Chapter 969: Challenging The Crimson Night Kingdom

While he was looking over the mountain, a buzzing sound suddenly rang. Waves of light emerged from the mountain along with rare visual phenomena. A young man walked out from within and stepped through the hills into the depths of the mountains.

Each of his steps seemed to create a new phenomenon. One could even faintly hear the chanting of immortals as if they were preaching the dao. Nevertheless, the young man continued on without stopping.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing the young man’s slow steps into the mountain.

Meanwhile, those in the Holy City were full of admiration. Even ancestors of the Virtuous Paragon realm were amazed as well: “That’s Lin Tiandi for you. Climbing the highest peak and traversing through the lofty peaks as easily as walking on flat ground. This is the supreme genius.”

The younger generation was excited as well. A genius muttered: “I failed last time, but I want to try again to see if I can reach the highest peak this time!”

“Boom!” When people were still amazed by Lin Tiandi’s solitary entrance to the Godwar Mountain, an immortal light shot up from the deepest location of the mountain.

It soared all the way into the sky with rays flashing everywhere. What was unbelievable was that these rays slowly formed an immortal crown!

This scene was too spectacular since the crown seemed to be illuminating the entire Barren Earth. It didn’t disappear until a while later.

The spectators were moved by this scene. One of them took a deep breath and said: “Isn’t this too heaven-defying, even for Lin Tiandi?! He only made it into the mountain, yet he has already created such a shocking phenomenon. Will he be able to obtain the legendary immortal scripture?”

“No, this is not necessarily related to Lin Tiandi.” A citizen from the Holy City explained: “This has happened before, but the crown was not as big last time.”

“What is it? Is it a treasure coming out?” A few people were very excited.

An excited cultivator claimed: “Maybe it is an emerging treasure. Rumor has it that immortals lived in the deepest parts of the mountain. After they left, an immortal scripture was left behind.”

Another one added: “It’s not just an immortal scripture. Legend even says that an immortal buried himself there. Thus, that place seals the body of an immortal. If one can obtain this body, they would definitely become unbeatable in this generation…”

In just a moment, diverse legends regarding the treasures at the deepest part of the Godwar Mountain came about. They were getting more and more ridiculous. Some even claimed that there were still immortals living there.

“It is easier said than done to reach the deepest location of the mountain.” Someone from the previous generation shook their head: “Even Immortal Emperors would not recklessly go to that place. Rumor has it that it is far too terrifying there!”

“Go, to the Godwar Mountain for the treasures!” The older generation was able to handle the sudden change. However, the youths couldn’t wait any longer and immediately rushed towards the mountain.

On the Dragon Platform, Li Qiye was also watching this scene with his gaze focused on the immortal light soaring into the sky as well as the passing crown.

After it disappeared, he murmured: “After so many years, it has finally come! The Ancient Ming back then wasted so much effort and the Dark Dragon Dynasty even built their ancestral ground here, yet they couldn’t obtain it. Even the mighty Immortal Emperor Tian Tu coveted it, yet he still failed in the end.”

“It seems like there will be results in this generation.” Li Qiye looked at the dark night sky as his eyes became very profound. In present times, only he knew what was below the Godwar Mountain. Everyone else had died, especially all the Ancient Ming back then. Not even one was left alive.

He withdrew his gaze eventually and then went back to Ye Chuyun’s place without any hesitation.

The moment Ye Chuyun saw him, she heaved a sigh of relief and quickly spoke: “Brother Li, you are finally back. Something big has happened.”

“What happened?” He saw her demeanor and asked with a serious expression: “Is it about Yuanyuan?”

“The Crimson Night Kingdom came.” Ye Chuyun wryly smiled and said: “Their descendant, Chi Zixian, brought several Virtuous Paragons here asking for Miss Si. I fought against them, but in the end, she willingly left with them.”

It turned out that after coming to the Holy City, Chi Zixian and her paragons immediately went to Ye Chuyun to demand the return of Si Yuanyuan, the traitor of the Crimson Night Kingdom.

Ye Chuyun was asked by Li Qiye, so she naturally wouldn’t hand over Si Yuanyuan. The two sides immediately fought after the failed negotiations. In the end, Si Yuanyuan was afraid that Ye Chuyun was not the kingdom’s match. She didn’t want to involve the Pure Lotus School and willingly left with Chi Zixian.

“Where is Yuanyuan now?” Li Qiye spoke with a murderous glint in his eyes.

Ye Chuyun busily said: “She is still in the Holy City, imprisoned at the Thunder Tower for now. I have asked several hidden clans in the city to put pressure on the kingdom to delay their journey, but I’m afraid it won’t delay them for long. Chi Zixian will bring Si Yuanyuan back to Crimson Night in about two days!”

Li Qiye revealed a dark smile: “The gods should be thanking me for not killing people, yet Crimson Night is foolish enough to go over my head. They must be tired of living!”

He ordered: “Go to the Thunder Tower and pass on my message. Before sunrise tomorrow, I want to see the kingdom bring Si Yuanyuan to our door, completely untouched! Otherwise, I will personally take a trip there. At that time, I won’t only crush their encampment, I’ll uproot their kingdom as well!”

“I understand.” Ye Chuyun nodded her head. Anyone else would think that Li Qiye was daydreaming, claiming to uproot the kingdom in such an ignorant manner. However, Ye Chuyun knew very well that he was not joking around. He would do as he said!

She went to the Thunder Tower and passed on his message to Chi Zixian’s group.

“So arrogant!” Chi Zixian’s eyes frosted over with murderous intent after hearing this. Even the expressions of the big characters next to her turned ugly as well. Just what was the Crimson Night Kingdom? A nation with two emperors that had controlled the Blood Race for two separate generations! In the entire Barren Earth, outside of the Heavenguard Sect and Mysterious Bamboo Mountain with their three emperors, even the other dual emperor lineages would not dare to utter such arrogant words at them.

But now, a nobody like Li Qiye dared to bluster and talked about uprooting their kingdom. Not to mention a lineage like them, even an ordinary great power wouldn’t forgive such insolence.

“Just in time. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to find the Supreme Elder’s killer!” She awe-inspiringly said: “Good, he ignored the accepting heavens and chose to barge into the unwelcoming hell!”

“Your Majesty, let us take him into custody and bring him back to the kingdom. We’ll call for the rest of the world to watch the trial so that they will see the result of those who oppose our kingdom!” A paragon next to her spoke.

“No need to make it so troublesome. We’ll hold the trial here at the Holy City!” A different paragon suggested: “Right now, all the heroes are gathered here. It is the best time to try this murderer!”

She coldly uttered: “Very well. Then tomorrow, we’ll send out the news. If Li Qiye comes kneeling and admits to his crimes, we may spare his life!”

She didn’t want to prolong this matter due to possible complications that may arise. She wanted to publicly sentence both Li Qiye and Si Yuanyuan tomorrow in front of everyone. This wouldn’t only increase her kingdom’s prestige, it would also build her own so that the world would know she was the future ruler of the kingdom. The life and death of others was in her grasp!

“Li Qiye, listen up!” At night, an expert from the kingdom intimidatingly sent out the message: “You seduced a Crimson Night disciple to kill our Supreme Elder. Even ten thousand deaths wouldn’t be enough to repent. Our Highness declares that if you prostrate and beg for forgiveness tomorrow outside of the Thunder Tower, Her Highness may choose to forgive you! Otherwise, your sins will be punished by death. Don’t even try to escape since there will be no place in the world for you to hide!”

In order to establish her own prestige, Chi Zixian made the disciples create a fuss so the entire city would find out.

Initially, due to Lin Tiandi’s appearance, everyone had forgotten Li Qiye’s matter. But now, after hearing the message from the kingdom, everyone remembered it again and the city became quite rowdy.

Prior to the message, the truth was that not many people in this region knew who Li Qiye was. But now, his matter had once again entered the limelight, so a lot of people were talking about him.

Someone murmured: “Tricking the Supreme Elder from Crimson Night down the Dragon Platform’s cave… this brat is way too courageous.”

An insider added: “This brat has a backer. I heard he is always together with Schoolmaster Ye, so he has the Pure Lotus School. How arrogant! Not only did he trick the Supreme Elder down the cave, he also threw the Pureblood School’s Swiftsword Marquis down there as well!”

“Hmph, even the Pure Lotus School won’t do. Offending both Crimson Night and the Pureblood School — this is the same as offending our entire Blood Race. There will be no place left for him in the southern region. Even if Crimson Night forgives him, we should still deal with him!” A Blood disciple sneered.

Li Qiye didn’t give any face to this intentional provocation either. He also sent out a message: “Before sunrise, return Si Yuanyuan unharmed. Also, Crimson Night’s descendant, Chi Zixian, must prostrate outside of our mansion to admit her wrongdoings. Only then shall I spare Crimson Night!”

Such words astounded the entire city. No one expected Li Qiye to react in such an aggressive manner. Who would have thought that a nobody would act so arrogantly? His challenge towards the kingdom stunned many people.

Someone commented: “Is this brat out of his mind? Telling Chi Zixian to beg for forgiveness as well as talking about destroying the kingdom? Who does he think he is, Lin Tiandi or Jikong Wudi?!”

“Haha, even Lin Tiandi wouldn’t dare to bluster to this extent!” A Blood disciple snorted: “Does this Li guy think that just because he sucks up to the Pure Lotus School, he can do as he pleases? Tomorrow, we’ll show him the strength of our Blood Race!”

“This ignorant child really does not understand the immensity of the heaven and earth.” Even the previous generation felt that Li Qiye was too arrogant. He was simply making a fool out of himself.

“Very well, we’ll watch the brat’s comedy show tomorrow!” Someone from the unified Blood Race said: “Even Pure Lotus won’t be able to protect him. Crimson Night will show its might tomorrow. It is good to let the humans in the southern region witness our strength!”