Chapter 927: Legends Of The Blood Forefather

However, the inexplicable appearance of a human boy that was so arrogant and lawless left the ancestors slack-jawed. A human receiving the blessing was completely outside of their expectations.

Li Qiye only smiled towards this ancestor: “If I become the Blood Forefather, are you all ready to have a human take this role?”

Such sharp words left the ancestors thinking. This was indeed a problem. They were not prepared for a human to become their Blood Forefather. How could they face the Blood Race after this? This issue left these experienced ancestors silent.

“That is impossible.” An ancestor stressed: “How could the bloodline of our progenitor be passed down to a human! This will never happen.”

Li Qiye smirked: “Is that so? Don’t you think you are a bit too certain? You’re all just a bunch of geezers that have lived for too long. Ask yourselves, where did the Blood Race come from?”

An ancestor immediately quipped: “What a load of rubbish. The world knows where we came from.”

“Okay, then we’ll talk about it a bit. According to you, your progenitor was originally a drop of immortal blood that eventually gave birth to the entire Blood Race. Here lies the issue, who actually gave birth to all of you?”

“…” This question left the ancestors in the darkness dazed. Everyone had heard of this legend, but who actually gave birth to them? This question had never really been touched before.

Li Qiye smiled: “From the various versions of your origin mythos, it can be assumed that your progenitor was male, so there has to be a woman that gave birth to your Blood Race, right? Your progenitor couldn’t be the only one.”

In fact, whether if it was the nine worlds or those within their clan, there were no exact writings about this issue. No one really discussed this matter either.

Li Qiye went on: “If we take a step back and assume that your progenitor was a woman, then who would the father be?”

Not to mention the ancestors present, perhaps no one of the entire Blood Race could answer Li Qiye’s question.

He leisurely went on before the silent crowd: “No matter the sex, your progenitor needs the other half to give birth to your race, but your race has never thought about how half of your bloodline might be different than your progenitor’s!”

“You speak as if you know!” The Autumn Matron stared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled: “You are asking the right person. I have indeed read an ancient record with a particular tale. It says that your Blood Matriarch was a human. In other words, a human female gave birth to your race.”

“How absurd! How could a human exist within our race!” An ancestor shouted, immediately denying this theory.

Li Qiye disagreed: “After so much talking, your primal ground still doesn’t want to admit this truth! You all claim to have the purest bloodline from your progenitor but deny your matriarch’s bloodline. This is the most ridiculous and funny thing I have ever heard!”

“How can we believe a false claim?” An ancestor gently shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. Ultimately, you all are still avoiding the issue and won’t recognize the truth that your bloodline is not pure.” Li Qiye dismissively said: “With regards to the three most widespread versions of your origin, you claim that your version is the most orthodox.”

“Then let us talk about the other two versions for a bit.” Li Qiye didn’t look at the ancestors in the darkness and instead turned his head towards the four matrons: “There is something similar about the other two versions — the other half of your progenitor, or your matriarch…”

“… One of them states that the king of your ancestors married a woman and eventually replaced the original race. The other one says that your progenitor mated with a female corpse to give birth to your race! Only your version avoids talking about your matriarch, don’t you think this is quite interesting?”

The Winter Matron coldly uttered: “So what?!”

Li Qiye smiled: “This makes me think that your older ancestors are privy to the origin of your matriarch, so they purposely avoided it. Although descendants like you might be unaware, your ancestors probably know this secret!”

“Despite the writings in the ancient record about the change in your blood pond back then, a human descendant like me has no way of knowing. However, one thing is certain, you all have found something that relates to the secret of your bloodline, or at least formulated some guesses. Otherwise, the four of you wouldn’t have been able to break the chains of your bloodline!”

“With that, things get interesting. You all don’t actually dare to deny the existence of the other half of your bloodline, a bloodline that may even be human. Because of this, the anomaly in the blood pond forced the four of you to come out and take control. And I, a human, fits your speculations perfectly, it is just that you don’t want to admit it.”

“Young man, you have quite a rich imagination.” An ancestor interrupted him and coldly said: “This is only your one-sided speculation! You’re merely indulging your rampant imagination!”

“Fine, we won’t talk about this anymore.” Li Qiye did not deny the accusation. “Then we’ll get to the point! Everyone is here right now, so is it time for my baptism to begin?!”

The ancestors once again turned quiet. Letting a human participate in the baptism was completely unprecedented. This was not in accordance with the rules of their primal ground and their race as a whole.

“I am a straightforward person, especially with threats. If you let me participate, then everyone will be happy. If not, however, then my apologies, I will do so anyway.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Will all of you accept a human as your Blood Forefather? Of course, I am well prepared to break all formalities. I hope all of you are prepared to accept your new forefather as well!”

Li Qiye was not longer joking around this time. He carried an aggressive momentum that gave no room for negotiation!

“Such a big tone…” An ancestor’s eyes turned fierce like a lamp in the night.

“These are not empty words!” Li Qiye interrupted him and coldly uttered: “I am only stating facts to all of you so that you can mentally prepare yourselves. When I become the Blood Forefather, all of this would be deemed as a disrespect! To be frank, I do not need your primal ground, it is the other way around!”

His eyes swept through the rest of the ancestors in the darkness: “Without a Blood Forefather, do you think your primal ground is worthy of its title? All I need to do is to run outside and I’m sure many lineages in the Blood Race would be willing to worship me as their forefather!”

“Once that happens, do you think your primal ground can maintain its untouchable position in the Blood Race?! If you want to command the Blood Race, you will definitely need me as your Blood Forefather!” Li Qiye appeared quite forceful at this time.

“You think you can become the Blood Forefather?” An ancestor stood up in the darkness. A terrifying aura engulfed the sky like the awakening of a God-Monarch.

“Is it time to play hard?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he slowly spoke: “I don’t care either way. Although I am weak, destroying all of you won’t be hard as your forefather!”

“No.” At this point, the Autumn Matron gently shook her head: “Ancestors, let him have his baptism!”

An ancestor asked: “Is that appropriate?” After all, a human undergoing the baptism was an unprecedented matter.

“Let him be!” Even the Winter Matron added with a serious tone: “He is not guaranteed to become the forefather! This is a type of fate since he has been blessed.”

“I agree. We won’t lose anything by letting him undergo the baptism.” The Spring Matron nodded in agreement.

“A human blessed by the progenitor… let us see just what kind of blessing it is.” The Summer Matron stared at Li Qiye with curiosity in her pretty eyes.

The ancestors also privately exchanged their opinions. Eventually, an ancestor spoke: “Fine, Junior, you can be baptized. Since you are blessed, it is your own fortune. As for what that fortune is, that will depend on your own fate.” The four matrons had agreed, so the ancestors didn’t have a reason to oppose them. Moreover, they also wanted to see what kind of gift an outsider like Li Qiye would get.

At this point, the four matrons were staring intensely at Li Qiye because they knew more than the ancestors. It was just like he had said, they had a few speculations in their minds!