Chapter 93: Master is a Beautiful Woman (1)

The moment Li Qi Ye and the others returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Elder Sun was already eagerly waiting outside. Seeing Li Qi Ye’s group riding on a giant snail, Elder Sun was stunned; this snail was so fast, that it was illogical.

However, Elder Sun wasn’t in the mood to talk about this. He looked at Li Qi Ye, and he hurriedly said:

“Thank heaven and earth that you all are finally back.”

He then busily brought Li Qi Ye down from the giant snail.

“You need to go to the ancestral chamber fast; there might be a fight.”

Elder Sun anxiously told Li Qi Ye.

Seeing his worried look, Li Qi Ye asked:

“Enemies from outside? Or is it that the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom has finally arrived at our door?”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s slow and calm words, Elder Sun couldn’t do anything else but explain:

“No, the sect master is back, inside the ancestral chamber. Elder Gu’s group is quarrelling with the sect master! You should still hurry go and see!”

“Sect master…”

Elder Sun’s answer was outside of Li Qi Ye’s expectation. Regarding sect master Su Yong Huang, Li Qi Ye didn’t have half an impression. One could even said that, regarding this master that he got by chance, he never really paid attention to, or asked about, her.

Su Yong Huang’s current return surprised Li Qi Ye. He calmly said:

“Good, I should meet this master afterall.”

Finished speaking, he went inside.

Niu Fen turned his body back into his second form, and he became the old man’s again, walking alongside Li Qi Ye. Seeing a giant snail turning into an old man, Elder Sun couldn’t help but become lost in a daze; however, at this moment, he also didn’t have time to ask about this matter.

This time, inside the ancestral chamber, the elders almost flipped the table. Elders, as the highest power in charge of the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, should be maintaining their composure, but, at this moment, Elder Zhou and his group were all glaring with their eyes wide opened. The object of their gazes was the current sect master Su Yong Huang of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Only Elder Gu’s attitude was good. He simply sat in his place, and he didn’t speak a single word.

Su Yong Huang, as the sect master, in fact, was not welcome by the upper echelon. The reason was simple, Su Yong Huang didn’t have any credentials or experience inside the sect. One could even say that she was not a disciple of the sect.

Su Yong Huang’s sudden appearance and becoming the sect master was an extremely sudden matter. The entire sect was not prepared for it, or even knew about such a character.

Her ability to become the sect master was because the previous sect master was still alive. At that time, there were two or three Supreme Elders who were still alive. There was even one Supreme Elder who had lived for a very long time that was rumored to be part of the fight thirty thousand years ago; he was in isolated cultivation due to his mortal wound.

The specific circumstances of this matter, no one was very clear outside of the First Elder Gu Tie Shou. Anyway, Su Yong Huang was declared to be the next sect master by the previous one. This decision was supported by all the Supreme Elders. The oldest Supreme Elder even summoned Gu Tie Shou, and he personally persuaded him.

To sum it up, after one night, Gu Tie Shou agreed with Su Yong Huang taking the seat of sect master. In reality, at that time the entire sect was in an uproar. This matter was too great; a person who no one knew suddenly became the new sect master. This matter was truly hard for the sect to accept.

At that time, Gu Tie Shou loudly persuaded the group of Elder Zhou, and he suppressed the majority of the disciples who were strongly opposing Su Yong Huang, the matter was settled.

However, Su Yong Huang herself seemed to know her situation. As the sect master, she didn’t stay behind in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. She instead brought along a small group of disciples, including a few sectional leaders. Afterwards, Su Yong Huang was the sect master in the outskirt of the sect, and she essentially didn’t interfere with the internal affairs; however, she still kept in contact with the sect.

Fortunately, with this decision, the sect finally calmed down. The six elders became the main deciders of any big decisions of the sect from then on.

It could be said that, when Su Yong Huang was the sect master, First Elder Gu Tie Shou was the grand contributor to the sect. Before her appearance, Gu Tie Shou was the first to inherit the seat as he was the most qualified for the appointment.

Gu Tie Shou was the direct disciple of the last sect master, and he was also the most experienced within the first generation disciple who had been in the sect for the longest. Not only this, he was also diligent and dedicated to the entire sect.

If at that time Gu Tie Shou didn’t persuade Elder Zhou’s group, no one else would have been able to convince the rest of the upper echelon.

Because Gu Tie Shou was willing to give up his position, as well as personally take charge of the matter, Su Yong Huang was able to become the sect master.

That very same Su Yong Huang who was always outside decided to come back today. Su Yong Huang had never came back to the sect with the exception of when the previous sect master passed away.

Her reason for returning this time was because of the Evil Infested Ridge. She wanted to take some disciples into the Evil Infested Ridge. This was immediately subjected to opposition from the Elder Zhou’s group.

Currently, in the eyes of the sect’s upper echelon, such as Elder Zhou, Li Qi Ye was the leader for the sect’s revitalization. He was the driver of the sect. Su Yong Huang’s return naturally was opposed by the upper echelon. Plus, they didn’t trust her. How could they hand over the disciples to her?

Because of this, the two sides almost flipped the table on each other. Frankly speaking, the group of Elder Zhou didn’t agree for Su Yong Huang to take charge of the sect no matter what.

“Good, it is good now. Li Qi Ye is back. Everyone can slowly talk.”

After bringing Li Qi Ye inside, Elder Sun hurriedly told everyone in there.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s return, the group of Elder Zhou finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the atmosphere inside the ancestral chamber clearly eased up.

“Big brother, this is our master, and our sect master.”

At this time, Tu Bu Yu who was standing behind Su Yong Huang smiled, and he kindly said.

Regarding the address of “sect master”, the Elder Zhou’s group was irritated, and they let out a scowl.

Li Qi Ye observed Su Yong Huang, and he was not without astonishment! Su Yong Huang in front was a woman, and a very young woman on top of that!

The woman ahead, was around twenty, possessed a charming and noble presence; she was wearing a faintly yellow robe, causing her nobility to be even more apparent. The woman in front of his eyes, her forehead was like the moon; eyes like the stars. Her most attractive feature was her elegant brows; they were like swords, causing her elegant charm to have three parts domineering presence; it was as if she was the heaven’s royal daughter, possessing a matchless imperial air along with unmatched grace.

Comparing beauty, Li Shuang Yan next to Li Qi Ye was not less than the woman ahead; however, Li Shuang Yan didn’t have the matchless imperial atmosphere along with this unmatched grace.

When Li Qi Ye was looking at her, Su Yong Huang was also checking him out. The master and disciple were analyzing each other.

Li Qi Ye’s wits returned, and he glanced at Nan Huai Ren next to him, saying:

“You never told me that the sect master was a woman.”

Nan Huai Ren was stunned for a moment, and forcefully smiled, whispering:

“Brother didn’t ask, ah! I thought you already knew.”
(TN1: We know she is a girl from the narrative but Li Qi Ye never did)

Li Qi Ye was a bit speechless. Until now, he thought Su Yong Huan was a man. Tu Bu Yu, as his disciple, was more than one thousand years old, so his master Su Yong Huang should also be an old man with gray hair, around six or seven thousand years old. However, Li Qi Ye didn’t expect that Su Yong Huang was a woman around the age of twenty five, possessing extreme beauty.

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou wanted to smooth things over, so he said.

“Qi Ye, the sect master wants to bring disciples to the Evil Infested Ridge.”

Su Yong Huang looked at Li Qi Ye, and then she said:

“The Evil Infested Ridge, to our current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, is the best place for training; it is also the time where we harvest. From my calculation, it is half a year away at most, and the soonest is around three months; at that time, the Evil Infested Ridge will open. This is a one and only chance opportunity in a hundred years, and our sect cannot afford to let it go.”

“I’m clear on this, sixty three days later, the Evil Infested Ridge will definitely open.”

Li Qi Ye gently nodded his head, and he said. The moment when he was buried underground, he also found out when the ridge would open.

“Then what is your opinion?”

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou asked Li Qi Ye.

At this moment, all the elders were looking at Li Qi Ye. In their hearts, Elder Zhou’s group wanted Li Qi Ye to become the sect master of the sect.

“May I have a little talk with the sect master?”

Finally, Li Qi Ye said to the group of Gu Tie Shou.

Gu Tie Shou and others looked at each other, and, in the end, they all agreed with Li Qi Ye’s request.

Li Qi Ye returned to the Lonely Peak, and Li Shuang Yan and others all took their leave. Inside the small courtyard, only Li Qi Ye and Su Yong Huang, as well as Tu Bu Yu, who was standing behind Su Yong Huang, were present.

Li Qi Ye stared at Su Yong Huang, and he was silent for a long time. Certain memories came back to him. After a while, Li Qi Ye finally said:

“Is Heaven’s Edge Su Clan doing alright?”
(TN2: Heaven’s Edge means the other end of the world / a faraway place in this usage)

Li Qi Ye words greatly changed Su Yong Huang’s expression, and even Tu Bu Yu was shocked. Su Yong Huang looked at him, and she emotionally said:

“How do you know about Heaven’s Edge?! The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, outside of Grandpa Tu, no one else knew about the Heaven’s Edge Su Clan!”

Li Qi Ye’s opening his mouth immediately spoke of her origin. How could Su Yong Huang not be surprised? The Heaven’s Edge Su Clan’s name never appeared in this world, and no one knew about it in the Nine Worlds.

“The Patriarch simply told me in my dream.”

Li Qi Ye finally calmed his emotions, nonchalantly smiled, and he said.