Chapter 916: Boundless Darkness

Li Qiye took a deep breath and placed some Heaven Restoration Paste in his mouth but didn’t swallow it. This was a supreme ointment personally refined by Li Qiye that was capable of treating all injuries. It could be claimed to be number one in the nine worlds!

After sufficient preparations, Li Qiye took a deep breath and rode his wooden horse into this dark expanse.

“Zzz—” Even though he was riding the horse, the petrification force still injured Li Qiye. It was extremely potent and overwhelming.

However, the wooden horse emitted a black light to stop this force. It pushed away the particular energy from Li Qiye’s body. Nevertheless, just one second later, the cracking sounds of stone splitting resounded, marking the start of the petrification once more. This horse was able to take Li Qiye all over the courtyard and remained unaffected by this power. At this moment, it was using all of its power, but it still couldn’t stop the petrification completely. It was easy to imagine just how powerful this force was in this location.

“Zzz—” The wooden horse continued to carry Li Qiye forward towards the depths of the expanse. However, each step the horse made weakened its power to repel the petrification force that was hurting Li Qiye.

“Open!” Li Qiye cried out with all of his blood energy soaring to the sky. The World Seal opened. The first attack was the ultimate attack, the Pentadao Timeless Seal from the the Heaven Sealing Pentagate!

Li Qiye used this supreme sealing power to protect his body. However, even with this power, a popping sound came about as he walked forward. Even the seal that could suppress all things couldn’t block the petrification and shattered!

“Break!” Li Qiye screamed again. The World Seal unleashed one invincible attack after another; the Declivity-Mountain Bell’s Divine Mount Meru, the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar’s Extinguish, the Yin Yang Immortal Refining Mirror’s Yin Yang Fish Citadel, the Brightflame Imperial Cauldron’s Karmic Flame, the Divine Beast Zither’s Nine Grand Supremes… One Heavenly Annihilation came out after another and repelled the force of darkness.

However, even against such invincible attacks, the petrification always came back like an unceasing tide.

In the end, even the World Seal’s Heavenly Annihilations couldn’t keep the force at bay any longer. This power was beyond anyone’s imagination!

Keep in mind that even an imperial lineage would be destroyed under Li Qiye’s constant barrage. However, this was not enough in this case!

“Open!” This time, Li Qiye actually took out the weapons themselves. With the pentagate in his hand, he unleashed a Resplendent Break. The gates instantly emitted the most brilliant wave of light in this world… the Pentadao Timeless Seal!

The real attack finally stopped the petrification force. Li Qiye did not stop and continued to tread forward! However, he was well aware that even this attack wouldn’t be able to stop this power later on.

“Zzz—” Just as he expected, the sound came again. The petrification force finally managed to counter attack against the pentadao as the gates gradually lost their power.

“Die!” With a scream, the thirteen palaces soared to the sky. They opened and the Ginseng Ancestor’s group jumped out.

“Boom!” Another Resplendent Break came out. The Yin Yang Immortal Mirror came out. The ten worlds started to float around gigantic citadels. Countless Yin Yang Fishes turned into an enormous Yin Yang symbol and built a supreme grand dao for Li Qiye.

This was the mirror’s ultimate attack. It was capable of killing Godkings as it stopped the freezing force acting on Li Qiye.

At the same time, the immortal medicines were next to Li Qiye. The Ginseng Ancestor poured out a torrential amount of ginseng juice. The Immortal Injury Peony exerted itself to the utmost to cure the injuries resulted from the petrification process. The Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine lit up as if it was controlling a soul through the cycle of life and death so that it could protect Li Qiye. The Soldier Tree opened its tendrils and leaves then used its endless power of life…

However, the more Li Qiye inched forward, the more resistance he met. Li Qiye’s weapons unleashed one attack after another, but it was still a losing battle.

His thirteen palaces were already in the sky while the four Immortal Physiques released their mightiest power. At this very second, Li Qiye was at his strongest state, a state capable of killing gods and devils.

Despite all of this, he couldn’t stop the force of darkness that would always rear its head around again. At this particular depth, the injuries inflicted by the petrification process were virtually impossible to reverse.

Fortunately, Li Qiye had prepared the Heaven Restoration Paste. With its effects and the power of the Immortal Injury Peony, Li Qiye was able to withstand the injuries.

“Shit, if this keeps going, we’ll be drained dry.” The Ginseng Ancestor had to cry. They were suffering grievous losses as well.

“Take this, recover for a bit.” Li Qiye took out a Five Immortal Tendril, the oldest root from the Five Immortal Ginseng. It was large and rough with a medicinal effect that was too much to bear for anyone. Even Li Qiye couldn’t eat a root by himself.

It was the most supreme supplement. The immortal medicines were ecstatic after seeing this. They gave Li Qiye one part while they divided the rest among the group.

After taking in the supplement, the group became spirited once more and cried out: “Good stuff!” They used all of their might to support Li Qiye once more.

Every single step was arduous as he rode the wooden horse forward. Nevertheless, he still made it to the center of the darkness.

At this place, one would finally be able to see the glimmers from before. These were shadows that had been petrified in this place. They were majestic and peerless, forever buried in this location!

They emitted boundless imperial auras. Even though they had turned into stone for millions of years, the power of petrification still couldn’t conceal their imperial auras.

“Shadows of Immortal Emperors…” Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotion while withstanding the onslaught.

Anyone in this world would be astounded beyond words after seeing this, including figures of the Godking level.

Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu, Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri… the shadows of all of these peerless experts were trapped in this place! 1

In an even deeper location among the shadows of the emperors was a proud shadow that was still upright… Empress Hong Tian!

All of these invincible existences that had swept through myriad realms before had their shadows petrified here.

Li Qiye glanced at Empress Hong Tian’s shadow and only softly sighed. However, he had no time to be sentimental. He roared in order to combat the power!

This many imperial shadows being sealed here was a terrifying sight to behold. For millions of years, many emperors had visited the Drystone Courtyard. All of them were tempted by the thing in the darkness; they all wished to obtain it. However, even emperors were not able to do so. The ultimate force of petrification forced the emperors to retreat with great haste. However, their shadows were frozen to forever be buried in this place.

Even emperors couldn’t carry out this terrifying task. It could easily be imagined just how frightening the power within was.

Li Qiye came closer, but when he made it to the area with the shadows of the emperors, he finally couldn’t withstand the injuries.

“Nirvana Heavens…” In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye cried out and created life with a single thought. He finally used his most powerful attack.

The thirteen palaces began to derive their obscured profundities. A Li Qiye above the nine heavens emerged. The power of the Nirvana Heavens loomed above myriad realms. At this second, he was comparable to an Immortal Emperor, perhaps even more powerful.

This technique was met by an even stronger backlash from the force of petrification. It resumed its offense with constant buzzing sounds as if it wanted to freeze the entire Nirvana Heavens whole.

“Old Villainous Heavens, watch me! I will conquer all things!” Li Qiye screamed. The Nine Ants appeared. Li Qiye didn’t have a care in the world and threw caution to the wind. Two small vessels appeared between all the commotion.

“Rumble!” Blood energy madly descended as if it wanted to destroy the entire dark expanse!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At the same time, a boundless light of dawn emerged and lit up the entire area as if it wanted to obliterate the darkness.

The vessel of life and the vessel of genesis — these two major vessels were the products of the miracle from Li Qiye’s Nine Ants merit law.

Within the endless blood energy, Li Qiye seemed to be giving life to billions of living beings. The light of dawn continued to spread as if Li Qiye was opening a new domain, as if he was creating a whole new nine worlds along with the countless spheres within…

Under the control of the Nirvana Heavens, the vessel of life and vessel of genesis were able to exert their power to their utmost limits. It was about to crack the darkness and suppress the strongest power in this place.

However, the force of petrification was beyond comprehension. It still frantically fought back against the two vessels!

“Buzz!” The Death Chapter emerged and its death energy engulfed this world of darkness. Its strands of universal laws quickly imprinted themselves onto the shadows of the emperors!


  1. Mu Zhuo = Wood Refinement, Yao Zu = Alchemy Ancestor (Alchemy Kingdom), Ba Zhen = Eight Truths, Tun Ri = Sun Devourer.