Chapter 974

Chapter 974: Climbing The Thunder Tower

The crowd eagerly waited to see how Li Qiye would deal with Chi Zixian . No matter what, they were still quite afraid when she brought up the Storm God! Who wouldn’t be afraid of Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s daughter?

“I’ve had enough of hearing about her . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “I don’t care for this Storm God or whatever . Besides, no one can threaten me! Not this vixen Storm God, and not her father either . ”

“You…” Chi Zixian still tried to maintain a strong front despite her fear: “If, if you kill me, my grandmother won’t forgive you…”

“You’re truly disappointing me with your struggle . You didn’t even think about those close to you before death . ” Li Qiye slowly stood up from the imperial throne .

“Young Noble Li…” The tower lord wanted to plead for her .

Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively and said: “There’s no need to plead for her . I’ll be frank, I won’t give you any face . I wouldn’t give face to the old geezer in the palanquin either, let alone you!”

The crowd was stunned after hearing these extremely arrogant words! Who were the Thunder Tower Lord and the mysterious existence?! But Li Qiye still dared to speak without a care for them!

He looked at Chi Zixian who was acting tough despite being scared . The six paragons still protected her . They would never allow for him to hurt her .

“Li, Li… if you have no objections, your feud with Crimson Night ends here!” Chi Zixian shouted: “We won’t pursue your killing of our disciples anymore!”

“You finally understood, but it is too late . ” Li Qiye gently shook his head .

Si Yuanyuan hesitated for a moment and spoke on Chi Zixian’s behalf as well: “Young Noble, Senior Sister Chi will learn from her mistake, nothing can be better than…”

“Yuanyuan, even though you are following me, no one can cross my bottom line . Your pleading is of no use . ” He interrupted her .

Si Yuanyuan could only sigh, not saying anything else .

“Stop!” The six paragons shouted as Li Qiye approached . In the blink of an eye, their auras surged with layers of imperial might from their laws, seemingly aiming to suppress Li Qiye .

“With just the six of you?” Li Qiye chuckled and narrowed his eyes . His mind opened and a bright radiance rushed out .

“Boom!” Before anyone knew what was going on, a loud clap of thunder resounded from the top of the Thunder Tower, as if the pond of lightning above had exploded .

“Ccrackk!” A lightning bolt struck down from above and exploded .

The crowd was still in a stupor . They heard banging sounds then in the next moment, Chi Zixian, the six paragons, and the rest of the disciples from Crimson Night all fell down to the ground, their eyes still opened wide . Even at the very last moment, they didn’t believe or know the reason why they had died!

It all happened too quickly . The lightning at the top of the tower shot down like an arrow and penetrated all of their chests, pinning them to the ground .

Green plumes of smoke floated in the air while the smell of something burning permeated the martial stage, almost as if someone was cooking . However, no one present would salivate from this smell, they wanted to puke instead!

“Lord of the Thunder Tower — is not a title just anyone can have . ” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye . He nonchalantly said this then turned around to enter the tower .

Everyone was blown away at this moment . Even the tower lord was shaken . He was called the tower lord by others and had protected this place for many generations . It could be said that he was the one who understood the tower the best . Alas, he still couldn’t control the tower like Li Qiye did just now .

A stranger like Li Qiye, who had come here for the first time, controlled the mysteries of this land so easily — this was too frightening and illogical .

Many people gasped and felt a chill running down their spines . One of them murmured: “Lin Tiandi is supreme and he took one night to unravel the mysteries of the thunder . Li Qiye, how long was he here for? He didn’t even climb the tower yet he can already control the lightning?”

“Gentlemen, it’s time to leave . ” The tower lord calmed down and raised his voice .

At this time, both the spectators and experts from the Blood Race invited by Chi Zixian quietly left without comment .

Chi Tianyu was pale and had an ugly expression . He also left with the group . In fact, he was not the only one . The Skybearing Monarch was also quite aghast . Even though he was invited as well, he chose to watch from a distance . This result left him completely speechless .

“Li Qiye is exactly like the legends . ” Bai Jian was watching from far away as well . He commented: “Only death awaits those who oppose him . He is someone who meets god, buries god; meets devil, buries devil . ” 1

The tower lord lifted his head to look at the tower as well . He felt that this tower that he had guarded for so many years suddenly became very distant . It was as if he had learned nothing about it all this time .

The voice in the palanquin slowly said: “Come inside . ”

The top of the tower seemed to be a different world . One could see surging thunder ponds with lightning bolts dancing all around . It was a world of lightning .

Li Qiye quietly sat in the master’s seat and closed his eyes . His carefree pose seemed to be so natural and at home!

At this second, he was the master of the Thunder Tower . Only he was qualified to sit there; only he was qualified to control this tower!

However, the aura he gave off was far more than that . His reach seemed to expand beyond the tower, not stopping until he grasped all the nine worlds as well . He gave the illusion that the world would be dark when his eyes were closed, and the world would be bright when his eyes were open!

Ye Chuyun and Si Yuanyuan stood behind him in silence . The Thunder Tower Lord followed right behind the palanquin . The Winter Matron was there as well . She didn’t say anything and only coldly stared at Li Qiye as if she wanted to see through him .

“Extraordinary . ” After the palanquin was placed on the ground, the voice inside praised: “To be able to cultivate the Sunset Glow Scripture to this level… Only Immortal Emperor Chi Ye back then had a greater mastery . ”

The person was praising Si Yuanyuan . Of course, she was surprised to receive such praise as well .

The master of the palanquin spoke: “What is wrong with your Crimson Night Kingdom? It has such a good seed, yet it didn’t bring her to the primal ground and only sent along trash . ”

The tower lord felt very awkward and didn’t know what to say . Eventually, he smiled wryly in response: “Ancestor, I am not in charge of Crimson Night at the moment . ”

“Hmph! Chen Xue’s daughter, right? She’s a crazy idiot . ” The master snorted .

The tower lord had no response . He didn’t agree with the Storm God’s conduct, but she had absolute power in Crimson Night . It was not easy to confront her .

“This degree of mastery of the Sunset Glow Scripture… Hmm, even if she can’t become an existence like Immortal Emperor Chi Ye, her future is still quite promising . This type of candidate should be sent to the primal ground for training!” Without a doubt, the master of the palanquin had taken a liking to Si Yuanyuan .

Li Qiye opened his eyes and dismissively said: “Unfortunately, you are one step too late . She is one of my people now . ”

“Then she is still considered someone from the primal ground . ” The master didn’t become angry and held Si Yuanyuan in high regard .

Li Qiye didn’t respond . He stared at the tower lord and said: “It seems like Immortal Emperor Chi Ye and Immortal Emperor Chen Xue have tampered with this tower a bit!”

“I really don’t know about that . ” The tower lord smiled . He was very curious about Li Qiye and why the old ancestor from the primal ground was so courteous to him!

“There are some things that cannot be changed, not even by Immortal Emperors . ” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head without caring .

At first, the Thunder Tower was not like this . It had a huge connection with this area . Later on, the Ancient Ming built this tower on top of the already established foundation .

After their destruction, Li Qiye spent countless efforts to let future generations of Immortal Emperors recreate this tower .

It carried a great significance for the Holy City . To a certain extent, as long as the tower remained standing, the city would be indestructible . The human race could go on due to this as well!

When Immortal Emperor Chi Ye bought this tower, he had to pay a sky-high price even for an emperor . Nevertheless, he was still willing to pay it!


Bury here means to trick/scheme .