Chapter 906: Destroy The Life Reduction

“Life Reduction…” Many ancestors focused on the scene in the sky.

The appearance of a Life Reduction interested many, even causing glimmers to appear in their eyes. Perhaps, they were hoping that the Life Reduction would be able to take care of Li Qiye. However, they knew better than to wish for the impossible. Even Ye Qingcheng was able to surpass his Life Reduction, let alone Li Qiye.

Nevertheless, they continued to hold onto this fool’s hope. Even if it was the most minute chance, they craved this miracle.

“Zzz—” Li Qiye’s body immediately aged after the crimson light in the sky shone on his body. His hair turned white while wrinkles appeared on his skin.

“Boom!” Li Qiye unleashed all of his blood energy to fight the Life Reduction. His life wheel appeared and the Yin Yang Sea of Blood rushed to the sky. It carried an endless tidal wave of blood energy to stop the changes in his body.

Life Reduction was one of the two great disasters for cultivators. Moreover, it was even worse than a Fate Calamity. Many powerful cultivators couldn’t surpass this particular tribulation, and some even chose to hide from it for the rest of their life.

Li Qiye’s Life Reduction was more overbearing and faster than anyone’s imagination.

“Zzz—” The torrential amount of blood energy that erupted from Li Qiye’s body instantly dried up under the effects of this tribulation. Li Qiye channeled his sea of blood once more and created another ocean full of energy to blot out the sky. The entire world shook due to this flood of blood energy.

He even channeled all of his longevity blood at the same time. This force would cause any great power’s ancestor to quiver since it completely surpassed Virtuous Paragons!

However, even this prolific amount of blood energy instantly withered when faced with the demonic crimson light.

This scene was spectacular. People say that the ocean cannot dry up in one day. However, Li Qiye’s ocean-like blood energy indeed evaporated in an instant. One could easily imagine just how terrifying this event was to the spectators.

To the dismay of the crowd, even his longevity blood became torrid right away.

“Zzz—” Li Qiye immediately became weak and feeble and took on the appearance of an eighty year old mortal man. It seemed that all of his vitality had been sucked from his body!

“This, this is so horrifying.” Both geniuses and ancestors alike had never experienced such a terrorizing Life Reduction, a calamity capable of drying up someone’s blood energy in the blink of an eye. This was too scary to even think about.

However, Li Qiye’s Life Reduction did not stop there. The high heavens itself mustered all of its might to deal with Li Qiye. The Life Reduction even devoured all the worldly energy in this region.

The area around Li Qiye quickly became a wilted world. Even time and space were drained and crushed. There was no worldly energy, no power of the grand dao, and the force of time and space were extinguished as well.

Li Qiye fell into a terrifying darkness devoid of time. This was a dead space void of even the grand dao. However, the high heavens took it one step higher. A dead space would still have the power of darkness and evil, but the forces of darkness and evil were not here either. This entire territory had become a desolate zone!

“Such a Life Reduction exists in this world? All forces of nature are completely dried up!” Even the alchemy emperor was shivering in fear!

Everyone knew that when a Life Reduction descends, it would accelerate the aging of cultivators. Their blood energy and lifespan would quickly dry up. If they couldn’t withstand this trial, then they would die from old age.

However, Li Qiye’s Life Reduction was not this simple. All other forces in the area were ravaged as well.

To deal with their Life Reduction, cultivators could only use the power of the grand dao to fight it without their blood energy and lifespan. But now, Li Qiye had nothing to work with. What would he use to fight this tribulation?

“It seems like the old heavens could stand it no longer. So this young man is heaven-defying to a rebellious level? The old heavens will not spare him!” A few geniuses were secretly happy to see this scene. This terrifying Life Reduction simply wanted to end Li Qiye! 1

The alchemy emperor was aghast as he murmured: “Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t have experienced this kind of Life Reduction.”

In fact, even powerful ancestors were trembling before such a mighty tribulation, including the Allpine Treefather. There were no other forces to borrow! How could one surpass this Life Reduction?

Both Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang, who were completely confident in Li Qiye, became worried.

“Old Villainous Heavens, you want my life? Good, take it then!” Li Qiye let out a crazed laughter. His thirteen palaces soared to the sky and opened to pour out waves of universal laws.

“Buzz!” After the paving of laws, a small boat appeared. It opened up and exuded an endless amount of blood energy.

“Rumble!” A terrifying scene took place. The portal inside the small ship poured down an insane amount of energy, like an apocalyptic flood that spread over the entire world!

“Zzz—” The Life Reduction also frantically drained this huge amount of energy. Although its ability to consume everything was monstrous, the small boat’s blood energy was even more frightening. It became more and more outrageous as if the blood energy of all existences in the nine worlds could be found within. Afterward, it jumped to an even higher level as it exuded the blood energy from thousands upon thousands of Godkings…

Eventually, it was the blood energy from thousands of Immortal Emperors. This scene was unimaginable. The nine heavens and ten earths were drowned out by Li Qiye’s blood energy.

The entire Stone Medicine World quaked under his horrifying vitality as if it was about to crack at any moment.

“What, what is that…” Everyone became stunned. This was even more appalling compared to the thirteen palaces and four Immortal Physiques.

Even Godkings paled from this scene. They quivered under this huge amount of blood energy. Not even an Immortal Emperor would be able to unleash this amount. It was more than enough to feed an entire world. Such a thing had escaped the boundaries of imagination!

Li Qiye had learned a merit law recently. He was perfecting this law step by step. It started out as an incomplete law that he had witnessed on the other side of Nightsea.

It was slowly refined due to Li Qiye’s research. Moreover, it would become a peerless law across the eons, looming above the high heavens!

Li Qiye chose a very simple and ordinary name for this merit law — Nine Ants!

It was divided into three initial forms: vessel of life, vessel of genesis, and vessel of athanasia!

At this moment, Li Qiye was still learning the profundities of the vessel of life. He had some understanding of the general outline from the vessel of genesis. Only the vessel of athanasia was without its own profundities.

At this time, Li Qiye had opened the vessel of life. He was gifted the power of life from countless existences in the nine worlds as well as their life energy that was pouring down from the vessel, resulting in an unbelievable spectacle.

For Li Qiye, one thought was enough to form myriad physiques while his thirteen palaces were only minor pioneering creations. However, the Nine Ants law was the real creation that would surpass all else. Of course, he was still relying on the foundation laid out by previous experts in this field.

The torrential blood energy engulfed the Stone Medicine World. This huge realm became like a little wooden boat lost in a stormy sea.

All existences were trembling at this second without exception. This level of blood energy was just too domineering.

“Boom!” Eventually, the Life Reduction in the sky could no longer bear this massive amount of blood energy. The entire tribulation was overwhelmed and burst apart from overconsumption.

After its destruction, all the phenomena disappeared. The vessel of life also withdrew its insane amount of blood energy. In a brief moment, peace returned to the entire Stone Medicine World. The calm sky became sunny again and all was well.

“You, you can actually survive it like that?!” Everyone was astounded. No one thought about surpassing the tribulation in this manner. They had no comments.

Since the ancient ages, there had been many methods to defeat this type of tribulation. Some chose to meet it head on, some chose to avoid it, and some would get caught up in a long struggle with it… However, to use a huge amount of blood energy to destroy it — this seemed to be the only occasion of it happening!

Breaking the Life Reduction from feeding it too much blood energy? No one would dare to imagine such a thing. Even a Godking would not have enough blood energy to attempt it, but Li Qiye was able to destroy the Life Reduction in this manner.

“Mommy…” A few people that were praying for the Life Reduction to kill Li Qiye cried out. They fell butt-first to the ground, completely devastated.

“No one can claim the imperial throne as long as Li Qiye remains in this world!” Even the most brilliant geniuses became depressed and lost all hope!

The name Li Qiye had cast a shadow in their hearts that would become an uncrossable blockade for the rest of their life!


  1. Old heavens here has a respectful tone vs Li Qiye’s “old villainous heavens”.