Chapter 979: Nobility Is Not Preordained By The Heavens

Inside the room, both the monarch and Chi Tianyu walked side by side before seating themselves. The monarch looked at Chi Tianyu and smiled: “It seems like Brother Tianyu has something on your mind.”

Chi Tianyu smiled in response after looking up: “Please don’t laugh at me. I am only being bothered by a trivial matter, it’s not worth mentioning.”

“If I’m not mistaken, you are troubled with love.” The monarch said: “Is it Schoolmaster Ye?”

Chi Tianyu coughed after being exposed by the monarch: “Just a secular affair, please don’t tease me.”

“No.” The monarch solemnly shook his head: “Love between a man and a woman is part of the human experience. Plus, the Pureblood School and Pure Lotus School have always been close. Brother Tianyu and Schoolmaster Ye can be described as childhood sweethearts. It is only natural that you have feelings for her.”

Chi Tianyu turned quiet after hearing this. Although they were not really childhood sweethearts, it was true that their schools had a great relationship.

Prior to this, he was confident that as long as he tried, he would be able to win over the beauty. He didn’t expect for a stranger like Li Qiye to come out of nowhere!

With Li Qiye popping up in his mind, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth in anger. The guy didn’t only steal the lover of his dreams, he even killed his junior brother, the Swiftsword Marquis, as well!

He wanted to mince Li Qiye to pieces, but he didn’t dare to act recklessly after Li Qiye’s showing at the Thunder Tower.

The monarch smiled and said: “If Tianyu wants to win the beauty’s heart, it is not impossible.”

“Brother, don’t tease me about this matter. If this is the purpose of this meeting, then I will have to take my leave.” Chi Tianyu quickly shook his head.

The monarch shook his head and spoke in a serious manner: “Brother Tianyu, why do you think I am joking? Am I such a senseless person? We are brothers, so I only want to lend you a hand.”

Chi Tianyu was glad to hear this and quickly inquired: “What advice do you have?”

The monarch said: “Winning the beauty isn’t difficult. The first thing Brother needs to do is to kill Li Qiye, to eliminate your rival. Then, as long as you keep trying, you’ll win her over eventually.”

“Kill Li Qiye?” Chi Tianyu smiled wryly: “Brother, this is easier said than done!”

He was a proud person and had previously looked down on Li Qiye. However, after Li Qiye’s performance at the tower, he understood the discrepancy between them.

“Not necessarily.” The monarch said: “I heard Li Qiye is going to the Godwar Mountain. Brother, keep in mind that once you are at this mountain, nobility is not preordained by the heavens! Everyone will be equal, so Brother won’t lose to Li Qiye!”

Such words did move Chi Tianyu. He naturally wanted to kill Li Qiye, perhaps even more than anyone else.

“I’m afraid it still won’t be easy. Even with the suppression of the mountain, his speed…” Chi Tianyu’s eyes narrowed at this point. Li Qiye was way too fast, so fast that he couldn’t really see him back then.

The monarch smiled: “We are brothers so your problem is my problem. I can help you in this regard.”

Chi Tianyu happily asked: “Really?” Their relationship had always been good, and the monarch had helped him before!

The monarch replied: “If Brother Tianyu is determined, I will lend you my tribe’s imperial weapon for a bit! Even though Li Qiye is extraordinary, it will no longer be up to him once he enters the Godwar Mountain. Even if he is very powerful, with an imperial weapon, Brother Tianyu, won’t it be easy to kill him?”

Chi Tianyu’s heart became red hot after hearing this; he couldn’t contain his excitement.

The monarch went on: “Moreover, Brother can rest assured, I will tell our tribe’s disciples to help you as well so that you can become famous.”

Despite his boiling blood, Chi Tianyu had to say: “I’m afraid it won’t be okay for Brother to assist me so much. Lending your tribe’s imperial weapon to an outsider is not a trivial matter.”

“We are brothers so it is nothing. Don’t worry, I can handle it even if the elders scold me.” The monarch spoke with great heroism.

Chi Tianyu was very touched after hearing this. He bowed towards the monarch: “You’re someone who truly values brotherhood, I am very appreciative of this.”

The monarch smilingly replied: “There’s no need to be so polite, Brother. We are all disciples of the Blood Race. I will need your help later on.”

Chi Tianyu hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, Brother. When you take control of the Blood Race in the future, I will be the first to show support!”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

After the monarch saw Tianyu off, a Blood-devil ancestor spoke: “I’m afraid this plan might go awry. In my opinion, the primal ground greatly values Li Qiye. He might even take charge in the future! Even if he doesn’t become the ruler, he would still be an esteemed guest there…”

“… If you can kill Li Qiye with this maneuver, then it will be good. But if you can’t, then it will be quite precarious. Either way, we will be offending the primal ground.” The ancestor analyzed the situation for the monarch.

“Ancestor, who can be certain of this? We still don’t know Li Qiye’s position in the primal ground.” The monarch deepened his tone: “But one thing is certain: without Li Qiye, I can enter the primal ground. Plus, I am a Blood. If I can kill this human, won’t that show that I have the power to replace him? That I am stronger and more capable than him? This will only show the might of our Blood Race, and our clan disciples will love me for it!”

The ancestor pondered then said: “You are playing with fire. If you fail, you will burn.”

The monarch smiled: “Ancestor, there is no smooth sailing in cultivation. If one is afraid of a wolf and a tiger, then they might as well be an insignificant human. I shall seek prosperity in peril; if I can kill Li Qiye, then I shall be successful!”

“This is true.” The ancestor gently sighed.

“I need your help to take out an imperial weapon, Ancestor. Also, help me get that crossbow as well. With the Godslaying Crossbow, I will be able to deliver a fatal blow the moment Li Qiye becomes distracted, to give him a death without a burial!” With that, he revealed a frightening bloodlust!

“Fine, I hope that you will be able to lead the Blood Race one day.” The ancestor spoke gravely.

Nobility is not preordained by the heavens — this is a widespread phrase in the mortal world, but one would often hear this the moment they arrived at the Godwar Mountain.

This was especially true for the lively and ambitious youths. They loved repeating this phrase in this place. There was a reason for the phrase’s pervasive presence.

The mountain was a very special location. No matter how powerful one might be, they would be suppressed the moment they set foot inside. There seemed to be the hand of a god pressing down on one’s body, instantly lowering their cultivation all the way down to the Physique Accumulation realm! 1

It didn’t matter if one was a Virtuous Paragon or a Heavenly King or even a legendary Godking, their cultivation would instantly drop down to the Physique Accumulation realm without exception.

Legend states that only Immortal Emperors could escape the suppression in this place. However, for millions of years and one generation after another, no one had heard of an emperor trying to climb to the Prime Peak of the Godwar Mountain!

From then on, after arriving at the mountain, both famous Virtuous Paragons and the unknown little cultivators would share the same starting line. Because they were all at the same realm, this place’s defining phrase became very popular.

Here, even a weak cultivator could have the chance to assassinate a Godking!

Of course, killing a Godking was not such an easy matter, it was just that it was no longer an impossibility.

For many years now, many brilliant geniuses had killed Godkings on this mountain. Of course, this made it so that Godkings wouldn’t easily step inside this area!

Not to mention the distant past, several years ago, a Godking was killed here. At that time, rumor has it that the Space Trample Mountain’s Jikong Wudi came to the Barren Earth and offended the Blood-devil Tribe. Both sides immediately fought after this quarrel.

Jikong Wudi was just like his name. Even against the mighty tribe, he continued on fighting while retreating. A large number of experts were killed by him, and this forced many ancestors to come into being. 2

Eventually, a Godking from the tribe personally took action and chased him all the way to the Godwar Mountain!

After stepping inside, this Godking finally met the bane of his existence. During this battle, Jikong Wudi tore him apart.

This battle brought Jikong Wudi extreme fame as he threatened the entire Mortal Emperor World. Many people said that he would become an invincible emperor just like his ancestor, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.

Meanwhile, the Blood-devil Tribe viewed this battle as a great humiliation. Both the young and old of the tribe were reluctant to talk about this battle.

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