Chapter 967: Skybearing Monarch

“How did you find out about this?!” Even the first voice — that was normally calm — was shocked after hearing Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled: “It doesn’t matter how I found out. Plus, don’t forget, I am the Dark Crow. Not too many things can elude my gaze, right?”

“So, you have some understanding of it?” The second voice was intrigued as well.

Li Qiye rubbed his chin: “How should I put this? I’m not too sure about other things, but I can guarantee this — I definitely know more than you two!”

The first voice decisively said: “If you can give it to us, we can work for you, or at least I will!”

“I also agree!” The second voice confirmed.

“Your demand is too high.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If I had it right now, do you think I would need to negotiate with you two? You aren’t the only ones who want such an item! Plus, you should know full well that if I had it, even the deities and emperors would shed all pretense of cordiality with each other, don’t you think?”

The two existences in the ocean became quiet again. There was a secret unknown to outsiders in this matter.

“What do you want then?” The first voice broke the silence.

Li Qiye answered: “I can only give you a guarantee if you follow me. If it appears, then it will belong to you and your children! Is this enough?”

The second voice eventually inquired: “You don’t want such a thing?”

Li Qiye smiled: “Of course I want good items, but it depends on what it is. People have different aspirations and needs. My only will is to kill all the way to the high heavens! My pursuit of this will never stop!”

“At the same time, my promise is absolutely priceless! I don’t need to say more about this.” He became solemn after stating this.

The two existences seemed to be thinking about this matter since they did not respond.

Eventually, the first voice in the ocean made a decision: “I agree. We can sign an agreement. I will only wipe out some supreme lords for you, I hope you understand the extent of this pact!”

Li Qiye smiled: “Don’t worry, would I make invincible existences like you two perform some trivial tasks? I won’t bother you with them!”

“Count me in.” The second voice made up his mind as well: “We have been in this half-alive, half-dead state for too long. To have a goal is not a bad thing! At the very least, we will have the ambition to fight!”

“I am confident that the future will be more dazzling because of your participation!” Li Qiye responded: “When the two of you fight together, even the deities and emperors shall tremble.”

“Haha, damned crow, there’s no need to flatter us. We know exactly what kind of enemies we will be facing!” The second voice didn’t give Li Qiye any face and sneered: “Haha, if the opponents are people that you want us to attack, then I can think with my toes about the level they are at!”

“How can you say something like that? Maybe you two will be fighting old friends. Don’t tell me you don’t want to personally kill a few of them?” Li Qiye smiled.

The second voice responded coldly: “I also want to strangle you to death! Should I do it?!”

“Haha, I’m not worried.” Li Qiye was not startled at all and leisurely replied: “If I was still your enemy, then I’m sure I am at least within the top ten of the people you want to kill the most. However, I am certain that you wouldn’t really want to kill a kind person like me, right?”

The second voice only grunted and didn’t say anything else.

After Li Qiye entered the Hidden-dragon Mountains, three more people arrived at the Holy City. The first was Crimson Night’s descendant, Chi Zixian!

Being the kingdom’s descendant as well as a member of the Blood Race’s five saints, she naturally attracted a lot of attention due to her fame!

“She must be here for that Li Qiye guy.” Many people immediately understood why she came to the city.

They didn’t find it strange either because Li Qiye threw the Supreme Elder into the cave. This matter was definitely not going to end just like that.

As an imperial lineage with two emperors, if Crimson Night could swallow the anger of having their Supreme Elder killed, then they would lose all of their prestige. They would never allow anyone to provoke their authority, thus revenge was in order. Otherwise, it would be difficult to maintain their status in the southern region in the future.

Someone speculated: “I wonder how many Virtuous Paragons are here from the kingdom this time?”

“Maybe the Thunder Tower Lord will come out as well. The death of a Supreme Elder is too big of a deal, no one will be able to let this go.” A few big shots from the Blood Race began to speculate as well.

Another great character from the Blood Race came to the Holy City right after.

Someone saw another genius from the five saints and exclaimed: “The Skybearing Monarch is also here!”

“The Skybearing Monarch came?” Many young humans were startled.

Some even considered the Skybearing Monarch to be the greatest among the five saints. Although Bai Jian, Chi Tianyu, the Half-moon Princess, and even Chi Zixian were all geniuses, they were not the most brilliant ones.

However, the monarch was one of these brilliant geniuses. The Blood Race believed that if anyone could surpass Lin Tiandi in the future, then it would be the monarch!

The monarch’s real name was Wang Tiancheng. Right now, very few people remembered his name; they came to know him as the Skybearing Monarch!

He was the descendant of the Blood-devil Tribe. Thus, his status in the Blood Race was higher than Chi Tianyu, Bai Jian, and perhaps even Chi Zixian!

“Why is the monarch here? Does he want to spar with Schoolmaster Ye?” Someone became curious.

“Hard to say, the monarch might be bothered by Schoolmaster Ye being the first to reach Virtuous Paragon. Some people said that he went several times to spar with her, but he lost every time!” A big shot explained what happened.

In the Barren Earth, the first among the younger generation to reach Virtuous Paragon was not the brilliant Lin Tiandi or the Blood Race’s hope, the Skybearing Monarch. It was Ye Chuyun who came from the Pure Lotus School that had always been low-key!

The other four saints were considered Ye Chuyun’s juniors. Only the monarch was on the same level as Ye Chuyun in terms of seniority.

As the descendant of the Blood-devil Tribe, everyone assumed that he could return to the Blood Primal Ground to train, just like Immortal Emperor Chi Ye back then, the emperor who ruled over the Blood Race in the nine worlds!

However, his debut was not smooth-sailing. It was one thing being overshadowed by Lin Tiandi’s brilliance, but the title of being the first paragon was taken away by Ye Chuyun who was not famous prior to this.

Thus, it was not strange for the monarch to always be brooding over it.

“Hmph, the Skybearing Monarch might be great, but compared to our Schoolmaster Ye, there is still a sizable gap! Maybe our schoolmaster has already embarked on the path of the heavens and is ready to compete for the Heaven’s Will!” The young humans naturally viewed Ye Chuyun as their pride.

Of course, the Blood Race didn’t give up either. A Blood youth sneered: “I won’t deny that Schoolmaster Ye is extraordinary, but if the Skybearing Monarch can return to the primal ground to train… Hmph, he will surpass Schoolmaster Ye very quickly. Even the brilliant Lin Tiandi would be overshadowed by him!”

“Haha, that’s a lot of boasting.” The young human immediately fought back: “Everything is merely speculation. Wait until your Skybearing Monarch can actually return to the primal ground, then we can talk.”

The Blood youth sneered: “Among the geniuses of the younger generation, who is more qualified than the monarch to return? Hah, I heard that there are ancestors from our Blood-devil Tribe going to the primal ground. It won’t take long before the monarch returns as well to inherit the progenitor’s will. They will obtain the purest and most supreme blood of our race! At that time, he will be able to command the world!”

“Only the world of your Blood Race…” The human expert said with disdain.

However, this argument didn’t last too long before everything became quiet. Someone else even more incredible had arrived at the city!

Both Chi Zixian and the Skybearing Monarch paled in comparison!

Lin Tiandi had arrived! Everyone from the younger generation became quiet after this news spread across the city. No one could stay proud, including the other two saints.

Lin Tiandi — this name was overbearing enough, but no one would dare to question it! 1

Some said that he didn’t originally have this name while others claimed that he was born with it. However, this wasn’t important anymore. Right now, he was Lin Tiandi and his fame echoed across the Barren Earth!