Chapter 917: Timesource Vine’s Seed

“Whoosh!” Li Qiye opened his sea of memories. One Immortal Emperor appeared after another. Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, and Empress Hong Tian emerged… Their blessings came out from his sea of memories. 1

“Open!” Li Qiye roared. The vessel of life and vessel of genesis that carried the blood energy of countless existences and the power of creation rushed into the bodies of these Immortal Emperors.

“Rumble!” At this moment, the world seemed to be facing its destruction. The petrified shadows of these emperors were coming back to life.

“Boom!” The blessings from certain emperors inside Li Qiye’s memories made their shadows even more powerful compared to the others here. This was the fusion of two different power sources, causing their imperial auras to be countless times stronger.

“Even the high heavens above will be taken down by me!” Li Qiye loudly cried for he was the king of all Immortal Emperors, a being higher than all else. With so many blessings, his two vessels erupt with power!

“Boom!” An explosion shook the entire nine worlds and myriad realms. Eventually, black holes opened one after another. Another domain emerged inside the domains of the two vessels. This new domain immediately became everlasting!

The third vessel finally appeared under these extreme circumstances… the vessel of athanasia!

At this moment, Li Qiye only had a single idea about the third vessel; he still hadn’t decided on the ultimate profundities within.

Nevertheless, under the blessings of the emperors and his own ultimate power, the vessel of athanasia actually made its appearance. Li Qiye seemed to have become enlightened with perfect wisdom and understood its mysteries.

Everything became everlasting under athanasia. Even the force of petrification weakened, allowing Li Qiye to take the most crucial step forward!

If someone was standing outside of the darkness in the Drystone Courtyard, they would find that within the darkness, a flash of light would occasionally reveal itself. It appeared that this place had been stabilized and suppressed…

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The world began to spin and trembled. The darkness had been shattered and lost its color. Prior to this, it was pitch black like ink, but now, it was fading into a gray color!

It gave the illusion that the tide was receding. Although the power of petrification remained unchanged, there seemed to have been a substantial change in its essence within this expanse.

After an unknown amount of time, a monotonous clicking of hooves from the wooden horse began to sound once more as it left the darkness. Li Qiye’s body was currently full of cracks like a broken piece of ceramic. Just a gentle touch would leave his body in disarray.

Li Qiye groaned in pain at this moment. He ate a little piece of the Five Immortal Tendril and began to recover, allowing his blood energy to slowly return!

After a long time, Li Qiye finally stood up. The different types of medicines allowed his energy to recover. His cracked body was becoming better as well.

Li Qiye took a deep breath, stared at the fading darkness, and couldn’t help but grin. This trip’s harvest went beyond his expectations. The gains were unbelievable to the point where no treasures could compare.

“Generations of effort, multiple lifetimes of planning… I finally succeeded today.” Li Qiye mumbled to himself gleefully. He was very satisfied with this trip.

He had wanted this place for millions of years. In fact, he was certainly not the only one. All the Immortal Emperors coveted it as well, but none were successful.

Later on, he had an idea which he expanded upon from one generation to another. And now, he finally obtained the reward in this generation.

No one in this world knew that was inside. It had never been seen or heard of before. At this point, he let out a sigh of relief. His success was not only due to his efforts. The past emperors such as Min Ren, Tun Ri, and even Hong Tian had tried before. Due to their hard work, he was finally able to succeed today.

“One day, I’ll kill my way to the end of the nine heavens and suppress everything to rule the universe!” Li Qiye revealed a faint smile as he gazed upon the faded darkness.

There was another reason for his satisfaction — the unimaginable success of the vessel of athanasia.

He finally had an interpretation of this vessel. This meant that in the future, he would be able to explore more truths on the path towards immortality; he would tread further than anyone before him. In his eyes, no harvest could be better than furthering his understanding of this vessel. To him, this was the true priceless treasure.

With that, he smilingly rode the wooden horse away. With this secret move, he would have the power to control all circumstances and be in the driving seat in the future!

He headed towards a particular direction and reached a huge cliff. It seemed that the courtyard ended here. In front of him was a vast nothingness with no end in sight.

If there was something deserving of attention on this cliff, then it would be the rotten wooden bridge that seemed to be woven together with vines.

It seemed that in a distant past, someone had used these vines and turned them into a bridge to reach the other side of the emptiness. Perhaps there was something over there worth searching for.

However, the years went on and this wooden bridge had withered. There was only a little section left hanging on the cliff.

Li Qiye smiled and murmured while looking at the bridge: “It is time to go to the meeting point of the three ancestral veins.”

He was talking about the location where the three veins of the Stone Medicine World met, the source of the Alchemy Vein, the Beast Vein, and the Stone Vein.

There had been many theories about this particular source. The world knew that all three veins came from the same location. However, no one could enter this area. No matter how amazing one might be, they wouldn’t be able to trace back to the source by just following the veins.

Legend states that Immortal Emperors had attempted this before. However, even they failed in the end. It was deemed to be impossible due to the three veins themselves denying anyone from reaching their source. Just think about it, their own powers were incredible. Moreover, they were related to the worldly grand dao. The world would never be able to understand the mysteries within.

Of course, there was still a method to reach the source. First, one had to jump out of the Stone Medicine World yet be within its boundaries at the same time. Second, they had to be able to find the coordinates of the source. Lastly, they must also be strong enough to access this primal source of life!

Thus, this feat required solving monstrous mysteries. Many Immortal Emperors had calculated the secrets within to find the particular coordinates! Because of these difficulties, no one was known to have been able to reach the source. There were naturally stories of success, but no one knew who actually managed to do so.

Li Qiye was currently standing in a location that could reach the source. There were several locations in the Stone Medicine World like this. However, Li Qiye found success with this one in the past.

“Time to begin…” While murmuring, Li Qiye took out two items and went to the rotten bridge.

One of the items was the Bluesky Water that he obtained from the duck not long ago. The other was the seed taken from the Alchemy Fowl’s body. Many people wouldn’t be able to recognize this seed.

He carefully dripped a small drop of Bluesky Water on this seed. The seed slowly absorbed the water. With the sound of something peeling, the outer layer of the seed fell off to reveal its body.

A shining golden bean appeared on Li Qiye’s palm. It looked like a legendary immortal bean. Even those who were unaware would know that this bean was unfathomable.

“A seed from the Timesource Vine!” Li Qiye smiled a little and murmured: “This really is a seed from the Timesource Vine! I didn’t guess incorrectly.”

Many have most likely never heard of this Timesource Vine, but it was definitely an inestimable treasure. When its seed reached maturity, it would normally use a shell for camouflage.


  1. Min Ren = Brilliant Benevolence; the name fits his kindness and sun techniques. Xue Xi = Blood Seal. Hong Tian = Vast Heaven.