Chapter 909: Before The Departure

Li Qiye paused for a bit before looking at her and said: “If you think acquaintances are friends, then we can be considered friends right now if you don’t oppose me in the future.”

She stared at him and responded: “So I am still of use to you.”

“Of use?” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “These words are too much. I have always treated my followers well. Plus, if I wanted to exploit someone, I wouldn’t pick you. Why wouldn’t I use your Jianlong Clan or the Beastmaster Citadel instead? It could be said that if I said the words, your clan and even the citadel would be more than happy to work for me.”

“I have no doubts of the Jianlong Clan’s and citadel’s loyalties towards me, and I do not deny their power either.” Li Qiye lightly said: “However, what I really need is a legion that I don’t have to worry about, a legion that is completely loyal and will wait for me forever! Do you think your army is suitable?”

“Are you lacking personnel?” Mei Aonan regained some pride and confidence at this moment. However, she had to admit that Li Qiye had many talented people under him.

Li Qiye smiled: “How should I put this? It can go either way. If I only needed workers, then to be honest, I’m not short on people. However, I have a different definition of talents and workers. For example, Wushuang and Jingxian are generals that specialize in offense and formation breaking as well as taking the heads of enemy generals. As for Yexue, she is a strategist. If I were to categorize you, you would be a combat general meant for the battlefield.”

“Of course, I am not saying that I must recruit you. It is merely an interesting thought at this moment.” Li Qiye continued: “The last thing I want to say is, keep your ambitious heart. The world will be very colorful in the future. Storms will rise in this magnificent era, and you shall have a stage to show your might.”

Mei Aonan thought for a second before meeting Li Qiye’s eyes: “If I can’t become the Immortal Emperor, I don’t know what could be worth struggling for!”

She was determined to pursue the Heaven’s Will, but her dao heart was shaken at this moment. She was also confused because she wanted to surpass Li Qiye, but she didn’t know what she could use to do so. She used to think that she had the best ace, but the means that she considered to be the most powerful were not worth mentioning before him.

“No…” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “For someone with your level of ambition, nothing mattered besides reaching Immortal Emperor. However, that is all in the past, things are different now. If you are willing, you will come to find just how vast this world is. There are many things beyond your imagination outside of the nine worlds. As for whether you will have the fortune to see them or not, it is up to you to grasp the opportunity.”

“Elaborate.” Mei Aonan’s eyes turned serious as she asked with a slightly changed expression.

Li Qiye took advantage of this situation. He didn’t explain it clearly and only smiled: “You should be asking your master about this matter. In short, I welcome you to challenge me anytime when you are ready. I won’t make it difficult for you since I have promised your master. Of course, this is also contingent on the manner of your challenge and schemes.”

She stared at him for a while before turning around to silently leave.

Li Qiye returned to the beastworld afterward. He only said one thing at this time: “The treasure hunt is over. Everyone, leave the Bi’an Beastworld now!”

After this command came out, all the remaining cultivators on the beastworld quickly left. His words right now were an iron-clad law. No one dared to go against them nor did they dare to oppose him. The ravine and the Stony Edge Kingdom were the perfect examples. Thus, whether they were willing or not, they all left without question.

Eventually, Li Qiye could be found in the master mansion of Bi’an City in front of the painting. His eyes gained a profundity, as if they were capable of seeing through all things.

Compared to before, there was a substantial change to the painting. It seemed to be full of life and joy. An indescribable atmosphere came from within as if this world was welcoming its new master, the hope bringer.

Li Qiye looked at the painting for a while before taking out the Bi’an Immortal Rod: “Go, a new generation is coming. The beastworld is welcoming its master, so it is time for you to accept your master as well.”

With that, he threw away the rod. “Buzz.” The rod flew into the painting and traveled a very far distance. Eventually, it fell into Ming Yexue’s hands in the deepest location of this domain.

Li Qiye eventually turned around and gently sighed. Ming Yexue had grown up after so many years. It was the bittersweet sentiment of watching a daughter grow up.

“Your Excellency, there’s no need to worry. We have felt it now, Miss Ming has been accepted. The time she comes out is the moment when our beastworld will have our new master. We will do our best to assist her.” At this time, the golem stood up and solemnly voiced his promise.

“I do not doubt your words.” Li Qiye gently nodded and looked at the golem: “Has your beastworld readied itself to fight till the very end? Perhaps you don’t know who or what your enemies are. Of course, you can ask that old geezer for more information.”

“Are you talking about the traitor?” The golem deepened his tone.

“I don’t want to meddle with your feud.” Li Qiye said: “However, he is indeed wholeheartedly working for the Bi’an Beastworld. His mistake does not mean that he betrayed the beastworld. In the future, he will be of help to all of you. After all, he knows things not privy to the rest of you.”

The golem took a deep breath and bowed towards Li Qiye: “We will bear Your Excellency’s proposal in mind. If our new master pardons him, we will not pursue it any further.”

Li Qiye nodded and eventually told the golem: “Go prepare, I want to use that portal in the city. I know that it isn’t easy for you to open it, but this isn’t up for negotiation.”

The golem quickly bowed with gratitude: “Your Excellency bringing our new master to us is a kindness even greater than giving us a new life. Just opening this portal for Your Excellency pales in comparison.”

Li Qiye responded: “Very well. Go prepare then, I will set off in a few days.”

The golem didn’t say anything after agreeing. It really wasn’t easy for the city to open that portal. However, they were more than happy to pay the price due to Li Qiye’s important favor of bringing them their master.

After leaving the master mansion, Li Qiye called for Madam Zi Yan’s group. He looked at the girls and said: “It is time for me to leave. I plan on visiting the Drystone Courtyard before going back to the Mortal Emperor World.”

“Drystone Courtyard!” Long Jingxian immediately became spirited and cheerfully asked: “How about I go as well?”

“No, I cannot take you with me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Plus, you have many things to do right now. Do not forget your promise to me.”

She couldn’t help but pout in dissatisfaction after hearing this.

Li Qiye smiled: “Of course, as long as you work hard and meet my requirements, I will take you to somewhere very fun once you come to the Mortal Emperor World.”

She stared at him and quipped: “You better keep your promise!”

Li Qiye responded: “Others might trick you, but don’t worry, I absolutely won’t lie to you. However, let this be a warning, if you don’t meet my requirements, then I will be sorely disappointed. As for the consequences, you should be ready for them.”

“Bah, Smelly Qiye, you really look down on people. There is no merit law that I can’t learn.” She unhappily glared at him.

“I do not doubt your talents.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But I do question your determination. Without my supervision, who knows if you will become lazy again?”

“Hmph, what’s so special about you?” Long Jingxian retorted: “Just you wait, I will definitely surpass you. Thirteen palaces isn’t much, I’ll take you down the next time we meet!”

Li Qiye only smiled at her confidence. He looked over at Jian Wushuang and said: “You have changed your longevity treasure and improved your dao of archery. The fusion art between you and Jingxian is worthy of praise as well. This is a technique that can be considered unique across the ages. This is the time for both you and her to solidify what you’ve learned. Go back to the Jian Clan and train before you eventually depart together with Jingxian.”

“Haha, I was the one who came up with the fusion art.” Long Jingxian was very proud of this technique from the two of them. It was indeed true that only someone with a natural Immortal Fate like her could create such an invincible technique in that short of a time.

Li Qiye agreed but also reminded her: “Yes, I have to admit that your ability to create techniques is formidable. However, don’t forget that you also need Wushuang’s dao of archery.”

What was surprising this time was that the two of them did not bicker like before.

Eventually, he told the madam: “I can’t bring you with me to the Drystone Courtyard either. Go back and train at Giant Bamboo for now. Wait until those two leave, then go together with them.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The madam responded.

Li Qiye nodded: “Leave the Imperial Draco-Bull at your country as well. It will need your country’s assistance in some areas, but bring it along on your next trip.”

The madam took note of his order.