Chapter 960: Crimson Night Kingdom’s Supreme Elder

Everyone was holding their breaths at this point. Chi Tianyu’s declaration was not just an empty threat. They all knew full well that the Blood-devil Tribe had always been united with great solidarity…

“Are you threatening me?” Li Qiye smiled while pressing down harder on the marquis before leisurely answering: “Pureblood School? I don’t care. Blood-devil Tribe? I also don’t care. Should you provoke me, not to mention these two existences, even your entire Blood Race will live under the shadow of fear!”

The young generation here became dumbfounded after hearing this. Was this brat insane? Offending the Pureblood School was one thing, but now, his words had offended the entire Blood Race! There was nowhere else to go in the Barren Earth if one offended the Blood Race.

“Such bold words. Our Blood Race will live in fear? Do you think you are an Immortal Emperor?” A cold voice resounded with great immensity, causing others to become short of breath.

Two people stepped onto the Dragon Platform, one young and one old. The youth was the Crimson Night Duke while the other was an old man with gray hair. His blood energy was mist-like, as if his body itself was formed from it.

There were many visual phenomena of living beings behind him as if they were worshipping and giving him their energy. This energy would allow him to destroy this world with a simple gesture.

Without a doubt, this old man was an Early Era Paragon, one with plentiful blood energy.

Si Yuanyuan, standing behind Li Qiye, was startled to see this old man and cried out: “Supreme Elder…!”

The youths here quickly went to greet this old man for he was the Supreme Elder of Crimson Night. He had always been presiding over the Thunder Tower and held great fame.

With a backing this time, the duke was quite confident. He arrogantly stared at Li Qiye and laughed: “Junior, the Barren Earth isn’t a place for you to do as you please. Quickly release Brother Swiftsword or your life will be forfeit!”

Chi Tianyu was glad to see the Supreme Elder arrive in person. Nothing could be better if he could drag the Crimson Night Kingdom into these muddled waters as well.

However, the duke’s words went in one ear and out the other. Li Qiye didn’t even bother looking at the Supreme Elder.

The duke felt humiliated and couldn’t hold back. He shouted: “Junior, are you listening?! Kneel and beg for forgiveness immediately!”

“Crack!” More bones were broken as a shrill scream could be heard. Before anyone could see anything, the duke’s legs were crushed by Li Qiye’s kick. He fell straight to the ground and rolled in pain before Li Qiye stepped on his body as well.

“Finally got back to the Holy City after some time. I was feeling peaceful, but alas, a few idiots just had to spoil my good mood.” With one foot on the duke and one foot on the marquis, Li Qiye slowly uttered: “It seems like if I don’t massacre a few tens of thousands, people will actually think I am a batch of dough that anyone can knead.”

“Junior, stop!” The Supreme Elder was alarmed by this sudden change. He thunderously shouted and caused the crowd to sway with distress.

“Oh? The old finally wants to protect these little kids?” Li Qiye glanced over at the elder. He was still nonchalant as if it was no big deal.

The elder took one step forward and his blood energy soared like a tidal wave, capable of engulfing the entire hill and platform. In the blink of an eye, a paragon’s aura surged forth with a star-plucking momentum.

The elder’s erupting aura caused everyone here to tremble. They had to take several steps backward.

Ye Chuyun grunted after seeing the aggressive gesture. She took one step forward as well. A pure lotus flower floated to the sky and illuminated the nine continents. It easily stopped the elder’s aura.

Even though the elder was an Early Era Paragon, his cultivation was not a match for Ye Chuyun’s. Early Era Paragons were the weakest among even ordinary paragons.

Ye Chuyun was very powerful as the first paragon of the younger generation. The group of Chi Tianyu couldn’t compare to her at all. She had the power to fight against paragons from the previous generation!

Her involvement caused the elder’s expression to change. However, he wasn’t afraid of her as he coldly spoke: “Schoolmaster Ye, I respect you as the leader of a school. However, this matter involves our entire Crimson Night! If you choose to protect this brute who hurt our disciples, then it is the same as becoming our enemy!”

Most people felt dread after hearing this. Many rulers and sect masters wouldn’t want to antagonize the Crimson Night Kingdom.

It was very unwise to provoke a lineage with two emperors.

Ye Chuyun calmly stated: “My prestige is not for an elder like you to question!” Despite her gentle nature, each of her words was as heavy as the unshakable Mount Tai.

After all, she was an incredible Virtuous Paragon and the ruler of a country. Her acting as a virtuous woman around Li Qiye didn’t mean that she was weak! She simply maintained a low profile, but once she was ready to go, the royal aura of a ruler and might of a paragon would vividly manifest.

Not only was the crowd stunned, but even the elder was shocked after hearing this. This sentence carried quite a heavy punch!

The younger generation felt that she was even higher than they previously thought — worthy of admiration. Prior to this, due to her low-key nature, the young ones in the Barren Earth, especially those from big lineages like the Pureblood School, had forgotten about her status and cultivation. They felt that they were on the same level and in the same generation as her.

But now, her showing such contempt towards the Crimson Night Supreme Elder and displaying her might was a rude awakening for them. The fact was that she was far above them!

The elder became sullen all of a sudden. Ye Chuyun was indeed above him in terms of cultivation. Although their kingdom had two emperors, the Pure Lotus School also had emperor laws. In a direct confrontation, he was not her match without an imperial weapon.

The elder gravely said: “Schoolmaster Ye, I admit that you are indeed stronger than me. However, there are people who you will never be able to provoke! I can forgive that junior for harming my disciples. However, I am under the orders of Ancestor Storm God to bring our Crimson Night Kingdom’s disciples back!”

With that, he became more resolute and aggressive: “Think again if you want to oppose my Crimson Night!”

“Storm God!” The younger generation all gasped after hearing this title.

Si Yuanyuan was aghast as well. If the Storm God ordered her to come back, then no one would be able to oppose her.

Everyone here was completely tongue-tied. Even Bai Jian’s group was full of apprehension. The Storm God was indeed a fearful title in the minds of the Barren Earth’s inhabitants.

She was an ancestor of Crimson Night and rumored to be extremely powerful. Even if she didn’t come into being, she was still a big threat to the region.

Her name was Feng Piaoluo, the second daughter of Immortal Emperor Chen Xue. She kept her mother’s maiden name and was a very overbearing person. Her words were laws at Crimson Night. Not many would dare to go against her.

While the title of Storm God was scaring everyone, Li Qiye smiled and told Ye Chuyun: “Chuyun, get back. You shouldn’t come out to defend me, lest people say that I am someone who can only hide behind women.”

She didn’t question his request and immediately went back to quietly stand behind him.

Chu Tianyu’s eyes turned red from jealousy after seeing Ye Chuyun being so obedient towards Li Qiye. His teeth were about to break from him gritting them so hard. He didn’t understand what kind of charm Li Qiye had to make her obey him like this.

After Ye Chuyun retreated, the Supreme Elder stared at Li Qiye and raised his voice: “Junior, let go of my disciples and I will forgive your sin of ignorance!”

“So I should be thanking you then?” Li Qiye smiled while keeping his feet on top of the bodies.

At this time, the duke could no longer endure the pain and cried out: “Elder, save me…”

“Junior, let my disciples go and hand over Si Yuanyuan, then I’ll pretend that nothing happened today!” The Supreme Elder’s attitude softened at this point. Since Ye Chuyun was willing to back Li Qiye, he didn’t want to go all out against her.

Li Qiye smiled and slowly asked: “And if I don’t?”

The elder turned cold and revealed a murderous intent. He awe-inspiringly declared: “Junior, you don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth. No one dares to breach the Storm God’s orders. The offenders? Kill without mercy! No one can protect you in the Barren Earth!”

Si Yuanyuan turned pale after hearing this. She came from the Crimson Night Kingdom and knew that the Storm God’s authority was unchallengeable!

“I, I will go back with you, Elder, as long as you don’t pursue Young Noble Li’s mistake.” Si Yuanyuan stepped out and lowered her head.

She didn’t think that her issues would reach the Storm God. She also didn’t want to see Li Qiye being chased by the Storm God because of her!

She understood that her return would most likely result in being place under house arrest. However, she preferred this over Li Qiye dying for her sake.