Chapter 905: Destroying The Physique Tribulation

Some felt that this was too wasteful after seeing how the ancestral ground had withered. If Li Qiye didn’t drain this place of its worldly energy, they could establish their own sect here. After all, this was a wonderful land!

A big shot from the previous generation murmured: “This is quite merciful already.”

Li Qiye was fully capable of draining all of the worldly energy from this land. However, he only did so for the ancestral ground of the ravine and left the rest of the territories under the ravine’s jurisdiction untouched. This allowed for the citizens and their land to remain unaffected. It was quite a benevolent decision.

Compared to Li Qiye, the so-called number one Ye Qingcheng was much more vicious. He sucked the blood dry from all of the Stony Edge Kingdom’s citizens, turning them into dried corpses. He even drained all the world energy in the kingdom, turning it into a shattered land of death.

Under such circumstances, even if the citizens of the kingdom were still alive, they wouldn’t be able to stay on that withered land. There was no other choice but to leave their homeland.

“Bang! Bang!” When Li Qiye was recalling the Terra’s Root, waves of thunder resounded. Countless tribulation clouds gathered in the sky.

“What tribulation is this?” Many were astonished to see the clouds in the sky. It came too suddenly without any warnings. Before everyone’s eyes, the clouds quickly turned into a pond of lightning. An ominous gate opened in the sky and countless generals from hell descended along with thick bolts of lightning the size of mountains. All of these things seemed to want to destroy this entire land!

A great ancestor recognized this tribulation and exclaimed: “A physique tribulation… of an Immortal Physique! Is this minor completion?”

In fact, many people knew that Li Qiye cultivated an Immortal Physique. However, no one knew which one exactly since his physique was too bizarre!

“How many Immortal Physiques are there?” The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor was the only person who knew some inside information. His curiosity was at its peak.

Others might not know Li Qiye’s origin, but the emperor knew it too well. Li Qiye had groomed the Black Dragon King who had two grand completion Immortal Physiques, thus the emperor wondered about the number of physiques Li Qiye trained.

Li Qiye only smiled in the face of this descending physique tribulation from the sky. His chest became resplendent as an Inner Physique flew out.

The moment the Soaring Immortal Physique came out, time seemed to have halted from its beat.

The Hell Suppressing Physique could instantly suppress all tribulations. All the evil energy was crushed in just the blink of an eye as if they were nothing before its might.

The Void Imperfection Physique made myriad laws rescind. All devils were instantly purified, so the tribulation itself was heavily affected and its light quickly started to flash from instability.

The Sky Destroyer Physique tore apart everything with an unstoppable sharpness. The inner physique flew to the sky and killed all the devils and gods in its path.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The four Inner Physiques soared into the sky to meet the tribulation head on. They carried an unstoppable momentum, intending to annihilate the tribulation completely!

“No… this… this is absolutely impossible!” A Virtuous Paragon dropped to the ground after seeing four Inner Physiques shoot into the sky.

“Four physiques, how, how can this be?!” Even the most arrogant genius would gasp from this sight. None dared to believe their own eyes!

“The legend is real!” An old Virtuous Paragon had heard of something and murmured: “People say that the Black Dragon King had two grand completion Immortal Physiques. It seems like one can truly cultivate multiple physiques in this world!”

In just a second, countless people were shaken. Thirteen palaces had already broken the common logic, so four Inner Physiques couldn’t be so readily accepted as the truth by these people.

One Inner Physique for one cultivator was the law, there was no way someone would have two. However, Li Qiye had four of them right now, scaring everyone to death!

The existence of thirteen palaces was easier to accept since it was adding one more fate palace. However, how could the inhabitants of this world accept four Inner Physiques? This was three more than the norm; even the most brilliant genius wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat despite striving for such a thing for the rest of their life.

“Just kill me now!” Someone pitifully screamed: “How can I live while being in the same generation as this demonspawn?!”

At this time, all geniuses had to bow their proud heads and become dejected. No matter how amazing they might be, they wouldn’t be worth mentioning before Li Qiye and his thirteen palaces and four Inner Physiques.

“Can I also do it?” Even the always-conceited Mei Aonan was stupefied. If thirteen palaces shook her confidence, then the four Inner Physiques completely smashed it all over the place.

The talented Mei Aonan suddenly didn’t know what she had to do to compete against Li Qiye. Her eleven palaces? They became powerless against his own.

The four physiques would crush everything else from her! She was in a state of total bewilderment.

Even Long Jingxian, who had a natural Immortal Fate, was listless. In her eyes, Li Qiye had transcended everything. He was no longer human. No one could compare to him!

“Even the strongest in all the eons would only be at this level at best.” The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor was astonished as well. He couldn’t help but sigh and felt strangely sentimental. He pitied those who were born in this particular generation. It was a predestined tragedy.

“Boom!” In the midst of the crowd’s stupor, Li Qiye’s four Inner Physiques swept through the tribulation. Even a stronger tribulation would be ground into smithereens in the face of their might. The pond of lightning was instantly destroyed and the tribulation collapsed as a whole.

The sky became sunny again as the four Inner Physiques went back to Li Qiye’s body. There was a change to them, resulting in a dazzling radiance. It was as if nothing could be stronger than the four great physiques.

“So simple…” Everyone was at a loss for words at how the four physiques made short work of the tribulation. Naturally, four great physiques would be able to surpass the physique tribulation.

The alchemy emperor quietly added: “This is four Immortal Physiques at minor completion… They would be completely unimaginable at grand completion in the future.”

Just imagine, the Black Dragon King had dual physiques at grand completion and reigned supreme for three generations. Even when Immortal Emperors met him, they acted cordially. In the end, he even assailed Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and tore apart the Heaven’s Will.

One day, if these four Immortal Physiques reached completion, then even if Li Qiye didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, the emperor of that generation could only watch him from afar.

The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor was not the only person with such thoughts. Many ancestors from great powers or overlords sealed for many generations famed for their invincibility began to ponder as well.

Four Immortal Physiques and thirteen palaces had never appeared before in history. If, one day, when all of Li Qiye’s physiques reached grand completion, just how terrifying would it be?

Even if he didn’t want to compete for the Heaven’s Will, would anyone else dare to do so against him? What would an Immortal Emperor do when they met an existence like Li Qiye?

“This will be a tragedy even if someone else becomes Immortal Emperor in this generation, something far more tragic than Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!” An old ancestor murmured: “Thirty thousand years ago, there was the Black Dragon King. Now, there is Li Qiye!”

Although Immortal Emperors were known to be invincible during their generation, it was different for the last three Immortal Emperors.

Immortal Emperor Qian Li, Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong were the most recent three emperors in the current era. However, there was one person who stood strong during their generations, the Black Dragon King.

Everyone knew about the Black Dragon King being revered for three generations. An existence like him cast a shadow over the invincible Immortal Emperors.

It was better for Immortal Emperor Qian Li and Immortal Emperor Yin Tian. It was rumored that the Black Dragon King had a great friendship with both of these emperors. One even went further to say that they were best of friends and had fought together on the same side!

However, only tragedy was left in store for Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Not only was he in the same era as the dragon king, the legend stated that they did not get along. Eventually, they fought a world-shattering battle that caused the Heaven’s Will to be torn apart!

The end of the Black Dragon King’s era left everyone relieved. However, before they could become excited again for the new generation, this Li Qiye came out of nowhere, someone who was even more frightening than the dragon king.

A few pessimistic ancestors said: “Does he want to reign supreme for ten generations or something?”

Someone like the dragon king reigned for three generations. Li Qiye would most likely be even stronger than the dragon king, so ten generations seemed quite plausible.

“Boom!” Different thoughts ran rampant inside the minds of the spectators. However, the area around Li Qiye dimmed as if the sky was about to turn dark.

A very bizarre scene appeared in the sky. It turned into a strange shade of red that had a demonic characteristic, causing others to feel a chill without being cold.

“Zzz!” The red clouds in the sky suddenly came together to form a mirror.

This mirror reflected a red and demonic ray of light from the sky directly onto Li Qiye’s body. This light stuck onto him like maggots sticking to bones; it was impossible to elude the light no matter where he went!