Chapter 913: Distant Past

The person below the cliff jeered at this response: “Oh how admirable you are, crow. Heh, don’t forget though, many people in this world want what I have. Even Immortal Emperors would not be able to resist the deadly temptation.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye chuckled: “Old geezer, do you think you can succeed? We won’t talk about the past, but recently, don’t think that I don’t know about you trying to tempt Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. But in the end, did he save you? Not even mentioning whether he was capable of such a thing in the first place, even if he did… Hah!” Li Qiye snorted at this point.

“Crow, how long can you remain arrogant for? Watch it or you’ll be dragged down from your pedestal before you know it. It would be a shame if you were to be destroyed by an Immortal Emperor eventually.” The person below sneered as well.

“Yeah? Only an Immortal Emperor? No matter which one it might be, if they dare to cross my path, I will kill them! It is not like I haven’t killed Immortal Emperors before!”

With that, his eyes turned cold as he slowly said: “You should have seen what I have done back then. Immortal Emperors and deities — if they violate my principles, I will slaughter them! Old geezer, don’t think I don’t know what you tried to make Immortal Emperor Ta Kong do. Unfortunately, he could only play nice when I was guarding the Mortal Emperor World and the other eight! He was free to continue being an emperor, but if he didn’t respect us…”

The person below sneered and said: “Haha, crow, do you dare to let me out? We can play again in this generation! I know that you are the tyrant across the generations and that your supreme name has been engraved in the eons, but do you want to try the taste of defeat?!”

Li Qiye calmly responded: “Old geezer, I don’t know if you are being serious or not, but I’ll be frank. You think too highly of yourself and still think of me as the crow of back then. Even if you can leave this place, you are no longer my match! I was able to escape and trick you back then, so now, I can definitely lead you to your death!”

“Hmph.” The person below snorted and then coldly said: “Well, in that case, you and I have nothing to say.”

Li Qiye also didn’t care, he only leisurely said: “Old geezer, I came this time not just to see and chat with you about the old secret, it is also to say goodbye. You know that I have re-obtained my body, so this means that it is time for me to go big. Millions of years of calculations are finally about to bear fruit. Success is fine, but failure is fine as well. When I kill my way back there again, I will become eternal and won’t return, so I’m here to bid you farewell…”

“… Regardless of our grudges and whether you are a bastard or not… how should I put this… back during my first attempt, I used a few moves from you, so I should be thanking you for that. Without those secrets of yours, I would have had to waste a lot more effort. Just let the past go, everything will come to an end with the upcoming war! Alas, it is a shame that you might not be able to see it.” With that, Li Qiye rode away on his wooden horse.

“Damned crow…” Li Qiye didn’t make it far before the person down below spoke: “Do you think you can win?”

“So what if I lose?” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled and replied in a carefree manner: “For others, becoming an Immortal Emperor is their ultimate aspiration. But for me, I only want an answer. Neither the deities nor the villainous heavens will be able to prevent my search! Me and those who were with me have spent too much effort on this path, so we need an answer.”

“Along the river of time, you aren’t the only one who spent a tremendous amount of effort! Keep in mind that no one has been successful before!” The person raised his voice.

“Perhaps someone has been successful before, it’s just that you and I don’t know about it, that’s all.” Li Qiye chuckled: “This path is paved with bones. Countless people persevered with a dream only to fall along the way, and yet, no matter the consequences, I will keep going even if it means defeat!” Li Qiye laughed his heart out in response.

The person at the base of the cliff pondered for a moment. After a while, he slowly said: “Crow, I won’t tell you the secret, you have to find out for yourself. However, I can give you a hint, everything is hidden in my memories, it is all inside my secret!”

“Thanks.” Li Qiye turned around and looked at the cliff to say: “Old geezer, goodbye for now. May we never meet again!”

This last remark was full of sincerity! With that, he departed without stopping and disappeared along the path.

“The endless river of time… how interminable and insufferable! Back then, I was the sole sovereign above all others!” A sad lamentation could be heard from beneath the cliff: “Indestructible and everlasting! HAH! Old Villainous Heavens, I will wait for the day of your demise!”

Eventually, the abyss became silent again. No one knew that there was an unbelievable secret below that the world would never find out!

Li Qiye left the cliff and roamed inside the courtyard. There were many amazing landscapes and many incredible events. However, Li Qiye had grown accustomed to them. Newcomers who could make it to these places would never forget them for the rest of their lives. However, these things couldn’t be any more ordinary to Li Qiye since he had been here many times before. There was no one in the current times that understood the courtyard more than him.

He seemed to be carefully searching for something at each location.

There were many pathways in the courtyard that led to all the different directions. It was not easy to see the courtyard in its entirety.

After going from one place to another, Li Qiye still couldn’t find the thing that he wanted. However, he was not in a rush and continued searching in a meticulous fashion.

Nothing was impossible for a willing heart. Li Qiye eventually stopped near a lake. This calm lake was neither big nor small. The lack of fish was evidenced by the lake being as still as the courtyard itself.

Li Qiye glanced at an inconspicuous corner of the river, then he rode his wooden horse over.

In the middle of that corner full of weeds and bushes, there was a tiny stone nest. It was made from stone grasses woven together. Inside was a duck. Of course, it was made out of stone as well. Despite resembling a carved statue, it was very animated due to the unbelievable craftsmanship.

There were also eight stone eggs inside the nest, all different shapes and sizes. Some were flat while others were round; some were even square! Some were blue, green, and also white…

All eight were right below the squatting duck, so people would think that this duck gave birth to them.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and murmured after seeing the duck and eggs: “Truly incredible. You really do move your nest once every generation. Worthy of being a peerless existence. For millions of years now, you have been toying with so many people in this world…”

If anyone were to see Li Qiye talking to a stone duck, they would think that he was crazy. No matter what Li Qiye said, the duck remained a statue and didn’t come back to life. Li Qiye ignored this and reached out to touch it. It felt like stone and was definitely not an illusion.

However, whether it was made out of stone or not, Li Qiye knew full well. There was also a big secret here unknown to the rest of the world.

Li Qiye then touched the eight eggs instead. They were also rocky and completely inseparable from the duck. It seemed that the eggs and the duck were rooted to the earth. There was no way to move these things away.

Li Qiye was not surprised at all to see this. He touched the eggs one at a time then commented with a smile: “Extraordinary. You were actually almost successful. Once this is accomplished, it will be frightening as hell.”

But no matter what he said, the duck and the eggs had no response; he was just talking to himself. Li Qiye leisurely continued: “I will definitely seize the Heaven’s Will this generation. Are you considering coming into being this generation, or perhaps the next?”