Chapter 924: Origin Of The Blood Race

When the matrons’ sharp glares came over, the expert standing next to Li Qiye was crying in agony on the inside. He lamented his bad luck and why he had to be standing next to such an unlucky star!

“Bam!” Right at this second, the four matrons attacked Li Qiye with their whips and sleeves. They surrounded him in a flash.

“Whoosh!” They instantly hauled him to the sky and left him hanging there while standing in four different directions. It seemed that they were ready to inflict the dismemberment by four horses punishment.

The four matrons then stared at each other. None of them wanted to stop. If this kept on going, then Li Qiye would be divided into four pieces by them.

“Hey, you four, how old are you? If you are just little girls, then the old geezers back at the primal ground are too untrustworthy. They actually sent a bunch of emotional brats here to deal with this matter…”

“… But if you are the old grandmas from back then… it would be a bit too scary. So old yet still so competitive. Let me tell you something, just calm down. My time is very precious. We should perform the baptism and the ceremonial procedures, then all of us can be happy.” Li Qiye calmly spoke while hanging in the air.

The crowd turned silent again. This brat was simply a lunatic! He actually dared to say such things!

The four maidens’ eyes became fierce; they seemed to be posturing to tear him into pieces. They also increased their pulling strength. The whips and sleeves that were wrapped around Li Qiye’s body were creaking as well.

“Ugh.” Li Qiye was in pain from their pulling. He stared at them and said: “Damned grandmas, the four of you actually want to dismember me? Wait until I become the Blood Forefather, then I’ll exile you all to do hard labor, or you can be my palanquin bearers instead!”

The experts from the four branches were astounded after hearing this. Where did this crazy guy come from? He’s so insensible and reckless! Anyone else would have been scared to death already.

“Such audacity!” The four matrons were enraged, especially the Spring Matron who had a hot temper; her hair was swaying in the air. She was definitely ready to teach Li Qiye a lesson.

“Okay, little girls, don’t get angry.” Li Qiye interrupted the Spring Matron and said: “Do you actually want to kill me? I am the only survivor from the Sky Dome, and I also obtained a fortune from within. To be more blunt, I will be your future Blood Forefather. Hurry and take me to the blood pool instead of torturing me here.”

“Such a big tone!” Such words made the Winter Matron, who had the coldest personality here, utter: “You aren’t the only one that has received the blessing across all the generations.”

“Of course I know that.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “However, across all the generations, I am the only one who can become your Blood Forefather.”

The Summer Matron, who was the most lively among the four, curiously asked: “So? What kind of blessing did you receive?”

“You wouldn’t know even if I told you. I don’t care if you are the old matrons or ones from a newer generation, you wouldn’t be able to understand the blessing required for someone to become the Blood Forefather. Even the old men from your primal ground wouldn’t know …” Li Qiye explained nonchalantly.

“However, all of you should mentally prepare for when I become your Blood Forefather. I am a vengeful person, and you all have offended me. After becoming your forefather, I will definitely assign all of you to servitude!” Li Qiye smiled at this point: “I personally hope that you are the generation in the legends. Yes, making the four of you carry my palanquin is not a bad idea at all!”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” The Autumn Matron, who was the quiet and graceful one, slowly spoke: “Even if you have received the blessing, a human like you wouldn’t be able to become the Blood Forefather!”

Her words were reasonable. For millions of years now, countless Blood disciples had entered the Sky Dome. However, none of them had received the legendary blessing, not to mention a human like Li Qiye. Even if he obtained something, it wouldn’t be the legendary blessing!

For the Blood Race and especially those in the primal ground, they didn’t think that their progenitor would pick an outsider to become their new forefather!

“Whether I can or not will easily be determined after the baptism in the blood pool.” Li Qiye calmly spoke: “For your race and the primal ground, the second coming of the Blood Forefather is a grand event. The forefather will be able to command the Blood Race…”

“… As your forefather, I am worried for all of you due to your amateurish conducts here. You four actually hurt your precious forefather like this and have become the sinners of the clan. Even if I pardoned your crime, it would still leave a bad mark on your bloodline!”

Such a remark left the four matrons furious to the point where they almost vomited blood.

The Winter Matron coldly said: “It seems like you know a lot.”

Li Qiye smiled: “Well, this is due to your lack of knowledge. As a cultivator, you shouldn’t just be training all day. One should read more, understand? In your clan, the matter of the Blood Forefather isn’t a secret or anything. Time flows by so people would naturally write things down. The more you read, the more you know. Do you not understand such simple logic?”

The matrons were quivering with anger right now. They had extremely high statuses in the Blood Clan, but Li Qiye dared to talk like this in front of them. Where did this crazy guy come from?!

Li Qiye relaxingly said: “Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are part of the old or new generation, it seems like something strange is going on when the four of you have been relegated to this task. We shouldn’t waste time, let us go to the blood pool.”

“Hmph, you aren’t in charge here!” The Spring Matron snorted.

Li Qiye continued with his carefree demeanor: “I only want what’s best for you four. Just think about it, if you are the generation in the legends, then you have been living for too long. How hard must it be? Sealed inside Blood Era Stones for ages… each time you come out, your lifespan would deplete…”

“Every emergence would result in aging. Which girl isn’t afraid of aging? Your beauty would wither, turning you all into old grandmas — that wouldn’t be good. I am someone who is very considerate of the fairer sex, so I will have a guilty conscience if I just stand here and watch the four of you turn into old grandmas!”

“If you blabber less, we would waste less time!” The Winter Matron retorted.

“Hahaha, I know now.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “I don’t need to remove your masks to prove your identities. So the four of you really are the matrons from the legends. Aizz, how wonderful, how unfathomable. After so many years, you all are becoming younger and younger. It seems that your bloodline is indeed incredible. The four of you actually managed to break through the chains of your blood!”

“Aizz, women who become younger as they age, even I wasn’t able to recognize it.” Li Qiye was very proud of his discovery.

The four matrons were extremely annoyed with him. The graceful Autumn Matron stared at him and said: “It seems like you have some ability with scheming. Spouting nonsense for half a day just to find out our origins!”

“Thank you.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “I’m only curious about the current level of your bloodline, that’s all. Even though you are a bunch of old women that have lived for countless years, your personalities are still like unruly little girls. Aizz, what a lamentable thing.”

“Take him away!” In the end, the four of them completely lost their patience with him. They knew that Li Qiye was neither crazy nor a fool. He tried to figure out their true identities several times, showing that he was more than what he seemed!

The experts from the four branches came and carried him away.

No matter how he was being carried, he was still as calm as ever. He lied there and teasingly glanced at the four matrons: “Little girls, it is not too late to apologize. Be my palanquin bearers and this forefather shall forgive you, or else I’ll really exile the four of you to be manual labor!”

The four matrons ignored him. If it wasn’t for him being blessed, they would have made sure to dismember him.

“Aizz, it seems like all of you don’t believe that I can become the Blood Forefather.” Li Qiye leisurely stated: “I’ll let you know something. Once I become the forefather, I’ll use that thing in the blood pool to spank your butts.”