Chapter 946: Half-moon Princess

After the end of the Godwar, the Dark Crow asked the Xu Ancestor about his future path. The ancestor looked at his little girl ravaged by war and absently sighed: “I only want to be a mortal. The Xu Clan is done for, but I still want to continue its bloodline. I hope that our descendants will be mortals who can finally enjoy peace. That is all I ask for.”

Later on, Li Qiye found this Apricot Peak and let them settle down here. The Xu Clan from then on no longer embarked on the path of cultivation. They lived ordinary mortal lives from one generation to the next.

Li Qiye began to think by the window. There were times when mortals envied cultivators who were able to fly without limits. Meanwhile, war-ravaged cultivators sometimes envied the peaceful lives of mortals.

A while later, the shopkeeper brought out some aged wine along with some snacks. Li Qiye stopped gazing out the window and poured himself a cup.

However, at this second, his attention shifted to someone else. In a corner of the second floor was an old man slightly quivering. He appeared to be very anxious, wanting nothing more than to burrow underground.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile upon seeing this old man. He was all too familiar with the fella.

He wore a gray robe with a very wacky paper hat. It was covered in a layer of grease and dust. Who knew how long he had worn this hat for? He seemed to be a harmless old man with nothing special about him.

However, Li Qiye remembered him and knew his background as well. Back in the Ancient Street, this old man had shown up before and Li Qiye even opened a stone chest for him. 1

The meeting was different this time. The old man was very cautious of Li Qiye and didn’t dare to stare at him. He had the urge to run, but he didn’t dare to act recklessly when Li Qiye’s eyes were on him.

Li Qiye chuckled and dismissively said: “It seems like you have a good nose.”

The old man had a helpless expression and was frozen on the spot; he didn’t know what to do. Remember that he was someone who could easily give away a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure. It was easy to imagine his might.

But now, this old man understood something very clearly. No matter how powerful he was, he was naught but an ant before Li Qiye, unworthy of being mentioned! Despite his power, his awareness of the great secret left him helpless.

While this old man was at an impasse, gentle steps came from downstairs. Shortly after, a fair lady came to the second floor.

The whole floor turned bright upon her arrival as if she was a jewel. She carried the aura of water while wearing a moon-colored dress. There was a little crescent moon on her forehead. It didn’t diminish her beauty and instead made her even more dazzling.

“Half-moon Princess!” The two cultivators who were resting on the first floor were shocked and left right away in fear.

The Half-moon Princess was an illustrious existence in the Barren Earth, a great genius. Her eyes swept through the second floor and noticed Li Qiye. She then sat down in front of him without any hesitation.

The old man heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. The embarrassing situation was finally alleviated by the princess’ arrival.

“Please excuse this little one, Sir. Do take your time.” The old man bowed and quickly left the second floor.

After sitting down, the princess spoke: “You must be Li Qiye.”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “I’m under the impression that I am the only one who can be called Li Qiye.”

“Hmph, cease your glib tongue.” The princess coldly spoke: “I’m asking you, are you that Li Qiye who is going around together with Ye Chuyun?!”

Li Qiye glanced at her and answered: “According to your description, I am indeed that Li Qiye.”

“Very good, then I have found the right person.” The princess slightly nodded while posturing without being too aggressive. It seemed that she was prideful by nature and considered herself superior to others. 2

Li Qiye only smiled and ignored her. He poured himself another cup and continued drinking. This hot wine tasted like nectar, prompting Li Qiye to smack his lips approvingly.

After so many years, the Xu Clan’s aged wine still had the same memorable taste. Back then, the Xu Ancestor was not only an invincible existence but also a fine winemaker.

Li Qiye ate the different snacks and continued to act indifferent to the Half-moon Princess sitting in front of him.

The princess’ expression turned cold at this show of disdain. She snorted unhappily but still managed to hold back her displeasure.

She stared at him and slowly spoke: “I heard that you and Ye Chuyun are a couple…”

Li Qiye raised his brows and said: “There’s no need to walk in circles, just fart it out. I am in a good mood right now and do not wish to be disturbed.”

“You!” The princess’ expression quickly shifted as she glared at him. In her eyes, Li Qiye was only an unknown junior. She didn’t know why Ye Chuyun would think highly of this nobody. Moreover, he even belonged to the ugly type — just a commoner!

“Li Qiye, do you know who I am?” She asked drily.

He kept on munching the snacks and took his time sipping the wine. He didn’t bother looking at her while answering: “I don’t have to look to know who you are. I can easily smell the foul stench belonging to your Blood-devil Race.”

“Ignorant fool!” The princess was angered by this response and shouted: “Li Qiye, you speak such insulting words, are you tired of living?!”

Li Qiye brushed her off and waved his sleeve to say: “Okay, stop blabbering. If you have something to say, then say it or get the hell out of my sight.”

The princess was shaking with rage. She was a princess of the Blood-devil Race and praised as one of the five saints in the Barren Earth. But now, a nobody like this acting so contemptuously made her almost grit her teeth to dust. If it wasn’t for her wanting to keep Li Qiye alive, she would have ended him already.

She remembered her business and took a deep breath before coldly staring at him: “Li, marry Ye Chuyun and I will give you some nice benefits!”

This offer made Li Qiye, who was enjoying his wine, stop for a bit. He slowly placed his cup on the table and finally looked at the princess while smiling: “A bit interesting.”

“Will you do it or not?” The princess glared at him.

Li Qiye met her glare and smiled: “Why do you think Miss Ye will marry me?”

She scowled in response before taking another good look at him. The truth was that she didn’t see anything special about him at all. Ye Chuyun being a couple with such a man was simply the result of her being blind.

“A woman in love is simply indecipherable. Use this chance right now while you two are madly in love to propose and win her hand in marriage. If you marry Ye Chuyun, then you will be a carp jumping over the dragon gate. You will be the son-in-law of the Pure Lotus School, then you can call for winds and rain as you please.” The princess smiled.

She was a beautiful girl, so her smile resembled the blossoming of many flowers.

Li Qiye played with his cup and leisurely smiled: “Hearing you has made my heart thump. So, what’s in it for you if I marry Miss Ye?”

The princess snorted in response: “No need to ask! If you marry Ye Chuyun, I will grant you one treasure and a bottle of pills. Think about it, why would you not partake in this endeavor? It’s simply killing two birds with one stone.”

“I got it.” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “The man you like must like Miss Ye instead, so you want nothing more than for her to marry me so that the other man will give up, then you would have a chance to jump in, right?”

“Such a big mouth!” The princess shouted with a changed expression.

Li Qiye glared at her and said: “Keep in mind that it is you asking me, not the other way around!”

“You!” The princess wasn’t happy at this moment. However, she still took a deep breath and looked Li Qiye in the eye: “Do you want to marry her or not?!”

“It’s none of your business.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The princess was still quite angry, but she endured it: “Li Qiye, this is a godsend for you. If you marry Ye Chuyun, I will even give you a nice bride token. With that, you will be worthy of Ye Chuyun. Just marry her and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life.”

“Alright, I understand your intentions now.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, my business needs no meddling from outsiders. Please go back.”

The princess’ expression turned cold. Someone with a status as prestigious as hers coming to discuss this with Li Qiye was already a humble gesture, yet Li Qiye dared to not give her any face!

The princess drily said: “Li Qiye, I am showing you respect by presenting these conditions directly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”