Chapter 918: The Legendary End Point

Only after being soaked in Bluesky Water would the Timesource Vine seed remove its camouflage and expose its real body. No matter who one might be, they required both the water and the vine to enter the source.

Both were completely indispensable. Moreover, they were both exceedingly rare since the start of time. Obtaining them was more prohibitive than reaching the heavens.

Take, for instance, the Timesource Vine. Once the vine was ripe, a seed would immediately fly away and fall into a larger world. However, this process couldn’t be reversed, not even by an Immortal Emperor.

Moreover, these vines rarely produced seeds. There would only be three to five seeds each time. Think about it, only three to five seeds being lost in huge worlds… It would be easier to find a grain of sand in an ocean compared to finding one of these seeds.

Because of this, Li Qiye hunted down these seeds for five generations before he finally obtained one. Hard work paid off in the end and he was finally successful. He placed this seed on top of the rotten bridge by the cliff then poured more Bluesky Water on it.

In a short period of time, a miracle occurred. This seed germinated and took root in the muddy ground. In the blink of an eye, one could hear sounds of something crashing.

A huge vine sprouted out of the ground with many branches growing from it. These branches twisted into many different sections like a winding snake. These branches interwove together to extend the existing bridge. The impossible happened; this bridge began to extend into the vast emptiness, to the other side.

Li Qiye didn’t dare to waste time, he immediately began to walk across the vine bridge that was quite lengthy. Once he reached the other side, nothing could be found around him, there was only an endless nothingness that seemed to break all temporal boundaries. In this place, time had stopped and space had disappeared.

This place gave the feeling as if one was taking the first steps in an era. It seemed that this was the starting point of the world. There were no living beings here, and even time itself had yet to exist.

Li Qiye walked on the wooden bridge for an unknown amount of time before he finally reached his destination. He climbed down from the vine bridge afterward.

The moment his feet touched the ground, the Timesource Vine suddenly withered at a rapid pace. The entire bridge wilted in just a moment.

One could faintly see three to five seeds from the Timesource Vine within the bridge. They emitted their golden glow.

“Crash!” Right when the Timesource Vine died, the bridge collapsed and the vines fell into the endless space. The seeds seemed to have grown wings and fly away at a supreme speed. They penetrated the void itself and disappeared from this location.

These seeds would then fly into the larger worlds. No one knew which regions they would land on. Even if someone were to find them, they wouldn’t know of its true purpose. After all, very few people knew about the Timesource Vine.

Li Qiye only sighed after seeing the seeds flying away. Who knew who would be able to grab these seeds in the future and realize the treasures that were in their hands?

After calming down, Li Qiye turned around. Before him was a pond that didn’t seem to be very special at a first glance.

The naked eye wouldn’t be able to discern its magical properties. However, it would be a different story once someone opened their heavenly gaze. They would finally be able to see the majestic scene before them.

The pond was full of dao runes. These were the most profound and mysterious runes in the world. All the worldly laws seemingly originated from this place. No matter how brilliant one might be, they would be dazzled by these runes after looking at them for a long time. Those with weaker talents would faint on the spot or even result in death.

The water in the pond was even more incredible. They flowed like an immortal aqua and emitted a beautiful divine light. Each drop exuded a transcendent aura and seemed to be sustaining three thousand worlds.

This was not pond water but rather the legendary immortal aqua! Even if someone had never seen immortal aqua before, they would think that the best aqua in this world would only be at this level at best after seeing the water in this pond.

“Provenance’s Splendor.” Li Qiye gently sighed. He knew what it was even without opening his heavenly gaze!

Provenance’s Splendor was something the world had never heard of before. If an Immortal Emperor heard its name, they would start to salivate and would try to obtain a bottle through any means.

It was even more valuable than Worldly Prime Liquid or any of the other supreme essences in this world. The disparity was of an incalculable proportion.

Moreover, the even more wondrous aspect was that any existence could handle it, unlike the tyrannical Myriad Star Water!

There was a legend stating that the source of the three ancestral veins was the beginning of the formation of this world. In the beginning, countless essences gestated the nine worlds and myriad realms. A few items did not melt during that time and fell into the worlds. Perhaps these items would form the materials found here, at the source of the three veins. There was enough essences here to create a new world and sustain its inhabitants.

This legend had no basis. Nevertheless, the Provenance’s Splendor was definitely the most valuable essence in this world. No existence would be able to escape its temptation.

Despite it being within his grasp, Li Qiye did not take any action for he knew that it wasn’t so simple. This was because the dao runes surrounding the pond were extremely powerful. Without the acceptance of these runes, an Immortal Emperor would be teleported outside in an instant; they wouldn’t be able to stay here any longer.

“Buzz!” The dao runes covering the pond began to light up. They came together with a splash.

These dao runes piled up onto each other like slow, flowing water. They began to change from one person to another. First was a handsome, burly man. Next was a mysterious person shrouded behind a cloak. Then suddenly, it was just an ordinary looking fella…

Eventually, the runes took on a complete form. A crow appeared before Li Qiye. The spreading of its wings blotted out the world; myriad realms were lost in darkness. This crow loomed over everything as it suppressed the heaven and earth.

“You still dare to come back to my place?!” The crow’s speech echoed like a supreme Immortal Monarch giving their command, as if many Godkings were prostrating before him.

“Your derivation is wrong. This was my old crow form; my body is now a living being and not an illusion like before.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

It turned out that all the characters earlier were the different forms Li Qiye took to travel this world! Of course, those were only illusions and transformations rather than his true form.

“Buzz!” At this time, the crow disappeared. A different person appeared before Li Qiye. Anyone would gasp in shock after seeing this. This was another Li Qiye. All of his gestures and demeanors were exactly the same. A stranger would find it impossible to determine which one was real and which was fake.

“So you’re here to trick people again?” The other Li Qiye glanced at Li Qiye with a leisurely and nonchalant expression.

“Okay, don’t transform into me or try to scheme against me. You are only a universal law without life and emotions, there’s no need to learn how to talk!” Li Qiye responded with a grin: “Your true self is the most important thing, these trivial aspects are meaningless.”

“Buzz!” This Li Qiye disappeared and a blurred shadow took its place. It carried the high heavens above and determined the fate of the universe below. All was within its grasp.

“There’s no need to transform into the high heavens either. You are not the high heavens, and to be frank, this is not its form anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled at this transformation.

“I’ll do what I want, it’s none of your business.” The blurred shadow replied with disdain.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile wryly. He rubbed his nose and helplessly said: “It seems like I am guilty. I shouldn’t have corrupted you last time, making you deriving the emotions of mortals.”

“I am the law of this world. I can become anything, there’s no need for you to teach me.” The blurred shadow contemptuously stated with great arrogance.

Li Qiye had come here once before as the Dark Crow. Moreover, he stayed here for a very long time. Back then, the law of this location was not like this. Later on, it retained all kinds of habits from Li Qiye’s teasing.

“Yes, yes, yes, you are the law of the heaven and earth, capable of transforming into all things.” Li Qiye smiled.

The blurry shadow suddenly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, a woman appeared before Li Qiye. Her beauty was indescribable with words.

“Am I pretty?” She asked Li Qiye with an enchantingly scornful smile.

“Fuck! You dare to transform into her? You think I won’t tear you into pieces?!” Li Qiye couldn’t resist cursing: “Your style is so unnatural, it really makes me want to puke!”