Chapter 957: The Provocative Crowd

“Oh, our little errand boy finally crawled up.” A derisive comment came out the moment Li Qiye set foot on the platform. The Swiftsword Marquis sneered sarcastically: “I wonder if our little boy gained any magical arts from his struggle to climb up?”

He was full of malice with his deliberate attempts to mock Li Qiye. He wanted Li Qiye to become angry so that he would have an excuse to teach Li Qiye a lesson. Daring to steal his senior brother’s woman? There would be no good end for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye paid him no mind. His eyes fell on the huge cave that resembled a ferocious dragon’s mouth. For millions of years after being battered by rain and wind, it remained the same.

The Swiftsword Marquis continued: “Yo, this little errand boy doesn’t have any skill, but his self-restraint is definitely first rate. Definitely a good characteristic for a turtle.”

At this time, many people glanced over at Li Qiye. The majority of the young experts here were from the Blood Race. From the marquis’ taunting, they more or less knew about the matter between Li Qiye and Ye Chuyun. Of course, not everyone believed that Li Qiye was her errand boy.

They could easily see that the marquis was purposely ridiculing him in order to force a fight. With that, the marquis could destroy his brother’s rival in love.

Li Qiye ignored him and continued to stare at the giant cave. He walked towards it step by step with a strange peculiarity. Each step had an indescribable rhythm. Others didn’t pay any attention to his steps; Si Yuanyuan was the only one who was completely focused on him walking since she could sense the fluctuations. She tried to realize the meaning behind his actions.

As Li Qiye was fast approaching the seating area of their gathering, a young man stood up and coldly uttered: “This is the place where I discuss the dao with the other capable people. Not any random dog or cat can come here.”

His long hair was fluttering with the wind to accentuate his slender and tall figure. Although he was not the muscular type, his physical seemed to be full of power and radiated a solar aura. He was the Pureblood School’s descendant, Chi Tianyu. He inherited the purest bloodline of the school, so his body had a faint violet aura.

As the host, he had invited many youths to the Dragon Platform. Outside of the discussions, they wanted to build friendships and talk about the treasures in this place. His ambition was quite great since he aimed to use the group to comprehend Tiger Hill and the Dragon Platform to earn an achievement no less than those before him.

The group was standing around the cave while Li Qiye walked straight towards him. Chi Tianyu was naturally not happy with this new intruder. Moreover, Li Qiye was his rival in love!

After hearing Chi Tianyu, the Swiftsword Marquis immediately knew what to do. He was just waiting for his senior brother’s order before cutting Li Qiye down. He blocked Li Qiye’s path and coldly said: “An errand boy should know where he stands. This is the place of masters, scram to the side and serve. If you overstep your boundaries, I will break your dog legs!”

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed after he felt the pulse of this location. A murderous glint bloomed instantly. At this moment, the Swiftsword Marquis was no different from a dead man in his eyes.

Prior to this, he simply didn’t care for the marquis’ taunts. Who would actually care about an insect parading before them? But this time, the marquis was interfering with his business. No matter who they might be, those who block his path shall be killed without mercy!

“Swiftsword Marquis, who are you referring to?” At this time, a pleasant yet commanding voice appeared. A woman arrived from the sky like a lotus blossoming in a river. She was both charming and elegant.

“Schoolmaster Ye is here…” Someone uttered in surprise. Everyone quickly stood up to come and greet her. Even the marquis was startled and went through the formalities as well.

Ye Chuyun drifted through the sky with grace beyond words, as pretty as always.

Despite her young age, her status was half a generation higher than the people here since she made her debut earlier than Chi Tianyu and Bai Jian. Among the five saints of the Blood Race, only the Skybearing Duke was from the same generation as her.

She was the first among the younger generation to become a Virtuous Paragon. Thus, she had a pivotal position among her peers and even the rest of the Barren Earth.

Those who came forward to greet her were mostly her suitors and admirers. This was especially true for Chi Tianyu. He became very spirited after seeing her. He straightened his back and confidently showed off his most charming side.

“It is an honor to have Schoolmaster Ye personally come to our little get-together. Tianyu has many questions on the road of cultivation, I hope that Schoolmaster Ye will be able to give me some pointers.” Chi Tianyu smiled and greeted Ye Chuyun.

Even Bai Jian, who hailed from an imperial lineage, didn’t dare to show any slight. He personally came forward with a friendly smile: “If even Brother Tianyu has to ask you for help, then the rest of us will have to listen to the side as your students. In this place, Schoolmaster Ye is indeed the best in terms of cultivation. Please sit in the master seat.”

The other young geniuses quickly came to say their part along with many praises. For some of them, meeting her once was already a blessing. Those who adored her were truly excited and even intoxicated.

She stepped onto the Dragon Platform and gently nodded her head: “Everyone is too kind.” Having said that, she didn’t stop at all and instantly went next to Li Qiye with a smooth shift.

“I had too many things to deal with beforehand so this little sister arrived late, please excuse me, Brother Li.” Ye Chuyun spoke softly while standing next to Li Qiye. She spoke with the manner not of an extraordinary paragon or an untouchable schoolmaster, but a gentle and virtuous woman.

“Good to see you here.” Li Qiye gently nodded and continued to walk towards the hole in the ground while feeling the fluctuations of the platform. Ye Chuyun, on the other hand, followed right behind him.

This prompted many geniuses to glance at each other. Chi Tianyu’s smile was frozen stiff at the moment, so the atmosphere became quite strange.

The Swiftsword Marquis who wanted to act in his brother’s stead earlier didn’t dare to act presumptuously. He was only a junior before Ye Chuyun.

Bai Jian only smiled and shook his head. It was hard to diffuse this situation, so everyone felt a bit embarrassed and awkward.

Among the crowd, only the Half-moon Princess was secretly glad. This was what she wanted to see the most. If Li Qiye and Ye Chuyun were really going to be a pair, then Chi Tianyu would have to give up sooner or later. This meant that there was a chance for her to get together with him.

In her opinion, no one else was a better match for Chi Tianyu than her. They both came from the Blood-devil Tribe and their two great sects were equals! Moreover, the seniors in their sects also wanted the two of them to become dao companions.

Puzzled glances were shot across the crowd. Those who admired Ye Chuyun were at a bigger loss. They and even Chi Tianyu thought that she was here to participate in their get-together, they didn’t expect Li Qiye to be her reason for coming. This made them quite uncomfortable and caused them to view Li Qiye as their enemy in love.

Li Qiye had taken several laps around the hole at this time with a particular rhythm. Meanwhile, both Ye Chuyun and Si Yuanyuan followed right after him. The difference between the two was that Ye Chuyun seemed to be much more caring and considerate towards him.

This scene left Chi Tianyu very upset as a storm of jealousy erupted in his heart. This only grew stronger after seeing Ye Chuyun’s gentle eyes glossing over Li Qiye’s back. Jealousy was gnawing his heart to pieces.

“Haha, do you actually think you can obtain some treasures?” He coldly snorted in order to put down Li Qiye.

Li Qiye stopped and glanced at him before smiling and responded dismissively: “So what? Enlightenment from Tiger Hill and treasures from the Dragon Platform! This is an ordinary matter.”

“Hahahaha…” Chi Tianyu couldn’t help but laugh: “Enlightenment from Tiger Hill and treasures from the Dragon Platform! That depends on the person. It is only a fool’s dream unless they are as brilliant as an Immortal Emperor.”

“Haha, brother, a fool does not know that he is dreaming. He actually thinks that he is brilliant enough to be the future Immortal Emperor.” The Swiftsword Marquis naturally came to his brother’s aid and spoke sarcastically: “But he doesn’t know that his actions only make him a laughingstock to the world. Just a clown, that’s all.”

The other young geniuses stood there watching. They didn’t know or recognize Li Qiye. Those who liked Ye Chuyun were also very happy to see Chi Tianyu teach Li Qiye a lesson.

Ye Chuyun looked at them and slightly grimaced. A few people were suicidal; nothing could stop these types of people from rushing to their deaths.

Li Qiye raised his brows and coldly said: “Watch your mouth or you won’t even know the reason for your death!”

“Is that so?” Chi Tianyu answered before the marquis: “I also want to see who dares to threaten my Pureblood School at the Barren Earth. Who is courageous enough to antagonize my school?! Only death awaits those who dare to do so. Be smart and return from whence you came!”