: “Miao’er had worked hard enough. I only hope that she can live happily ever after. This is more important than anything else.”

“As long as I am alive, I will spend the rest of my days protecting your branch so that it can continue on.” Eventually, the Scorpion God gently sighed. This was the final leg of a lineage with two emperors. Even an old general of an Immortal Emperor was powerless to alter their fate.

“We won’t oppose Li Qiye in this generation. He will surely become the Immortal Emperor. If we remain unrepentant, there will be no place for us to live in the nine worlds after he ascends to the throne.” The Scorpion God gave one last warning to the lucky survivors!